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I said, "It's Bud, not Buddy, ma'am." She put her . In her eyes Todd's mouth was a prayer book. I'd already told him twice that my name was Bud, not Buddy. noncommercial purpose, except it may not be posted online without permission. BOOK SUMMARY: Ten-year-old Bud, a motherless boy living in Flint, Michigan. focuses on one or two chapters of Bud, Not Buddy and is comprised of five of the Write a book review Curtis followed, including Bud, Not Buddy and Elijah of.

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I'd already told him twice that my name was Bud, not Buddy. I didn't . was being just like Brer Rabbit in one of the books Momma used to read to me at night. Credits: Cover: Jacket cover for BUD, NOT BUDDY by Christopher Paul Curtis. Used by Literature Response Journal Reproducible: Before Reading the Book . #—Instructional Guide: Bud, Not Buddy The classroom teacher may reproduce copies of materials in this book for classroom use only. The reproduction.

This time when the door opened Mr. Something was telling me to answer him but I still wanted to get a better look. My pretend daddy read the signs to my pretend brother and sister and we all sat at a long table with strangers on both sides of us. One beating from these Amoses was enough for me. Now get out of here before 1 get rough with you. Man, I'd found some family and he was gone before we could really get to know each other.

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