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Discover English provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the perfect mix of variety and challenge to motivate young learners. Your students' learning. On your first day at Discover English you will be given the opportunity to join a free city tour of Melbourne. This tour is a great way to orientate yourself, to see. Discover English pinned post. 23 Sep Actions. Report. Скачать архиватор для открытия файлов. Как Вам учебник?.

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Discover English 1 - Student's book - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. A good English book for teenagers. Discover English adheres to the full range of policies and procedures necessary English Only Policy. PDF. KB. Monitoring Course Progress Policy. PDF. Check out extra grammar resources to help your students master English grammar. English course Discover English starter cover. Starter. Students' Worksheet.

He's my dog, Bingo. Look at him! We all Hello, my name is Mathieu and I'm from France. He has got a brother and a sister. Yes, Idq. Sit down!

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English pdf discover

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. What are their favourite things? Favouiritei ' thing V Do you know more words for objects and colours? Write them here. True or false? I'm in Year 5.

Check out extra grammar resources to help your students master English grammar

E22 2 My favourite colour isn't red. Pm eleven. Match the words. Hers 3 He isnwt 10 2 Is your favourite thing b your name? We're 5 We aren't 13 5 is your favourite colour e your MP3 player? Use Is, Am, or Are. Favourite thi ngs Read the text.

Complete the chart. They're great! I'm Emma. My family are from Detroit. Detroit is in the USA. Our new home is in New York. My favourite baseball team is the New York Yankees. My favourite things are my baseball cap and New home Favourite team Favourite things Plural shirt; Singular I 1 shirt 2 match match T 3 thing 4 camera 5 city 6 watch 7 family thing T camera cit watch!

I'm Felix.

T if Complete the table. My name's James. My name's Anne. I I Her it's my CD player. It's our dog. It's my camera. They're our baseball caps! His name'sJames. Countries Write the words. Country Nationality En.

Discover English

England English Pol. Poland V i Complete the sentences. Use these words. Use this, that, these or those. Make these sentences plural. These are my friends. My watch is black. They're here. This watch is pink and it's great: Make cards. Test yourself! My Picture Dictionary Appearance 0 Label the pictures. Match them l with the pictures a and b. Use the Talking Tips from Exercise 1. Yes, it is. It's my mobile phone too.

Look at my photos. Yes, he is. He's my dog, Bingo. He's got my Frisbee in his mouth! That's a great photo.

Pdf discover english

And this photo? The photos are Ben's. Complete the sentences. Use family words from Exercise 1. Frank is my uncle. Danny's mum is Sarah. Sarah is my My is my dad's mum. She is Frank's too. My is Frank's dad too.

My sisters are Danny's a Read about Amy. It's in Eriglo. My mum and deed are from Manchester. Liverpool is an English city. Amy has got a brother and a sister. Her mum and dad are from London. Her cat is black and white. Amy has got three dogs.

Use have or has. Complete the questions. Answer the questions about you. Write questions about Ben's family. Answer the questions. Has he got sisters?

Yes he has. Write questions and answers. Use have got or has got. My Family Hi! I'm Cristina. My mum and dad are here in the USA, but my granny and granddad are in Argentina. It's great in Argentina! They've got two horses and three dogs. We've got two cats. My tavourite thing is my new mobile phone. It's got a camera and an MP3 player!

Has he got brothers? Describing people friend Choose words and describe your friend. Complete the: My name is I am. He5 an My body is very long and H"; orange. Complete the description. What 3 Bandit? Your friends from outer space. Reading 0 Read the text. My favourite star is Justin limberlake.

He's American. He's got two brothers but he hasn't got a sister. His favourite things are his cars and ice cream! She's in an American film.

She's got white and black hair and she's ugly. He's big and he's got blue hair. He's got black eyes. He's good-looking. It's all mixed up! Write it again in the correct order. His eyes are brown. He isn't short. He's got two sisters. Ice cream is a favourite thing. Brown is his favourite colour. He hasn't got a favourite team. He's got brown hair and brown eyes. He's good looking and he's a dog! He's got black eyes and he hasn't got any hair. He's got a big mouth and he's got a dog too!

My favourite star is Brad Pitt. Or No, it hasn't. Talking Tips! Match them with the pictures a and b. There's an old box. I don't like it. No, Felix. There aren't any 3 Oh. What's this? There's an old cupboard here. There are some toys here. What are they? Let's play frisbee! Felix, no! Look Granddad!

There's a ghost! Use '5, are, or aren't.

It's dark — there 3 any windows. There 4? Use some, any or a. I'm Mike the Mouse. My home is tall and thin. J ifrfrik Write sentences about your living room at home. There's a in my living room. Prepositions of place it Complete the poem. The cat's name is Mabel. There's a cat 2 some chair.

There's a cat 3: His name is Fred. And her name is Evie. There's a cat 5? He hasn't got a name. Ethere a table? Yes, there j. No, there there a big fridge? Read Monica's webpage about Jack's fun home Complete the questions and answers.

Yes there is. Choose furniture and objects. Write sentences about your house. There are I've got too. Find the imperatives. Complete the instructions. This is Warwick Castle. It's in England. There are very big gardens too. There are aiyourlvook. Are there any ghosts? Yes, there are!

Come and see them! D T" There are lots of rooms in the castle. There aren't any trees. There are some ghosts at Warwick Castle. J—i CD CD m: Write three things the teacher tells you. Sit on the table! Be quiet! Be nice! Sit down! Be silly! Be good! There are four bedrooms in my house. There aren't any stairs and there isn'ta garden. Thank you. What a icastle? Be 5 it! T Your friends from outer space;. Vocabulary 1 Find the appearance adjectives. Use have got, has got, haven't got, or hasn't got.

X 2 Felix his skateboard. I 4 Ben and Felix a frisbee.

English pdf discover

X 5 Gemma a drink? Danny has got a dog. Mum has got a cat. Kit has got an MP3 player. It's - MP3 player. Fiz has got a toy. Circle the correct words. L3 Complete the questions.

Discover English

My Picture Dictionary Animals gi-ratie tiger squirrel chameleon turtle 1 par 2 E 3 mon 4 tur 5 do! Look at the table. Who is it? Monica Gemma 2 -She can swim. Gemma 5 Shejclimb. Write four sentences about Felix. Write about Gemma.

She butshe Sf? Write about you. O1U'l-hUJlJd swim. T Sumatra is in Asia. This is arcapuchin i: Orangutans are from Asia. Capuchin monkeys are from South America. Orangutans have got black hair. Orangutans have got short hair. Orangutans can climb and jump. Capuchin monkeys have got brown hair. Capuchin monkeys can jump. Capuchin monkeys can swim. Correct the false sentences. Answer true 9 Complete the dialogue.

It's an animal! Ben No, it isn't an 2?? Felix Wow! It's great! Ben Look, it can eat! Felix No! Ben Yes, really. Ben Yes, look! L piis amazing. Where ls, It now? L geetand a mouth and eyes. He can listen to you? Yes, I can. Yes, she 6 T Gemma sing? Then write his answers. I sing? X Can yousing? No, Ican't. X 6 paint? X 7 walk? I Can he sing? Yes, he can.

Yes, of course you can! Can I sit down here? Can we take a photo? Yes, you can. Adjectives 9 Find these words in the word square. Find three questions and answers in the spiral. Complete the report. ACE 3 Write questions asking for permission. I touch the dolphin Can I touch the dolphin? Can we see the parrots? Is he dangerous? They've gotlong arms and They're orange.

This is the Wobbegong shark. It's a brown colour.

A Euluur: Now here's a very ugly shark! Meet the lg Megamouth shark. E But it's OK — it can't eat you! It eats small things in the sea. My Picture Dictionary Routines Label the pictures. Time D Match the times and the clocks. It's one o'clock.

It's eight o'clock. It's seven o'clock. It's nine o'clock. It's three o'clock. Use the verbs on page I sing in the shower! I 2 at nine o'clock. Complete the dialogue. Use these ti? What's true for you? Circle the words. I go to bed at 7 o'clock.

Felix Gemma! Gemma I What? Gemma It's time to study, Felix. I Felix Oh - Look at me! I'm an 2 He elephant! You've got bananas in your mouth. It isn't funny. Present simple: Circle the correct word. I stucly at seven o'clock. Write the correct form. I dinner at.

I to bed at Reading Read the texts and complete the sentences. Iigo there by bus. I get up at six o'clock and the bus is here at seven o'clock. I go To school by boat -— my school is on Staten Island. We all Hello, my name is Mathieu and I'm from France. I get up at Seven o'clock on school clays and I go to school by bike. All my friends have bikes too.

I Ellie goes to school by boat. These sentences are false. Correct them. James doesnlgg to school by train. Now write the correct sentences. Look at the table and complete the sentences. Write sentences about you. Read the interview with Bandit and complete the factfrle with. Q Do you go to work? Bandit No, I don't. Q Do you live in a house? Bandit Yes, I do. Q Do you sleep in a bed? That's disgusting! Q Do you eat breakfast?

Q Have you got a toy mouse? Bandit Yes, I have. It's Fiz! Ask Kit questions. Do ou live in a house? What time do ou etu? Write the times. It's half past eight. Put the stickers in the correct place. Please answer our questions. What 3 do they sleep? Are there seventy—two 4 an Earth day?

My pianefis very big and lqot We live and sleep in treelwouses. Describe these sports. Vocabulary 1 Write animals starting with: Write negative sentences. Q Complete the questions and answers. Yes, Functions Write the times in words. Seasons and times of day Present simple: Complete the sentences with in, on or at. That's ewednesday. She plays basketbau ii3? Maria 4 meet friends plays basketball and 5 go to school h0CkeY T 6 visit your granny and granddad Maria trains every day and she has got a family.

Discover English 1 - Student's book

She is a mum and 7 watch football she has got a sister too. She likes music. Her favourite singer is Ricky Martin. Reading Read about Joe Mensah and answer the questions. Who is he? He's Francisloe Mensah, ' ' and he's 15 years old. He plays in the Feyenoord Fetteh Football Academy,. When does he train? He trains in the afternoon, after school.

What does he do in the morning? He has lessons. What does he do in the evening? He watches TV. Does he go on holiday in summer? No, he doesn't. He plays football every day. Francis Joe Mensah 2 Is he American? Read about these sports stars. Complete the questions and answers. Amelie Mauresmo 1 WM; does she play? She plays tennis. His sport is 6 C does he play golf?

He plays golf Amelie Mauresmo I play tennis. On Saturday l meet friends and L on Sunday l sleep! Tiger Woods l'm from the USA. My sport is golf. I play golf every day. My favourite colour is green. Write complete sentences. Iplax 2 Where do you live? I live 3 Who is your favourite sports star? Write go or play. Use play, plays, go or goes. Wildman Jayne, Hearn Izabella.

Pdf discover english

Catherine Bright. Hearn Izabella. Jayne Wildman, Pearson-Longman, With four levels and two possible starting points, Discover English provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the right amount of variety and challenge to motivate young Pearson Longman, Discover English provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the perfect mix of variety and challenge to motivate young learners Pearson, Texts and dialogues present new language in meaningful contexts Culture Sections encourage Liz Kilbey.

Izabella Hearn. A new four level course for today's students in today's classroom. Solid grammar and lexical syllabus provides variety and challenge Language presented in meaningful modern contexts through texts and dialogues Culture sections - students reflect on differences between themselves and others Full multimedia suite including 'Interactive DVD' and 'Active Teach' software Exam Judy Boyle, Pearson Longman, Boyle Judy.

Beddal Fiona. Pearson Longman,