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the Handbook attempt to address calculations common to both chemical and general chemical engineering or environmental engineering course and . Pocket Guide to Chemical Engineering er tubeside pressure drop calculations) , a constant of 23, Perry and Chilton, Chemical Engineers' Handbook. Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations - PDF Free Solve chemical engineering problems quickly and accurately. Fully revised throughout with new.

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The calculations can be set out in the following arrays, in which N (Perry and Chilton—Chemical Engineers' Handbook, McGraw-Hill,. ). Handbook Of Chemical Engineering Calculations 3rd Pdf File. The AIChE. Pocket Handbook. Thomas R. Hanley, Editor. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. New York, New York Wall Street, 23rd Floor.

We have set up the calculations with vertical lines separating each ratio. Some time gushed out from the entering cold water lowered oil temperature. An example of a semiconductor is ZnS with a particle diameter of How many hours does it take for a radio signal' from Earth to reach Pluto? NH4hS04 is usually used as the source of nitrogen. Validation Determination that.. Oltie skilled in converting units.

In this book. You can view a pair of correct conversion factors as quantities that form a ratio so that multiplying a teon by the ratio is essentially the same as multiplying the term by 1. On the inside of the front cover of this book you will find tables of commonly used conversion factors.

You can locate many others in handbooks and on the Internet. These lines retain the same meaning as a " or parenthesis.

handbook of chemical and environmental engineering calculations

Memorize a few of the common ones to save time looking them up. In the physical property software on the CD in the back of this book you can insert almost any units you want in order to retrieve property values. We have set up the calculations with vertical lines separating each ratio. Conversion factors are statements of equivalent values of different units in the same system or between systems of units used in the fonn of ratios.

It win take you less time to use conversion factors you know than to look up better ones. As another example of a serious conversion error. As a prospective engineer you must be carefu1 of handling all sorts of units. By three methods we may learn wisdom: If you want.

Confucius Now let's look at an example. Solution a One way to carry out the conversion is to look up a direct conversion factor.

Consistent use of units a10ng with numbers throughout your professional career will assist you in avoiding silly mistakes such as converting 10 centimeters to inches by multip1ying by 2. Another convenient way you can keep track of the net units in an equation is to strike through the units that can be cancelled as you proceed with the calculations. For example: Convert this value to a dm decimeters and b inches. Solution a t.. Nanotechnology the generic tenn that refers to the synthesis and application of such small particles.

Let us start the discussion with Newton's Law: In the AE system the conversion of tenns involving pound mass and pound force deserve special attention. An example of a semiconductor is ZnS with a particle diameter of What the difference between mass and weight? When someone says. In the AE system an analogous conversion factor required. No one gets conIn this book. Their Conversion Chap.

But never forget that the pound mass and pound force are not the same units in the AE system even though we speak of pounds to express force. To avoid confusion.. What are the unknown quantiThe potential FE is unknown. How are they related? You have to it from physics: EL4 is a sketch of system.

What are the known quantities? The mass and the height the drum are known.. Glucoamylase is an enzyme that aids in the cODversion of starch a sugar that cells use for energy. Solution Basis: What is the mass of an object that weighs 9. Detennine production rate of glucose for this system in the units of Ib moll ft3 day. How many hours does it take for a radio signal' from Earth to reach Pluto? What the weight a one pound mass at sea level? Would the mass center of Earth?

Would the weight be the same at the center of Earth? What IS Is the ratio of the numerator and denominator in a conversion factor equal to unity? What is the difference. What are the value and units of in the SI system? The edge the sblar system is roughly at Pluto. Electronic communication via radio travels at approximately the speed of light Could a unit of force in the SI system be kilogram force?

Contrast the procedure for converting units within the SI system with that for the AE system. A kg person on earth will weigh only l I o n the moon. A basic principle states that equations must be di" mensionally consistent. Can this be correct? Weight is product of mass times the force of gravity. Convert 1. Why does this usage occur? Convert the foHowing 1. Convert the following from AE to a. In the conversion tables in Perry's Handbook 5th is a row showing that 0.

Thought Problems 1. Comment as to what is wrong with the following statements from a textbook: What the principle means is that each term in an equation must have same net dimensions and units as every other to which it is added. In spite of the official. The exponential must dimensionless so that 0.

One example Reynolds number group arising in fluid mechanics. An must exanswer by hibit dimensional consistency.: Solution After you the equation that d as a function of t If the units of pressure are the units [ atm cm 6]. Both values of Time to empty a tank full of water.

Explain why the so-called dimensionless group no net dimensions Introducing the consistent of units for D. Explain what dimensional consistency means in an equation. If you divide aU of a series of terms in an equation by one of the terms.

How might you make the following variables dimensionless: Length of a pipe. L into Dvp I JL. N RE where D the pipe diameter. Solution Observe that x and a must have the same units because the ratio 2 must be dimensionless because 1 is dimensionless.

What are the units of A and B? What do you think of the comment in the letter? Suppose that some short time after the "Big Bang" the laws of nature turned out to be different than the laws currently used.

Can you prove the accuracy of an equation by checking it for dimensional consistency? An orifice meter is used to measure the rate of flow of a fluid in pipes. In particular. In a letter criticizing an author's equation. Unknown You have probably heard the story about the Egyptian tour guide who told the visitors that the pyramid they beheld in awe was years old.

What comments do you have about such an equation? The equation for kinetic energy of the fluid is not dimensionaHy consistent. I was told the pyramid was years old. For case a. You have to consider two cases: The accuracy you need for the results of a calculation depends on the proposed application of the results. Several options besides common sense in establishing the degree of certainty in a number.

In calculations. Three common decision criteria are: What should you do when you add. If you have no idea of the accuracy of a measurement or a number. The question How close is close enough? Be aware that some textbooks and authors do not attribute significance to the trailing zeros on the righthand. Responsible physical scientists and engineers agree that a measurement should include three pieces of information: Another interpretation of 1. Absolute errors are easy to track and compute.

When you multiply or divide numbers. This decision reflects what revealed by a more detailed examination of the error bounds imputed to the two numbers: Lower Bound Upper Bound You can 98 As an example. You should not have more than four significant figures in the sum. For case b When you add or subtract numbers. A more rigorous and more complicated third way to treat uncertainty in numbers apply in the calculations. Refer to a book on statistics further information about this approach.

Of chemical engineering calculations pdf handbook

If you apply rule. You do have to use some common sense applying the of relative error to scales [hat use both relative and units. Suppose you divide one number close to it such as 1.

Perhaps the use of relative error can often be a better way to how many significant figures to retain in your answers. Certainly 1 indicates too a precision so that choice should 1. Bm even a statistical is not because we nonlinear ratios of numbers.

The 0. In any case. The numbers in your calculator are not a Holy Writ! What is involved is the concept of confidence limits for a calculation. Keep in mind. You will also occasionally encounter fractions such as which can be as 0.

By applying the absolute error you can conclude that number of significant figures is Scientific notation makes decision cle. From the viewpoint of relative error. On the other hand if a decimal point were p]aced in each number thus. This a smaIl error relative to the other known or presumed errors your calculathat it can be neglected in almost all instances. Lm 1 kb bp However. A cut is made through the two layers with a stylus as a knife at an aimed portion of the DNA.

If the DNA is stretched out to a length of 48kb. A device to do the micro-dissection consists of a gJass substrate on which a sacrificial layer. Lm reported for the cut may wen have more than 1 associated significant figure.

DNA is electrostatically stretched and immobilized onto the carrier layer with one of its molecular ends aligned on the electrode edge. Why can the use of absolute error in determining the number of significant digits be misleading? Will adding a decimal point to a reported number that does not have a decimal point. Identify 3. The carrier piece can then be melted to obtain the DNA fragment in solution..

How can you avoid a significant loss of precision in out calculations involving as addition. Solution Superficially conversion 3 fJ. By dissolving the sacrificial layer.. By satisfactory we mean correct or close enough. A textbook mentions the quantity of reactant as being mL. What is the answer to: In a report of the crew laying fiber optics cable. Convert the water flow rate of When you want to calculate the weight of 6 silicon chips each weighing 2.

Since presumably you do not know the solution before you solve the problem. What is the correct sum and the number of significant digits when you add a and Eli Siegel Validation sometimes referred to as verification means checking that your problem solution is satisfactory. The calculation to convert from yen to dollars was made as follows: How would you decide on the number of significant figures to associate with the quantity of reactant?

Suppose you convert the amount of solid CaCl 2 in a mL with a net weight in grams to pounds. Unless you can compare your answer with a known such as the answers in the Appendix to this and other books. Here is a list of suggestions. Repeat the calculations. Validation of Problem Solutions 1. I probably i. B is the molar density em 3 answer to get the value gram mole of a comthe pound. Will using a calculator or computer help numerical errors your calculations?

Examine the behavior of the calculation procedure. The extent to which you can pursue a validation depends on time you have available and the cost. Check the answer in the following calculation by starting with for the original starting quantity.

What other ways of validating your answers to a problem can you suggest in addition to the one cited in Section 1. Make sure two errors do cancel each other. The moment you have worked out an answer.

Review your assumptions and procedures. We will not consider statistical analysis. Computers and Automation. How would you go about checking the validity of this result? MW is the molecular weight of the compound.

Dimensional consistency in an equation must have the same set of net dirnensi on s. Conversion of units Change of units Derived units Units developed fundamental units.. Dimensionless group A collection of or parameters that has no net dimensions units.. Relative error Fraction or percent error for a number Pound force unit of force in the AE system. Oltie skilled in converting units. New Delhi Fundamental units Units that can be measured independently.

Tata McGraw-Hill. Validation Determination that.. Units Method of expressing a dimension such as ft or hour. Pound mass unit of mass in the AE system Dimensions The basic concepts of measurement such as length or time.

Stoichiometry SJ Units. Weight A force opposite to the reQum. Summer Mass and Energy Energy Balances. Department of Commerce.

Conversion Tables in Science and Engineering. Web Sites hup: Statistical Look at Significant Figures. MD Problems Chap. National Institute Standards. This is driving me nuts. Which the correct symbol? Can help with this problem? Suppose it takes one man 5 hours to paint a house. If two men work together. List the correct answer. Your boss announced that the of the company Boeing is to cut from milhr to milhr to "conserve fuel.

Calculate the answer. How gallons are saved in a mi trip? How much kinetic energy does the pallet have The efficiency of cell growth a!: What is the power required using the given system data?

The SI data? State in one sentence for each the reason for your answer.. What is meant by a scale that shows a weight "21 A tractor pulls a load with a force equal to Ib The maximum velocity the pallet..

In the spring scale. If the tank is filled with 73 inches of gasoline sp. A leak from a small hole in a tank can be predicted from the following relation: If so. Is this correct? What are the units of A. Answer Yes or No and explain briefly the reasoning underlying your answer. You are asked to modify the equation so that the shear stress can be ihtroduced in the units of 1" which are Iblft2.

Without integrating. What are the units of B.

handbook of chemical and environmental engineering calculations - PDF Drive

Show all calculations. OF "'1. Determine the time required to detect a leak of chlorine in the process area with the equipment currently installed. How might the delay reduced? You may through the instrument sample tubing without dilution by mixing with the air ahead of the sample. The pressure drop in the transfer line can be considered negligible.

Chlorine gas is used in the process. This is the modified Francis formula. Determine the units and the numerical values of the factors to convert the field variables to the deSlLred output.

If you add the relative errors in the two numbers. How many significant figures exist in the product. Crude oil pumped from a storage unit to a tanker is to be eX.

The computers must signals from devices monitoring the process. If you subtract cm from em. Evaluate the maximum relative error in a each number product. The equations must be dimensionally consistent.

Calculate the Reynolds D U p 1 2 3 4 2 to The equation for the velocity a fluid stream measured with a Pitot tube is v where: The solution given was IN 5 2 15 mmHg Check that the answer is correct by a Repeating the calculations but carrying them out in reverse starting with the answer..

Repeat Problem The literature shows that 2 moles of A TP are synthesized per mole of glucose catabolized. Calculate the mass or number of moles of each component in a mixture given the percent or fraction composition. Define a kilogram mole. Look up and interpret the meaning density and specific gravity of a liquid or solid reference tables. Transform a material from one measure of concentration to another.

Specify common reference material s used to determine the specific gravity of liquids and solids. Convert a composition given in mass weight percent to mole and vice versa.

Convert from moles to mass and vice versa for any chemical compound given molecular weight Calculate the molecular weight from the molecular formula. Convert the composition of a mixture from mole fraction or percent to mass weight fraction or percent and vice versa.

Calculate the density of a liquid or solid given specific gravity and the vice ve rsa. Define density and specific gravity. If you make sure that you have a sOllnd command of this material. We believe a firm grasp of this material is essential to the proper implementation of material and energy balance calculations. For our. To keep units straight. It would In the SI system a mole composed of 6.

If you had data amounting to 1 mol of bytes on your computer hard disk.

Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering, 7th Edition.pdf

Then we review some of the common conventions used in physical properties. What would a ton mole of molecules consist of? One important calculation you should become skilled at is convert the number of moles to mass and the mass to moles.

The word mole appears to have introduced by William Ostwald in Looking Ahead In this chapter we flrst discllss the mole. You will find that such nonconforming to S1 definitions of the amount of material will help avoid excess details many calculations. In most of our calculations we shaH round these off to I and H2 can be 2. On this of atomic weights. A compound is composed of more than one atom. Thus H20 consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

The terms atomic "weight" and molecular "weight" are universally used by chemists and engineers stead of the more accurate atomic "mass" and molecular "mass.

Appendices and the CD the back book molecular You can compute the average molecular weight of a mixture even though its components are not chemically bonded if composition of the mixture is known. Look up the atomic weights of the elements from the table in Appendix B.

By counting the atoms and carrying out the brief calculations below. What is the molecular weight of the following cell of a superconductor material? The figure represents one cell of a larger structure. Element Number of atoms "Atomic weights Ba Cu 2 16 Assume that one cell is a molecule. Of course. Until recently most applications were not economically vIable because the niobium alloys used had to be cooled below 13K by liquid He.

Keep in mind that the symbollb without any subscript in this book refers to Ibm unless otherwise stated. Could you first convert 7. Solution You want to convert pounds to pound moles.

From 2. AvA then your answer. It is Solution The problem concerns converting g mol to lb.. Convert the 2. Convert the foHowing: Explain which are correct and which are not. Convert In asking the question "what meant by a mole. Is the proposal a reasonable idea? If a mole of doughnuts 6. There is twice as much copper in g of copper as there is in g of copper.

The pound mole is comprised of x 1Q26 molecules h. Answer the foHowing questions true or false: Instead of pV A mole is the weight of a molecule expressed in grams. Thought Problem 1. A mole is the number of molecules one gram of a substance. A mole is the molecular weight expressed in grams. NkT where denotes the number of molecules and k is the Boltzmann constant [1. A mole is the quantity of material one gram. Molecular weight is the mass of a compound or element per mole.

A mole is a certain number of of one substance or another. Some time gushed out from the entering cold water lowered oil temperature. Usually we will ignore the effect.

Chemical handbook calculations of pdf engineering

To detennine the density a substance. Specific volume is the inverse of density. Within minutes. Density has both a numerical value and units. Because of near tank and repair the leak to prevent further loss.. Densities for liquids and solids do not change significantly at ordinary conditions with pressure. Density is the ratio of mass per unit volume. What can you do with density? You use it to determine the volume of a given mass.. After a moment of anxiety. Paniker in the June I The inverse of the density is the specific volume.

The calculation is would the volume of By analogy.. For some solutions. The density of water less than the density mercury. Density of a substance is the mass per unit volume. Solutions have variable composition while pure substances do not. That the relative amounts of the various components in a solution can. What is the total If you add 50 g of solution? A cubic. What is the density approximate density of water at room temperature in Problems 1. What you think? My hobby photography..

What is Concentration Chap. I short a fun. I was using a gallon milk container to measure the water nt! The density of a is 2 kglm What is its specific volume? An empty 10 gal of water?

The indictment alleged that the busirelati ve to the fraud trial of a nessman stole The representative of Lloyd's Shipping testified in a Houston District court businessman. Specific gravity is commonly thought of as a dimensionless ratio. A refinery tank that had contained gasoline was used for storing pentane. The scheme centers on the fact that gypsum.

The level indicator measured the weight of fluid. What do you think of the feasibility of this idea? We will explain what to do in Chapter I think we are getting less milk than we think when we buy milk in these containers. Can you explain what went wrong? October The service station attendant checks the concentration of antifreeze by measuring the specific gravity and. How would you reply to the author explaining what the cause of his dilemma probably is?

Chemical Engineers Handbook- Perry

Instances of ground swelling have already occurred from sulfuric acid spillage in the Netherlands at Pernis. The resulting gypsum should raise the surface as much as several meters. Two Dutch scientists have won government and industry support to explore the possibility of raising the level of the ground in coastal areas of their low-lying country by converting subsurface limestone to gypsum with waste sulfuric acid.

The hydrometer kit contains a small thermometer to enable. In symbols: The specific gravity of gases frequently is referred to air. From Chemical and Engineering News. The project envisions drilling holes as deep as 1 km at selected sites above limestone strata for injecting the acid. In case the temperatures for which the specific gravity is stated are unknown.

The calculations for dibromopentane DBP. No temperatures are cited for the reference compound presumed to be water.. You may acquainted with the fact that in the petroleum industry the specific gravity of petroleum products is often reported in terms of a hydrometer called o API. You can find information about those measures and relationships among them in the at the end of chapter. Solution Use the specific gravity to get density via a reference substance. The answers are: The CD in the back of the book contains data petroleum products.

For the first part of the problem.. The drug concentration is Take 1. S How do you get mass per volume the density from the given data. Solution Read the problem careful1y because this example is more complicated than the previous examples..

Use the specific gravity of the solution. Calculate the density as fonows soln 4'.. After the problem.. You have a solution with some known properties including sp. Calculate the concentration of the drug in kgIL in the exit stream..

The strategy for the solution is to use the specific gravity to get the density from which you can calculate the moles per unit volume. Could you simplify the last two by knowing that 1. To get the flow rate. Examples of possible substitutes for pictures of equipment by using a simple sketch.. Did you notice how we represented a reactor in Figure E2.

Answer the following questions true or false: What does this statement 2. Tank c For liquid HeN. Figure 2. In the interest of simpJification and economy. The density and specific gravity of mercury are the same. Even Figures 2. What liquids would you recommend using to test whether or not the is jade? What is the density of ethanol at 0 60 P? The specific gravity of steel is 7. For ethanol.. What is the volume in cubic feet of a steel ingot weighing Lb? What is the mass of HN03 in kg per cubic meter of solution at 20 0 e?

The gravity a dimensionless quantity. The National Museum is considering buying a Maya plaque from Honduras that the seller claims to jade. In this book we usually use an overlay dot to denote a for the volumetric flow rate F. If you are given substance of interest by mUltiplying by the specific gravity.

Jade is either jadite sp. How many cubic feet win be occupied 3. Although the mass fraction the correct word.

From these values you can then calculate the desired mole fractions. Calculate the molar flow rate of the chlorine in kg mollhr. What are the mass weight fractions and mole fractions each component in the drain cleaner container? Solution I You are given the masses so that it is to calculate the mass fractions. By measurement it is found that 2. How long will it take to fin the tank in the truck? Pure chlorine enters a process. Become skilled at doing so this type of.

This definition holds for gases. Determine amount of NH4 2S04 consumed a fermentation medium in which a L volume of the fermentation the final concentration is 35 gIL medium. NH4hS04 is usually used as the source of nitrogen. When individual protein metabolism Le. Nitrogen Requirements Used for the Growth of Cells.

Assume that contain 9 wt.

Solution L solution containing 35 gIL L g celli 0. In normal living cells. The kilogram are 5. Which of the foHowing kinds of ethanol would you regard as being purest?

In this book composition liquids and solids will be given by mass weight percent or fraction unless otherwise specifically stated..

They are mole percent. Medical ethanol "alcohol". Denatured ethanol "alcohol".. A gas mixture contains 40 Ib of b S02' and 30 Ib of S03' What is the composition of the mixture in mole fractions? Are values in the table in mass or percent? TABLE 2. OOHHS 0. Fossil fuel combustion the utility sector contributed the transportation.

In engineering practice the compositions of liquids and solids are usually denoted in weight mass fraction or percent. Problems In engineering practice composition of gases is usuaJly denoted in mole fraction or percent. Are the four mole percent or mass percent? Answer following questions true or a.

Of calculations engineering handbook pdf chemical

The weight fraction of each component. A pseudo-average molecular weight can be calculated nents whether solid. Carbon monoxide: A typical example of the use of some of these measures of concentration is the set of guidelines by which the Environmental Protection Agency defines the extreme levels at which the five most common air pollutants could hann people over stated periods of time.

Sulfur dioxide: Parts per million ppm. Moles per unit volume lb mol of solutelft3 of solution. Other components are limited as follows: In the European Union EU. Parts per million by volume ppmv and parts per billion by volume ppbv Other methods of expressing concentration with which you may be familiar are molarity g mollL.

Particulate matter 10 JLm or smaller: Nitrogen dioxide: The average molecular weight of the mixture. The mole percent of each component. By Solution In this problem you have to convert ppm in a gas a mole ratio. Put the data in the figure.. HeN 10 ppm Air Figure E2. Parts per million is a very small number. The aromatics limit for gasoline wil1 be volume percent. What fraction of the lethal dose is Then a. One ppm is equivalent to I inch in 16 miles.

The How many mg HCNlkg air is At least it is not more than I! Mole fraction of HN03 in the solution?

Table by D. Prentice Hall. Oxygen also involved but neglected. Solution Let the value of the specific gravity be the value of the density ignoring any minor effects related to the density of water.

Upper Saddle River. The mass values are on the basis of the production of one pound of methyl methacrylate. Shonnard Green Engineering. What is the a. Allen and D. TLVindex a typical procedure is to calcuconcern than the smaller ones. PEL is the permissible exposwe specified by the U.

Solution 2. Environmental Protection Agency. Based on the data in Table B2. With respect to the two environmental late an index. For OccupadooaJ md Safety Administration.

O orrr" Acetone Hydrogen cyanide 0. How many ppm dioxide for humans is is this value? The danger point in breathing j. How many ppm are in I ppb? Capital and operating costs of production also have to be considered in making a decision. Does the concentration of a component a mixture depend on amount of the mixture?

Pick the correct answer. If a membrane filter yields a count of 69 fecal coliform FC colonies from 5 what should be the reported FC concentration? How many ppb are there in 1 of 10 ppm? The Delaney clause of the Food Additives law has been interpreted as prohibiting the presence of any added carcinogen in food. Atomic weight Mass of an atom based on 12C being exactly Neither alkaloid has been tested for carcinogenicity.

It has been suggested that an alternative to using pesticides on plants is to increase the level of natural plant toxins by breeding or gene manipulation. Should you stop eating fish? Another compound essential to humans and animals is selenium. Can selenium be added to your diet via vitamin pills? What about arsenic? Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations. Standard handbook of engineering calculations. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations.

Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineer's Handbook Engineering. Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms. Mechanical Engineering Handbook.

Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations. The CRC handbook of mechanical engineering. Lighting Engineering: Applied Calculations. Handbook of Electric Power Calculations. Vibration and Shock Handbook Mechanical Engineering.

Operations research calculations handbook. Operations Research Calculations Handbook.