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For year-old Rhine Ellery, a daring escape from a suffocating polygamous marriage is only the beginning Running away brings Rhine and. Fever. The Chemical Garden Trilogy (Series). Book 2. Lauren DeStefano Author ( ). cover image of Fever. Fever. The Chemical Garden Trilogy (Series). Lauren DeStefano earned her BA in English with a concentration in creative Fever. The Chemical Garden Trilogy (Series). Book 2. Lauren DeStefano Author.

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Fever by Lauren DeStefano - The New York Times bestselling sequel to Wither reveals a world as captivating—and as treacherous—as the one Rhine left. See Sever HERE Buy This book at Download this book PDF, MOBI, EPUB See My interview with Lauren DeStefano HERE. Sever (The Chemical Garden #3) by Lauren DeStefano. Time is running out for Rhine in this conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Chemical Garden.

Visters To My Blog! Mar 18, Kat Lost in Neverland rated it really liked it Shelves: The damn candies view spoiler [ are the key to the disease, just as you expected hide spoiler ] , and there is a drop-in mute, disabled, possibly autistic child who serves no purpose other than to. This book reads like a "what no to do" for dystopian authors. The Bitter Kingdom. Rhine and Gabriel seem to go from one horrible thing to the next. And now, my personal favorite:

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Amanda has read 36 books toward her goal of books. Goodreads Bookshelf Amanda's bookshelf: The Honk of Zagonk. Lily says: This book is about a dragon named Zagonk who wants to win the dragon games but cant because of his "honk". I like the picture with the frost giant freezing the green dr The Experiment. This book was sooo amazing and incredible! I couldn't put it down! The Bitter Kingdom. I loved this book! Operation Earth. Amazing story! I don't read a lot of alien stories but I couldn't put this one down!

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Samantha "Red" Wentworth is no stranger to pain, loss and misery. Her l The Halo Effect. I couldn't put it down from start to finish!

I loved the characters and the storyline. Shauna Allen makes you feel a part of the story and you live the lives of the characters right along side them.

Pdf fever lauren destefano

Braelyn C How He Really Feels. I really enjoyed this book! Julianne Becker is deeply and crazily in love with her new boss Nick Matthews although she knows that he prob wouldn't th Colony East. Amazing Read! Scott has done it again in this second book!

This books starts off The Witches of Dark Root. When I first saw it I was intrigued by the cover and the name but then I read the blurb and I just knew this was a book I had to read! No one likes it when I leave a single sentence review. Breathless fangirls and guys are even now lurking in the darkness of the internet, waiting to leap out with their all caps denunciations: I'm sorry. I'm sure some of them can spell.

I'm a little bitter from my last bad Goodreads experience, with other fan fave 'Name of the Wind'. But there's no need to be rude, and I'm sorry for casting asper Not good at all. But there's no need to be rude, and I'm sorry for casting aspersions upon DeStefano's fan base. I guess there's something that reminds me of 'Name' about this book. The same overwrought faux Victorian prose, loaded with improbably purple dialogue and shoddy character descriptions. Here's something that has bugged me for pages: Can you do that?

I mean, even if you mutter very softly and don't enunciate, I'm pretty sure you still know what you're saying. With all of the other problems with the book, I am not sure why that one stuck in my teeth, but there you go.

If you, like me, love books about bleak pitiless futures and strange diseases, just give this book a miss, no matter how alluring it may seem. You could have just stopped at my first sentence. Fever is really not good. DeStefano has captured the tone of a melodramatic teenager who mistakenly believes she's Very Deep, but since the entire book sounds the same, I'm not sure it's a stylistic choice as much as it's simply crappy prose.

She very nicely thanks her editor for helping her with her "erratic" writing, but clearly more help was needed. And though as a feminist I should say that's what I'm MOST sick of, I'm even more sick of wading through heavily promoted, big budget, poorly written books. Now, you kids get off my lawn! The end. Apr 15, Miss Bookiverse rated it it was ok Shelves: Liebes Fever, was war denn das?

Es ging ja ganz gut los. Ich fand fast gar nichts Schockierendes an dem voyeuristischen Liebesspiel, zu dem sie gezwungen werden. Rhine hat doch vorher noch mit niemandem Sex gehabt oder? Das finde ich echt nicht fair. Und wo ich schon bei Rhine und Gabriel bin — die beiden sind so anziehend wie Feuer und Eis. Versteh mich nicht falsch, du liest dich wirklich ganz gut.

Da waren ja die neu vorgestellten Figuren Maddie, Lilac und Grace schwungvoller. Obwohl ich ihr Auftauchen nicht richtig verstehe.

Aug 10, Arlene rated it really liked it Recommended to Arlene by: Things will get worse before they get better. A little more agony before the fever will break. Fever , the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy, picks up immediately where Wither left off. The story unfolds into a brutal yet subtly romantic dystopic nightmare where no matter how harsh and m Things will get worse before they get better. The story unfolds into a brutal yet subtly romantic dystopic nightmare where no matter how harsh and morbid it becomes, there seems to be something that makes this novel increasingly addicting.

She seamlessly creates a journey that leaves me craving for more and turning the pages to its harsh conclusion. The band symbolizes an invisible cord that tethers her to her nightmare. In addition, I loved everything about the art cover and title of this book because of how appropriate and well-tied to the story it proves to be. Nothing is insignificant or frivolous. The accessories and props you see on the cover relate to some fact about the story, that I continually found myself turning back to the cover to relate it to what I was reading.

Overall, I cannot wait to experience the final installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy to see how the world survives this dystopic nightmare. Harsh, yet hauntingly beautiful! Definitely a story that I anticipate will cause both turbulent waves amid resounding praise. Well done! View all 14 comments. Dec 08, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: An improvement over Wither - Fever starts exactly where we left off in the midst of the excitement from having escaped.

The issue I had with Wither lacking energy, where I had a feeling of restlessness being with those girls in their big mansion unmoving, is not the case anymore. In Fever, we're out in the real world. Things are moving fast and the anxiety is heightened. As a lover of fast paced dystopians, I found myself much preferring this second installment.

We're following Rhine and Gabriel An improvement over Wither - Fever starts exactly where we left off in the midst of the excitement from having escaped. We're following Rhine and Gabriel on the run. Rhine is trying to find her brother, while Gabriel is seeing the outside of the Mansion for the first time in a decade. As in Wither, I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between these two. They are clearly good for each other; always there to help one another, but there's no rooted passion between them.

Fortunately, the plot doesn't center around the romance as much as their escape and, eventually, what's happening to Rhine. She's started getting sick with the same symptoms as the virus. No one knows why, or how to fix it. Although it's still not at the scale I was hoping, we do learn more about the outside world in Fever. Rhine and Gabriel travel enough to give us glimpses of society's living situations. We also hear the president give an interesting speech of future plans.

Furthermore, we get some good plot development as well as a lot of mystery throughout this novel. The twists we encounter definitely came to impress me.

They were very well thought out from the beginning, put together in a way that makes them hard to predict. I, for one, had no idea what was happening and was caught smiling by the cleverness of it all by the end. I noticed an improvement in the writing from Wither. It's more vibrant, and the story flows really well with an easy to read, but sophisticated prose. It's beautiful in a sense. There is also a sequence where Rhine is drugged, going in and out of consciousness, that I thought was brilliantly done.

I felt as confused as Rhine was. Trying to figure out what was happening along with her. You get the sense of unease like in a dream where you know you must escape, but you're trapped, controlled. It's suspenseful and frightening. A much more fast paced, captivating dystopian than the first in its series- Fever continues Rhine's story while her years dwindle by. With only 3 of them left, Rhine has a lot of life left to live in a very short time.

I'm looking forward to finding out how she spends these in the final book of the series! Feb 07, Angela rated it it was ok Shelves: Having escaped the confines of the mansion, Rhine and Gabriel make the run to freedom only to find that the outside world may offer even less of it. Even with this gritty dystopian world laid out, I found the world building to be weak enough that I spent a lot of time questioning how this world came about. Incomplete or unbelievable world building continued to draw me out of the story too often.

Rhine and Gabriel routinely end up in situations that felt like they were there more for shock value than for character or plot development.

Because of this, I sometimes felt disconnected from Rhine and Gabriel and their struggles. The book then finishes on a cliffhanger with little resolution. On the positive side, DeStefano continues to show that she can write well, and her pretty prose allows readers to easily visualize the surroundings she describes.

FEVER also provides much more information about the world outside the mansion, and sympathetic new characters are introduced. Even such, I am sure that many fans of the first novel will appreciate this sequel and where it sets up things for the final book. This review refers to an advance review copy. View all 20 comments. I am so disappointed with this book.

I don't see any world building and the characters just escaped, run, getting caught in the circus, find Rhine's brother etc. Nothing exciting happens and it didn't answered anything of what's the problem in their society. Not even single CLUE how to cure this virus. I tried to be patient but it's exhausting. I don't feel the dystopia vibe anymore. I seemed not to care anymore with the socie pages of boredom. I seemed not to care anymore with the society or any of the characters. They even lacked chemistry and connection with each other.

I don't think I'll continue this series. I lost my interest. It ended with a cliffhanger but I don't really care. It messed up. View all 13 comments. Feb 23, Isamlq rated it liked it. Nothing was happening. And like the first, the negatives lay in the shock value. If the first had me reeling from the child bride aspect. This one had me reeling back from a number of things: Men turned monsters? Check, check, and check.

The hiding and seeking went on fo Nothing was happening. The hiding and seeking went on forever… with nothing new happening. Certainly, the new people added something to look forward to.

Maddie and Silas in particular had me considering where the story would go with them in it. Maddie especially had me paying closer attention, to who she was and to how different she was from the rest. She might very well be the main thing I liked in this one. The old characters certainly had little new to add having changed only a little. Gabriel seemed still to be looking to Rhine for guidance. And those rare flashes of fire from him were indeed just that: Rhine too had changed her tune only a little.

If in the first she dreamt of the outside world; here some of her thoughts were on life with her sisters and with Linden. I could understand her wanting a little of what she had had. But I tell you it got frustrating reading nothing happen. He was the one thing I was looking forward to and like Rhine I wanted to see what had become of him. I guess I have to wait for the next one! Darn it. View 1 comment. Jan 02, Maddie rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn't realise a book could be so repetitive, or that characters could spend so much of the plot sleeping!

Jul 31, nancy The Ravenous Reader rated it it was ok Shelves: Although I anticipated a few plot points, on a whole it was not what I expected. Upon returning to the bleak world that Rhine and Gabriel inhabit we find them on the run, fleeing a madman that is hell bent on cruel experimentation.

Unfortunately they do not enjoy their freedom for long before they are held prisoners in a FEVER by Lauren Destefano was a much anticipated novel for me because I enjoyed reading it's predecessor, WITHER and was very intrigued on how this new storyline would play out. Unfortunately they do not enjoy their freedom for long before they are held prisoners in a different kind of torture of which Rhine becomes a feature attraction.

They barely escape with another in tow and travel up to Manhattan but the journey is long and they encounter a few hardships along the way but nothing prepares Rhine for what awaits her back home. I admired her spirit and drive to escape her captors and return to the free world and find her brother.

I am scarcely into a few pages of FEVER and Rhine quickly becomes ensnared in a fresh kind of hell that is brutal and sexually driven. This new place reminds me of some perverse carnival of the flesh, filled with withered and broken girls, illicit drugs and nightmares.

Although this new situation is uncomfortable to read about I do find Madame, the flesh carnival's keeper, to command the pages that she inhabits because she is a ridiculously excessive character that is a perverse shell of a human whom is cunning and crazed by the ghosts in her past.

Yet, despite my fascination with her I was eager to leave that place and move on. It is their first of many harrowing moments on their travels but they seem to manage despite their bleak circumstances.

As I witnessed Rhine and Gabriel on their arduous mission to find Rhine's brother I had hoped that their relationship would grow stronger. The frail bond between Rhine and Gabriel is constantly tested by the strain of their situation; Gabriel is dealing with his own personal demons while Rhine seems to drown in memories of her past.

While I could tolerate her recollections of her life with her brother I could not stomach her nostalgia of being with Linden and her sister wives. If she was so eager to leave that hellish situation why did she have so many fond memories of it and of Linden? Why didn't she take off her wedding band? Of all the things she does, that fact I find the most off and incomprehensible. Besides that issue there are several factors that initially threw me off. Some where explained as the story progressed, especially one that caused my head to ache, but at that point I did not care.

I guess I became overwhelmed with Rhine's turmoil and delirium and was left dazed and confused. What I previously enjoyed about this series seemed to be lacking with this current novel, too much confusion and shock value situations seemed to prevail, weighing it down. Despite my thoughts on this novel I enjoy Lauren's writing style for it is well detailed and poetic in nature and the world that she has created is imaginatively original.

I just cannot say with certainty if I will return to finish this series. Apr 15, Hannah marked it as to-read. If I don't get an arc for this as soon as they exist, I'm gonna tie up Lauren DeStefano and make me write me books like this is Misery or something.

View all 3 comments. Feb 20, Foz Meadows rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I really loved Wither. Fever, though, was a massive disappointment. This book was all over the place; I couldn't believe it at all. So much of it is dreams and nostalgia for other times and places and people - so much of it internal, wistful monologuing - that I found myself completely detached from the here and now, which, given that it's written in first person immediate, is no mean feat. The structure is uneven: Even Rhine and Gabriel's relationship remains stunted.

I didn't buy the section at the carnival with Madame; it felt completely unreal that she'd keep Gabriel alive for Rhine's sake, that she'd then make Rhine into anything other than a prostitute, that she'd expend considerable effort making the two of them into an attraction and then, after what felt like as little as a week - the time-blurring made it hard to tell - try and sell Rhine to a Gatherer.

I mean, either she's so special that she'll bring heaps of income as an illusion-attraction, in which case keep her, or else she's just someone else to be sold, in which case why not sell her? It didn't seem to make any sense, and given that we never come back to that place or those characters, ultimately unnecessary.

I didn't buy that Vaughn had a tracker in Rhine's leg - if that were so, he ought to have found her straight away, not months later. I didn't buy the Great Cliffhanger Revelation that Rowan is now in the pro-naturalist camp, on account of how it seems to go against everything their family stood for. And then there was the pacing: Wither held together so well because the secondary characters and all their relationships were explored in good time, realistically and with feeling; time jumped there, yes, but in such a way that it didn't feel like things were being glossed over or eroded.

But here, there were barely any new characters we spent time with for more than a chapter or two before flitting onwards; no secondary structure to hold the story together, so that the onrush of returning characters at the end - and the horrific circumstances under which they're reintroduced - feels rushed and cramped and shocking. A bad contrast note, like, 'Why didn't we just stay here the whole time, and understand all of this better?

It felt like filler; like a padded excuse to flesh a trilogy out, when a duology might have done better. And I am so, so disappointed, because Wither was so beautifully done, and Fever just seemed to take all the things I thought were successful and rip them into bits.

Will I read the third one, then? Probably, if only for the catharsis. But I'll be apprehensive as hell. Aug 23, Mimi Valentine rated it really liked it Shelves: People say that it's hard to write reviews for books you don't like, but I honestly think it's harder to write them for books you absolutely LOVE! Wither was one of my favourite reads of all time and Fever is just as breathtaking, if not more! Lauren DeStefano has some of the most beautiful prose I've ever read!

She hooks you in from the very beginning and traps you in a dark dystopian world unlike any other. And you wouldn't think so, but the GORGEOUS cover actually has a lot to do with the story — with its old carnivals, rusty merry-go-rounds, and dying girls covered in glitter.

Rhine is such an amazing voice for this novel! Like a poet at heart, she's strong and hopeful and resilient and caring. I love the dystopian world that DeStefano creates because it's so dark and gritty and scarily realistic, where a disease claims the life of ever man at age 25 and every woman at age With amazing characters, writing, and story, she makes every surprising corner come to life!

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Beautiful, lyrical, and dark in its enchantment, Fever is one of those books that makes me want to invent a new rating for it! Some may say that The Chemical Garden series isn't for everyone because it's so dark at times, but I would honestly recommend it to everyone! You need to buy this book when it comes out — I'm definitely buying my own finished copy! Lauren DeStefano is undoubtedly an author worth starting a collection for!

I cannot even formulate words right now. Absolutely devoured. Full review on my book blog. View all 8 comments. Jul 27, Reynje added it. Yeah, okay. The cover makes sense in context. Still don't particularly love it. With the cover?! View all 10 comments. Feb 24, Kristy rated it liked it Shelves: First off, let me just say I loved Wither , but after reading it I really didn't feel like it needed another book.

It could have been a standalone. But, Destafano's writing is was so good in 1 and the cover for this one was so appealing I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a go. His gross ingratitude disappointed us. This book is the epitome of a filler book. I couldn't get completely invested until the last 50 pages or so. The carnival scenes just bored me to tears.

I will admit I skimmed a bit through them. I know why we have to have Maddie as a character, but she got on my nerves I know without even speaking , she just felt very third-wheel. I only really got interested once Vaughn found Rhine.

I am very curious where book 3 will go, considering that mention of Rowan at the very end. I do hope Silas and Gabriel team up to save Rhine, but who knows?!?!? Speaking of Gabriel, he fell flat for me this go round. I hate to say this, but this whole book felt sort of lazy to me. I really am hoping for some redemtion in the next installement. I want to give this book 3 stars just because I loved Wither so much, but it's really more of a 2.

I'm a little disapointed. View all 5 comments. May 03, Kristal Kitap added it. Apr 19, Kristina marked it as to-read Shelves: I need it i need it I need it I need it I need it!!

I need it now! I can't wait another almost year! May 21, Lauren rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was a mess. What was it even about?

Full review is also on my blog. What the HAIL? This book was a total disaster! I think the only reason I finished it was because I so confused I didn't know to stop reading. The different sections were disconnected. There was almost zero world building, and it made no sense. I read the first book Wither last summer when I wasn't blogging and I gave it 4 stars. I know that I am much less critical of books when I'm not thinking about what I'm going to This book was a mess.

I know that I am much less critical of books when I'm not thinking about what I'm going to write about them later, but I definitely do not remember thinking Wither was this bad.

I remember thinking that there were some inconsistencies in the world. For one, if people are so desperate to round up women to get them pregnant, why would they have shot all the extra girls? Whatever redeeming qualities there were in Wither, that made me give it 4 stars definitely do not exist in this one.

I don't think I can cover everything about this book that was just not right I'd be here all day, but here are some of the highlights and spoilers: Right after their escape Rhine and Gabriel are imprisoned by a red-light district Madame--a total stereotypical caricature who speaks in revolving Russian and French accents. For about the first half of the book, Madame keeps Rhine and Gabriel in an opiate and apparently aphrodisiac haze. Bizarrely, Stefano protects Rhine from straight up prostitution which would have at least been believable and instead has Rhine and Gabriel "perform" in an open air bird cage for customers.

I think they go all the way. It's implied, but not described thankfully so it's unclear exactly what they are doing. On top of that, there's a malformed child that only crawls and can't speak but is apparently intelligent--I suppose we are supposed to somehow identify her? I've yet to figure out why she is in the book. Spoiler alert, they finally escape, right when Vaughn the original villain finds them. I still cannot figure out the point behind the interlude at Madame's.

Rhine shows none of the desire to leave that she did at Vaughn's, despite being forced into sexual acts which she never was at Vaughn's and knowing that Gabriel was being forced to take drugs. They do finally escape, right as Vaughn shows up how convenient.

Fever | Book by Lauren DeStefano | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

They stop at a restaurant where the owners end up being psychopaths. The woman--like apparently all first-gen women in this series--so overcome with the loss of her own child, creepily acts as if the crippled girl is her own child. And the man--like all men in this series--is for some reason only interested in Rhine for sex and tries to rape her. Apparently, gentlemen, in times of hardship, your base instinct is to treat all women as if they are plastic sex dolls.

I'm not sure if DeStefano was trying to make a point here about the objectification of women or definitions of rape--but all she ends up doing is normalizing rape within this world. Girls are only good for two things in this worldsex and pregnancy.

There's no explanation, no discussion of why this is or why it is wrong. In fact, DeStefano ends up telling us that some forms of rape are ok in comparison to others.

Linden "loves" his wives, and he had an "understanding" with at least one of them, so therefore having sex with them is fine. While on the run, Rhine actually misses Linden. That situation only seems wrong because we know that Vaughn is behind the wheel with nefarious plans. It's only when Rhine is physically forced, like by the restaurant owner, that it is truly rape and therefore something that traumatizes her.

Of course, in that situation, she is conveniently saved by Gabriel who just "felt" that something was wrong with that guy. So the true rape, the true horror, is never even played out. I had so many feminist issues with this book that I need to stop there. It is just too much. I seriously think DeStefano needs to take a women's studies course.

And a political science or economics course. This leads me to my final thought. Attention authors: If you don't understand that building a dystopian world requires some political or economic knowledge and insight into OUR own world then you shouldn't be writing dystopian lit. Bottom line. The world in this series makes no sense. There is mention of the president, who is now just a figurehead and whose position is inherited.

Um ok And what is the point? What does that bit of information add to Rhine's story? There's apparently some conflict between scientists and naturalists--those who think they should try to fix the virus and those who think apparently that the human race should just be able to die out.

This conflict seems to be an afterthought until the "cliffhanger" at the end of the book. And I would say, I saw that coming, if the scientists vs.

Stefano implies that Rhine and Rowan have some quality as they were probably one of their parent's many experiments that will solve the virus problem. Actually, it's laid on pretty thick, from their eyes, the revealed conversations between Julia and Gabriel, Vaughn's obsession with her But we are given nothing to lead us further into why she is different. This is a problem I have with a lot series books. You don't have wait and reveal everything at the end. Give us more information when it makes sense in the story.

Don't just hint at it, give it to us. That way it won't be a surprise that either makes no sense or just pisses me off. Honestly, I will probably read the last one when it comes out. Mainly because it is a trainwreck that I cannot look away from.

This book reads like a "what no to do" for dystopian authors. View all 6 comments. May 04, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rhine's struggles and pain are real, and her story is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

I couldn't read this book fast enough. This was definately better than book 1. I'm looking forward to book 3: Jan 31, Alex rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Now these fa When I read Wither, I fell in love with the plot, the world, and the characters. Jul 25, Lyndz rated it liked it. Better than Wither , but still not really all that great. Ok, you idiot, if you hate it that bad, why do you keep reading the books in this series?

Alright, review the book already. Rhine is still boring. Even though she is not my favorite, at least she is consistently so. What made this installment better than Wither in my opinion was that the plot actually moves along at a much better pace.

I am still having issues with the plot holes that I mentioned in the first review. But most of said problematic plot holes were not brought up in this book, so they felt less like an exacerbating balloon pressing into my forehead, and more like an annoying cricket chirping in another room. The ending of this book just plain pissed me off. Like a lot. If you have read it you will know what I am talking about. I have not been so mad at a book since The Uglies Trilogy. Without telling anyone?

Of all the weak, stupid, selfish, idiot moves ever; this one has to take the cake. Or at least a large slice.

Let me begin by saying that Rhine is one helluva tough girl. So tough. She's resourceful, brave, determined, loyal, and clings to hope with an iron grasp even when it seems there should be none at all. She goes through one kind of hell only to end up in another and another. With all the trauma and pain, she still remains true to herself and her beliefs. For those she loves she will sacrifice herself, and she fights for them, too.

I can't say enough good things about this girl. Dystopian genre is Let me begin by saying that Rhine is one helluva tough girl. Dystopian genre is always going to give you post-apocalyptic worlds with messed up governments that flourish while the general populace bears the brunt of the hardships of a broken world. This setting is not unfamiliar to any who have read The Hunger Games or Divergent and others. There's always those few with power who crave more, and make those beneath them suffer.

The Hunger Games was brutal with it's yearly slaughtering of youth, and the horrible things the Capital did to its citizenry. Divergent was less so, though still harsh in its factional divisions, etc. So where does the Chemical Garden trilogy fit in the range of this genre? Where Hunger Games was brutal action, Divergent was factional domination, the Chemical Garden is incredibly raw and painful. It shows us the worst of humanity preying on the weak, and the horrible things they do to their victims.

Of course not!! As stated in paragraph one, she just gets out of one hell only to fall into another. The plot never slacks off, always moving into some new dark corner of this cruel and brutal world. It doesn't shy away from the basest of ideas that go on in the dark, or what a madman does in his creepy-ass basement lab. As I said, this book is dark. It is raw. It is painful to imagine living in this world that DeStefano has created, especially as a young woman. The things they are subjected to is unthinkable.

While it is dark and gloomy, it is also completely engrossing to the very end. About halfway through the book you really start to see where this book gets its title from, and its kinda heavy reading in a way because of how disconnected and loopy some of it is. It's darkness on LSD. I got somewhat emotional reading some of it 'cause dammit, it's just so freaking raw!!!

Destefano pdf lauren fever

That is literally the best world to describe this novel, if you had to sum it up in one word. I liked it and cringed away from it at the same time. Think I need something a bit lighter now lol.

But I definitely plan on reading the final book. Miss DeStefano is a superb at weaving a creepy tale of darkness with rays of hope shining through.

My rating for this book is a 3. Feb 22, Maddie Senator rated it it was ok. When I got it in the mail a few days ago, I excitedly opened it up and took a good look at the cover. Whereas the cover of Wither was beautiful, I really didn't like this one.

Lauren destefano pdf fever

I didn't want to do the whole book-cover-judging thing, so I slipped off the dust jacket revealing the neon pink underneath and began reading. Soon I realized just how telling my first thought at seeing the book was. There were a lot of hallucinations, bizarre dreams, and really random metaphors. One particularly weird part was when Rhine described Gabriel's arms feeling like they were coiling around her from head to foot, which she said felt comforting but disturbing at the same time.

Uh, okay. Whereas Wither was an exciting, dreamy illusion, Fever was a creepy, jarring, nasty, and strange nightmare. The characters don't seem like themselves, and as my roommate also said, you don't like any of them by the end.

Destefano pdf lauren fever

Rhine is weird, all the other new faces are just supporting characters, and even Gabriel seems like a fragment of the imagination--someone who is floating off to the side with hardly any role. The only part where he seemed real was when he fought off a man attempting to rape Rhine. The story meanders all over the place.

I really didn't like it. Too bad--the series started out so promisingly. I won't be reading the third book, that's for sure.