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+ Pro-e Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity? Question2: What are the. The trail file is a record of every menu pick and screen pick and keyboard input during an entire session of pro/engineer. This file can be. Hello friends, I am supposed to answer a interview for designer post. Please could you help me with the following questions of ProE.

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1) What is new name of Pro/Engineer (Pro/E)? 4) What is function of file in Creo Elements (Pro/E)? 7) How many Geometric tolerance symbols are there in Pro/E and which are they?. Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), REAL TIME CATIA V5 Interview Questions and Answers-CATIA V5. Pro-E Interview Questions and - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

I hate these type of questions List three uses for datum curves. Recent Posts. Can the units of a part be changed without changing the size of the part? True or False Parent child relationships are bad. Jai Hui. Both sides extrudes both sides of the sketching planes.

How do you change the tolerance values in the drawing title block? Change the tolerances in the part which can be displayed using the environment menu under utilities. No, it uses the sheet scale. What type of view must the first view added to a drawing be? General, and you must orient it using save views from the model.

Why should you use Disp Mode on drawing views? Because by default, drawing views get their hidden line removal from the environment.

Each users environment may be different thus causing the drawing views to look different when another user opens the drawing.

Pro-E Interview Questions and Answers.pdf

Why is it a good idea to start drawings early in the part design? Start the drawing early and have the drawing process be a parallel process with creating the part. In other words, create a couple features, go to the drawing, show the dimensions from the feature on the drawing, go back to the model, create a couple more features, show those dimensions on the drawing, etc.

What is the best way to show dimensions? Use preview and pick the features from the model tree. How are the default number of decimal places and default tolerance values determined for parts and assemblies? They are built into the start part and start assembly. List four types of assembly constraints.

Mate, align, insert, orient. Why should you put assembly components on a layer?

Answers questions pdf interview and proe

So you can see to add new components to the assembly. Name three things about a feature that you can not redefine. The class solid, datum, and surface , the type protrusions or cut , the form extrude, revolve, sweep, and blend. Name three things about a feature that you can redefine. Everything in the dialog box attributes one-sided, both sides , sketch, direction, material side, depth, etc. Explain the difference between insert mode and suppressing features.

Insert mode allows you to add features to the model before existing features and have the existing features move down in the model tree. Suppress removes features temporarily, but when they resume, they come back to their original position in the model tree.

List three reasons to suppress features. To simplify the model, to speed regeneration.

Interview questions answers pdf and proe

To try different design iterations what-if scenarios. To reduce file size for transfers thru email or floppy disks, etc. Can a feature with children be suppressed? Yes, if you are willing to suppress the children as well. Features reference the parents for definition. The protrusion is the child of the sketching plane, etc.

Component display is used to show components in an assembly in different display modes. Wireframe, hidden line, no hidden, shaded, or not shown at all. Use info, global, reference viewer. How do you add color to a model?

Use view, model setup, color appearances. What are the steps required to get just one components default datum planes displayed in an assembly? Using layers, blank the layer containing the default datum planes, pick the plus sign next to that layer in the layer display dialog box and then pick the component that you want to see the planes in and then pick the show icon.

Why would you do this? Save status permanently sets the layer displays status of the model so that when the model is saved and opened again the layer display is still set that way. What function in layers should you not use? It is normally recommended that beginners not use the isolate function in layer display. Dependent means that the copy feature will change when the original feature is changed. Independent means that the new feature will not change when you change the original feature.

What is different about a feature that has a dependent copy? When redefining a feature that has a dependent copy, the alignment function in the sketcher is not available. How do you make a dependent copy feature independent from its original feature? Use modify, make independent. What should you do if creating features that are to be included in a user defined feature? The generic is the original model. The instances are created by the system based on the combination of the generic and the table.

Why should you name features? Features added to family tables should be named so that when you are looking at the family table you can tell what feature is in the table. What is a cosmetic thread and why is it used? A cosmetic thread is a special surface feature that is used to define threads in models.

It is only a cosmetic feature and does not affect mass properties.

Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer

On drawings these features display like you normally want them to for a threaded hole. How do you create an opposite hand mirror image part? Create an assembly without datum planes. Assemble the part that you want to make a mirror of.

Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer | Computer File | Cartesian Coordinate System

Pick component, create, part, mirror. Enter a name for the new part, pick ok, and select a datum plane in the part for the mirror plane. Pick modify, pick the component, pick the dimension, enter a value, pick regenerate, automatic.

When do you use one equal sign in a relation? When setting equality making one thing equal to another. When do part relations evaluate? At the beginning of regeneration before any features are regenerated. What is a constraint relation? What is a logic statement?

Logic statements are a series of relations that test parameter values and performs actions based on the results of the test. Why should you comment relations? You should comment relations so that other users can understand what you are trying to accomplish with the relations. Sorts the relations in case of circular references within the relations. How do you add a model parameter in a drawing note? What is the difference between Move and Move Text?

Move allows you to move the selected item anywhere. Move text allow you to move the selected item only parallel to the elbow. Name the four types of tolerance formats? Which of the tolerance formats should you not use? What is a drawing symbol? A symbol is a collection of draft entities that are stored together for reuse on other drawings. Yes, but only after translation to dxf or iges or dwg. Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer Uploaded by api Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. This ensures the proper layer setup, saved views, datum planes, parameters, etc 4. This file also contains user macros which are called mapkeys 5. File save stores the object in the directory where it was opened from and file backup copies the object to the specified directory using the same name 9.

After performing a file save as command the current object is not a new object it is the old object If I use Window, Close without saving my model, have I lost my work?

Can parent child relationships be broken? Yes, using Redefine or Reroute. List two uses for a datum coordinate system. When exporting to iges and stl. Name a feature that can both add and remove material. Rounds and chamfers What is the first section of a sweep feature called?

What are the three types of dimensional patterns? Identical, varying, general. What is a reference pattern? A pattern that follows another pattern. To develop kinematic mechanisms A dimension from the model. If you erase a dimension, is it gone forever? No How do you get a list of all the features in a model?

Pdf questions answers interview proe and

Use info feature list. Can a feature be reordered before any of its parents? No, never. How do you get a bill of materials list of the components in an assembly? Use info bom.

And answers interview pdf proe questions

Pick modify, pick the component, pick the dimension, enter a value, pick regenerate, automatic Can the units of a part be changed without changing the size of the part?

Project Green B. Project Lightning C. Project Galaxy Ans: Creo means many things in many different languages, which of the following is one of the meanings: To create B. To believe C. All of the above Ans: To create various type of datums, you need to select the references on the model. Under the selection method, smart filter is selected by default. How many filters associated with the filter drop-down list while you are creating datums?

Which button should you hold down when you want to change the sketching plane that is already selected? Ctrl B. Tab C.

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Alt D.