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Mackenzie's Magic book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The final chapter of Linda Howard's beloved Mackenzie family sag. Download and Read Free Online Mackenzie's Magic Linda Howard Mackenzie's Magic by Linda Howard Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Three of Silhouette's best-known writers revisit for the s families they created in earlier books. In "MacKenzie's Magic,".

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The Complete Mackenzies Collection (Mackenzie's Mountain; Mackenzie's Mission; Mackenzie's Pleasure; A Game of Chance; Mackenzie's Magic). Read more. Howard, Linda - MacKenzie's 01 - MacKenzie's Mountain · Read more · Howard, Linda - Mackenzies 05 - Mackenzie's Magic. Read more. Linda Howard-Mackenzie's Magic. Christmas Kisses. Maris, the only Mackenzie daughter, is magic. She's fey, almost psychic and can charm the wildest horse.

The plot was told in a manner that kept me hooked and the rest of the Mackenzie family practically screamed to have you read their stories; I'm considering it. Her first work was published by Silhouette in Deals and Shenanigans. This is a good book. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Product details Mass Market Paperback: Mira; Reprint edition March 1, Language: English ISBN Start reading Mackenzie's Mountain on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention linda howard mackenzie mountain elizabeth potter small town years ago wolf mackenzie son joe wolf and mary even though highly recommend game of chance mary elizabeth school teacher native american love story mackenzie mission favorite books howard books mackenzie family wolf and his son.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a simple, western romance with just a dash of danger to make things interesting.

It is a story that's been done before - the new school teacher comes to a remote western town, fresh from the east, and after several trials, is able to show the towns people a more enlightened way, while capturing the heart of a lone wolf cowboy.

There are few surprises, and you pretty much know how it will end up The characters were engaging, the romantic tension was handled extremely well, and you really wanted to see how it all turned out, even though you knew there'd be a happy ending. Sure, it may be a little dated, but it has a very satisfying ending and you enjoy the journey along the way.

I keep coming back to this book like an old friend, and have read it four or five times.

It is a lovely way to spend a cozy evening. Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard. Trigger warnings for rape This stand-alone is easy to follow.

Howard, Linda - MacKenzie's 01 - MacKenzie's Mountain

The subject matter of rape and prejudice is depressing. No editing errors, gratuitous violence or drag-you-down drama. The storyline is compelling with the shy, spinster teacher shaking the town up and not allowing abusive behavior. Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and memorable dialogue.

I am interested in other works by this author. Such a surprise and wonderful book. Wolf and Mary as the main characters, Joe and others rounding out a stellar secondary cast. Both Wolf and Mary were well-developed and the author kept them consistent throughout the story.

She was simple, but strong and fearless. Wolf was a cautious man, consistently stoic and steadfast. The book handled two very difficult subjects: Both were woven into the fabric of the story and with the skillful development of the plot and the characters, the book was enjoyable and not tacky.

Linda pdf magic mackenzies howard

The budding relationship and beautiful romance was sensual and not erotic, which added to this delightful story. I like her character development and the presentation of her storylines. I enjoyed this book even though it is not my go-to genre. This took a bit getting used to. You cannot help but fall in love with Wolf someone who has being unfairly treated because of his "breed".

But that is not all this book is about. I loved the way the relationship develops between Wolf and Mary and how they were out to protect each other from harm be it hurtful remarks or physical hurt. Throw in the fact that Mary is an awesome, no nonsense taking teacher who fights to make people see the wrong in their ways, and you have a good story there.

Although I enjoyed the suspense of the storyline, it was quite obvious in my opinion who the culprit is. The vital role Joe played in the story adds to the allure of this book.

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Linda Howard - Mackenzie 01 - Mackenzie's Mountain

I fell in love with this book from the moment Mary started up the mountain to find out why a top student dropped out of school. She was underdressed for the harsh Wyoming weather yet determined not to let it stop her. When her car dies she starts walking to the house with no idea how much further it might be. Wolf finds her on his way down the mountain for supplies, she is beyond just cold.

While Wolf might be harsh in attitude he was gentle in helping her warm up, mind you they get heated in more than one way. The attraction between these two is apparent and the reason she's there has nothing to do with that.

Mary is going to get a rude awakening to the way the town feels about the Mackenzie's and Wolf's past. A Must Read! Dec 02, Pamela AllHoney rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars. I liked it a lot but I felt it was too short and we missed something. The drifter is a temporary helper at the horse farm where she trains horses. Apparently, she stole a horse and is on the run and recruited Alex MacNeil to help her. A nice little novella. I loved Maris and Mac and it was great to see all of the MacKenzie's together.

There was some insta-love and the side plot about who was killing the horses was interesting. Sep 10, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Fluffy, lightweight novella with typical romance novel characters. Not enough time for relationship development. Maris is a horse trainer. Someone plans to harm her favorite horse, and Maris is hit in the head.

She wakes up in a motel room the next day with a concussion. Mac is with her. He was recently hired to work with her on the horse farm. Together they try to figure out what is going on and what to do about it. Maris has no memory of what she wa Fluffy, lightweight novella with typical romance novel characters.

Maris has no memory of what she was doing before she was injured. Maris realizes she is attracted to Mac. This was about half the length of a typical romance novel. There was no time for any relationship development. It was shallow. I wanted more intrique, unique characters, and more interesting plot and dialogue.

But if you loved the series, you might like this out of curiosity. There is the cute little toddler, all the hunky men, their wives and children.

Linda Howard - Mackenzie 01 - Mackenzie's Mountain - PDF Free Download

Everyone is loving and protective. It was a pleasant time. There are five Mackenzie books. The first three were much better than books 4 and 5.

This is book 4. For a list of my reviews of all five books, see my 5 star review of Burn posted Apparently the bad guy was starting to inject the horse when Maris arrived. He hits her in the head causing a concussion, but she is able to get on the horse and ride away.

Can one be concussed and still mount and ride? I wanted more details and showing, not telling. Kindle count story length: Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Dec 30, Kathleen rated it liked it Shelves: Audio narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris.

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He did a decent job, but it's not an outstanding performance. This is a novella -- Book 4 in the Mackenzie Family series. The romance is not convincing and neither is the suspense plot, involving horse-racing insurance fraud and murder. Maris knew she loved Mac immediately. He took a wee bit longer. Maris and Mac engage in some sleuthing around to s Audio narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris. Maris and Mac engage in some sleuthing around to save the prize thoroughbred, Sole Pleasure.

I was confused by the concussion train of events. The story includes one sex scene. There is a feel-good, family-oriented winter wedding scene in Wyoming, with adorable little Nick stealing the show as flower girl. View 2 comments.

Jan 05, Skip Ryan rated it it was ok Shelves: I mean, really, how is she a best selling author? My favorite part was when she magically created an adopted brother, so that she could write about another Mackenzie finding a 29 year old virgin, who had never had a relationship before, falling in love with her and getting married in the space of days.

Too funny! May 14, Sofi rated it liked it Shelves: Short and bitter-sweet, it is time for me to say goodbye to one of my favorite families, the Mackenzies. Btw, Nick stole the show at the end - I was not pleased, then again, I'm not a big fan of children for a reason.

May 25, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: I was happy to see that Maris had moved to Kentucky for this short update. Another whirlwind romance, which was fine, and a surprisingly reluctant trip to the bedroom, which was also fine. I would have liked more time on the horse, or just to see Maris do what she does best, but as an addendum to the family saga it works. I wouldn't advise it as a stand-alone, though.

Oct 01, Myself rated it liked it Shelves: Te falta casi todo. My least favorite in the series, but I do still like it. Full review soon. I wish that the sole story about the girl-offspring was a full length book and and not a novella.

Pdf mackenzies howard magic linda

I mean, the books about the boys are only category length anyway, so why did Maris get short-changed? There was a lot of potential that could have been fully utilized with or so more pages.

I'm okay with the fact that not all of the kids got their own books, I'm just a little resentful that the only girl got half a story. Aug 14, willaful rated it did not like it Recommends it for: If I'd found this in an anthology of short stories, I might have liked it more, but being asked to swallow it as an actual novel just ticked me off.

When it started seemingly in the middle of a story, I was intrigued. When the suspense plot ended within about 5 seconds and the hero and heroine fell in love even faster, I was annoyed. The rest of the story was wedding hijinks; I was bored. View 1 comment.

Pdf mackenzies magic linda howard

Jan 18, Amanda S. Surprisingly, this book isn't as "boom" as the previous ones. I don't know, I guess it's because I'm attracted by Mackanzie's men and in this book, the Mackanzie is Maris, the only daughter. Overall I enjoyed it, though at first it was a bit confusing. I wanna read her own book someday!! Let's jump to Chance's story!! Sep 11, Debbie rated it really liked it. Maris is the only daughter of Wolf of Mary Mackenzie.

When she discovers that someone is threatening to harm one where she works, Maris takes the horse to protect him.

Magic howard mackenzies pdf linda

I liked both Maris and Mac, but I wished that their story was longer. I did enjoy getting to Maris is the only daughter of Wolf of Mary Mackenzie. Apr 10, Elizabeth rated it liked it. I was so looking forward to Mari's book and unfortunately it didn't lived up to my expectations. I think the problem was the fact that it was to short to give it justice. It felt so rushed and definitely there was not time to actually feel a deep connection between them.

I am just so disappointed. I did loved to get to meet the previous characters I so felt I love Zane, Joe, Wolf and their wife's and children. Oct 25, Christine Jalili rated it it was amazing.

She has five older, over protective brothers. Love how quickly she falls for Mac. But what happened and why does she have a concussion? I was really absorbed into this book and the ending is so cute. I highly recommend this book.

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Jan 04, Alex H rated it it was ok. I have to say it is a regression comparing to other Linda's novels. I am not sure why she is so interested in the saga that she has individual story almost each of Mackenzie's child.

I still think that the first one about Wolf and Mary is the best one in this series. Though it is quite cute when she describes the way Mackenzie's man react to Mac, Maris husband, in their first meeting. Oct 16, Yvonne Fortin rated it it was ok Shelves: Started strong, then fizzled after the bad guy was caught. Maybe its because little Nick is the worst kid ever.

Cant stand reading her speech impediment, and how everyone thinks her bad behavior is cute. Don't they discipline her?? Jun 01, Crysa James rated it really liked it.

This is a good book. Its concise and to the point about awesome, strong, I-want-to-be-just-like-them characters. As a next in line of a specific series, this book does a hell of a job providing further reader involvement into a saga.

Howard is an artist at keeping a reader hooked! Nov 25, Karen rated it really liked it. This was well written and interesting. The plot was told in a manner that kept me hooked and the rest of the Mackenzie family practically screamed to have you read their stories; I'm considering it.

Feb 08, AG Reads rated it really liked it. The book is as good as ever, but the quality of the recording is not great. Too many extreme fluctuations in volume from the beginnings of sentences to the ends.