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Pegoraro LF. Núcleos. In: Pegoraro LF, Valle AL, Araujo. 1. CRP, Bonfante G, Conti PCR, Bonachela V. Prótese fixa. São Paulo: Artes Médicas; p. 3 Pegoraro LF, do Valle AL, Araújo CRP, Bonfante G, Conti PCR, Bonachela W. Prótese fixa. São Paulo: Artes Médicas; [ Links ]. 4 Shillingburg Junior HT, . O preparo dental para uma prótese é um dos fatores críticos, que deve ser cuidadosamente planejado e executado para permitir a longevidade Texto completo: PDF Pegoraro LF. Prótese fixa São Paulo: Artes Médicas, p.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Prótesis fija / Luiz Fernando Pegoraro [et al.] Uma alternativa estética com prótese fixa livre de metal. June Veja grátis o arquivo Moldagem pdf Final(1) enviado para a disciplina de Materiais e técnicas de moldagem em prótese fixa: revisão de literatura. Saber Cient Odontol. Jan- Jun;2(1) 4. Cunha CO, Rezende CE, Pegoraro LF. Professor Departamento de Prótese, Universidade de São Paulo RM Carvalho , TA Pegoraro, FR Tay, LF Pegoraro, N Silva, DH Pashley Prótese fixa.

In this situation, the prosthetic indication could be a conventional fixed partial denture with two pontics, whose prognosis could be favorable Saber Cient Odontol. Tooth loss brings with it a series of deformations that must be evaluated as to the amount of bone loss and the subsequent gingival alteration, as well as the absence of the interdental papilla, which is extremely important, not only for the restoration of a more natural gingival contour, eliminating the so-called "black holes", but also for phonetics and for this reason, this tissue should be part of the prosthetic planning 1, Clinical performance of porcelain laminate veneers: In clinical sequence, the restoration was positioned on the preparations and the form, shape, color, and occlusion were reassessed Figure 3.

Pdf fixa pegoraro protese

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Fixa pdf protese pegoraro

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Moldagem pdf Final(1)

Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 31 25 iindex 78 Articles Cited by. The present case report presented a satisfactory functional and esthetic result due to the care taken right from the clinical exam through to final cementation.

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This article sought to represent the need to resort to the basic biological, mechanical, occlusal and esthetic concepts in Prosthodontics in order to perform oral rehabilitations with acceptable quality and longevity.

A prosthodontic wake-up call: J Prosthodont.

Luiz Fernando Pegoraro - Google Scholar Citations

J Bras Clin Odontol Integr. Quintessence; Dental Press; Rev Odontol Bras Central. Evaluation of two post core system using two different methods fracture strength test and a finite elemental stress analysis. J Endod.

Pdf pegoraro protese fixa

Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of fiber post-resin core units built up with different resin composites. Am J Dent. Rev PerioNews. Braz J Periodontol.

Fixa pdf protese pegoraro

Bruxismo do sono: Dent Press J Orthod. Occlusal stabilization appliance.

Evaluation of its efficacy in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. J Appl Oral Sci ;12 3: Rev Cubana Estomatol. Rev Bras Pesq Saude. Resistence to fracture endodontically treated teeth restored with different post systems. J Prosthet Dent. Rev Dent Press Estet. Direct adhesive pin-retained restorations for severely worn dentition treatment: Braz Dent J.

Clinical performance of porcelain laminate veneers: Int J Periodont Res Dent. Restorative margin placement and periodontal health. Escultura gengival: Clin Int J Braz Dent. Surface treatments for repair of feldspathic, leucite- and lithium dissilicate - reinforced glass ceramics using composite resin. Rev Clin. WA Negreiros carried out the prosthodontic procedures.

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