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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the New York Times bestselling Reapers Motorcycle Club Series “Raw emotion and riveting characters, I fell in love from. reapers stand mc 4 joanna wylde pdf ebook - reapers stand mc 4 download ^^ ^ reaper s stand reapers mc 4 by joanna wylde pdf epub. Reapers Stand Reapers Motorcycle Club. Ebook Reapers Stand Reapers Motorcycle Club currently available at for review only, if you need.

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find that Reaper's Stand has a different feel than the books that came before it. For example, Devil's Game was a coming-of-age novel. Reaper's Stand is the. look numerous times for their chosen books like this reapers stand reapers reapers stand reapers motorcycle club is available in our book collection an online. reapers stand mc - cmtctradescollege - reapers stand mc pdf der bruder francisco javier übernahm fortan die führung der organisation;.

I was more interested in what happened to them then what was going on in the book. Tarryn Fisher. A fight late one night changes London's world. Embed Size px. Embeds 0 No embeds. Good times.:

He does what he does to protect the ones he loves. He fucks the youngins and I had no problem with that. Of course as the story progresses we get to see that he's more than what I listed above.

He's an asshole. He does and says asshole things that I laughed and fumed about. And I loved that about him. He means what he says, there's no bullshitting with him. As for his love interest London, I love her character as well. She's a strong heroine and she fits perfectly with Picnic.

Not gonna spoil anything but I will say this. The story line is violent. The sex is raw.

Joanna Wylde - Reapers Stand 04 (epub) - dokument tamkasio - Pobierz z

The words are sweet. The characters are real. And Ms. Wylde continues to outdo herself. As I've said many a times, I'll be pimping this series and author for a long ass time. View all 6 comments. It feels like we waited forever for this one to come out and I really liked it, but in all honesty I was expecting to love this book. But no such luck. Reaper's Stand gets off on a really good start. The prologue is quite genius and by teasing with a 'l 3.

The prologue is quite genius and by teasing with a 'little' drama from the future Ms. Wylde hooked me big time. There never was a chance for me not to finish this story. I just had to find out how they got there and what happens in the aftermath. Actually pretty good stuff. But let's meet Picnic and London first, shall we?

London Armstrong has been working for the Reapers Motorcycle Club for a while I think 6 months , cleaning their various businesses and while doing so she caught the eye of non other than the Reaper President. London is a strong woman, a tough substitute mother for her cousin's daughter Jessica and smart business owner. For all intents and purposes she is a match made in heaven for Picnic, once he gets over his affection for those 'young girls' that is He really is a big asshole and I don't know, but for some reason I was a bit surprised by the level of his douchiness.

I knew he was a tough guy, given the whole president of the MC and such, but somehow I had the whole papa bear thing going on in my head and it wasn't pretty. There was this one scene with him and one of the club girls on the couch and I don't think there is much I need to tell you about him, his dead wife or his daughters, because if you made it this far, it stands to reason that you've read some of the other books in the series and you know all about that stuff. The first real interaction London and Reese have is the first night Jessica attends a club party and London tries to get her out by asking for Pic's help.

There is instant attraction between the two, but the whole scene is somewhat questionable. Long story short And we all know what his ulterior motives are, right?

Well, can't blame the man. At all times the reasons for London and Reese to be a couple were To say they went through ups and downs is the understatement of the year, and while I appreciate them working through the issues, the timing and fast movement was something else entirely. I believe all events occur over the space of one week The biggest issue for me was Jess, London's 'daughter'.

I know all of her behaviour is reasonable because of her condition illness , but I could have done without her. First and foremost because I don't like that a third person has so much power over the outcome of the main players relationship They actually have some insane chemistry and if all the drama the outside world and especially Jess created were to be taken out of the equation I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more.

After that the pacing was insane, the drama superb and the crazy over the top. I loved it. Can't wait to read the new series M. Wylde is cooking up for us. BR with the fabulous Canaries I like it and I want it So far as I figure, that makes you mine.

Then I read the teasers for this book, and I about lost it because it was so good I couldn't wait a second longer. And when the book finally came out, I locked myself in room, turned off any distraction and dove right in. It was awesome! London is a thirty eight year old woman and owner of 'London's Cleaning Service'. She knows who the Reaper's are because she happens to work for them. She has no idea what exactly it is they do, but she and her crew have done enough cleaning for them to know it isn't all wholesome.

She isn't interested in finding out more about them, she just wants to do her job and earn enough money to take care of herself and her eighteen year old cousin Jessica.

But being a 'mother' to Jessica has been tough, due to all the issues Jessica now has from her mother using drugs while pregnant. Because of this, London doesn't go out much. Picnic, is the President of the Reaper's Motorcycle Club. If you read the last book, you know that Picnic has two daughters, Em and Kit, and that he is a widow.

Since the death of his wife, he has no interest in dating or ever having an Old Lady again.

Pdf reapers stand

He definitely prefers one night stands. Since hiring London, he has been attracted to her. But to not mess up their business relationship he has not pursued her.

Reaper's Stand

Now that she owes him, it becomes harder for him to stay away. You've held on for a long time sweetheart.

Stand pdf reapers

Soon, she throws caution to the wind. If one night is all she will have with Picnic that is more than enough.

Events occur right and left causing them to inevitable be together. Soon, it becomes so much more and Picnic doesn't know if he can be a one woman man again. I loved both London and Picnic. London was a tough independent heroine. Although at first I didn't know what to think of her, by the end, I really liked her and thought she was perfect for Picnic.

He scared the crap out of me at times but also made my heart melt with how tender and sweet he could be.

Plus, I loved his dirty mouth. You can have whatever you want. I think Joanna Wylde does an amazing job in showing how the MC life works. And this book was no exception. There is some crazy bloody scenes that occur, and I loved every raw moment of it. There was a perfect balance between the relationship story line and the MC story line. I loved both very much.

The steam was through the roof, as you come to expect from a Joanna Wylde book. And all the MC drama was highly entertaining.

I really loved it. And that teaser at the end was amazeballs. I cannot freaking wait to read the next book, as well as the first book of the Silver Valley Series. View all 33 comments. Jun 22, Stacia the club rated it it was ok Shelves: One step forward, two dozen or so steps back.

Was I reading a different book from everyone else? I feel like one of the only people who doesn't have glowing things to say about Reaper's Stand. It's too bad, because my hopes were high, considering how much I liked the previous book. Kidnapping plots have been done to death in MC books. This series has had kidnappings in every single 2. This series has had kidnappings in every single book.

There are other ways to write drama. There are other bad things that can happen to people living on the edge. If an author can't find a different way to emphasize conflict happening in an environment which is fueled by drama, something is wrong. Sadly, the "leftover" manufactured drama failed to interest me. We're supposed to care about not only a side relative of the main character, but also a friend of the side relative of a character? Why weren't both of these teen girls merged into one solid character?

Why did we need two teenagers for the main character to chase around after? Yes, it's obvious that at least one of these girls will be back in her own book. I just think that this character could have been brought into the series in a different manner - not as some extra person who was not related in a major way to a main character. It gets boring enough when you have to read an entire book about someone being concerned about their own child I love my kids Was I supposed to attach to these girls?

I thought the first one was a brat and the other one had no real presence other than being introduced as a potential love interest. London was yet another woman with poor judgement skills. My problem is rarely with the men owning what they want to do. My problem is with these women who don't show themselves respect - especially when they're club outsiders and not a part of the lifestyle.

I find it ironic that the one woman in all of the books who wasn't a whipped puppy was the one woman Em who knew the most about club life and what she might have to learn to accept. You would think that women who didn't grow up with the knowledge of club whores and old ladies would be FAR more leery of a man who was just screwing a chick in the other room while she listened.

Most people would probably give it more than a week before they hopped into bed with the person who had no concern for their feelings Picnic's screwing that girl was a damn setup on his end, after all. Self respect, people. Get some. If a person deliberately screws another person with the intent for you to be bothered by it, that person might need to prove that they're done being a complete asshole first before you hook up with them.

If the story had been spun solely as casual sex which the main character lamely tried to pretend it was , then that would be fine. Okay, so you screw the hot guy who you don't have any intention of staying with. But London sort of ended up there by default, and talked herself into wanting casual sex. It wasn't actually ever casual sex in the "no strings attached" way - no matter how London tried to spin it in her head. She was not the brightest crayon in the box.

Not by a long shot. Oh, and a view spoiler [miscarriage hide spoiler ] scene in order to bring people together? I can't rate lower than 2 stars though because when Picnic and London actually connected, it was sweet. The story wasn't as bad as my ranting would imply. In fact, Legacy was an entertaining read as a romance when London wasn't chasing after her "kids". I just can't sit here and rate a book well when plot devices are recycled for the umpteenth time, and the lead female is a complete idiot when it comes to looking out for herself.

I'm sick of idiot characters. View all 14 comments. Mar 08, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: Review to come soon. View all 11 comments. Mar 28, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wylde made it even better creating an amazing heroine in London, making me enjoy this book to the max!

Reese "Picnic" Hayes is the president of the Reapers MC, his wife died a few years back and being that she was the love of his life, he had promised himself not to ever get another Old Lady, so he's been living a life dedicated to his club, his daughters and just sleeping around with a different women. From the moment he saw London o her knees, cleaning the floor of the clubhouse he knew he was in trouble, he even asked Bolt to fire her on the spot.

London Armstrong is 38, hard worker and independent. She runs a very successful commercial cleaning service and The Reapers MC are her most important clients, since they have several businesses.

She has been raising her cousin's daughter since the mother was a drug addict who kept using during the pregnancy affecting the child's health. Now years later, the girl has been struggling with the aftermath of her health issues and this has been hard on London but she loves the girl, Jessica, as if she was her own.

Even though London is dating a cop and she enjoys his company, every time she's in the presence of Picnic her whole body turns on fire. London doesn't do casual sex and Picnic doesn't do serious so they are playing a cat and mouse game that turns out very sexy and intense in the end, when she brakes things off with her boyfriend who turned out to be a total tool and gives into the desires burning deep inside her. Sex between Picnic and London was very passionate but the bliss turns to angst as her cousin Jessica gets in trouble, again, and in order to save her, London is force to make really dangerous decisions that put in jeopardy her relationship with Picnic.

This book was truly a great read, it had action, angst, passion and even laughs, because London is really funny, I loved her just as much as I did Picnic. Her personality was so awesome, she was not afraid of anything, and always had a momma bear attitude towards people, she was the perfect woman for The Prez, after me, of course.

Great job on writing this series Joanna Wylde!!! I love that she cares enough to research and create characters that are edgy and desirable. I'm a huge fan of MC related books or any type of entertainment, really, and this series is one of my favorites ever. This book while a little different from the rest had her signature awesomeness that you always find in her books and the more she writes the better Ms.

Wylde gets and I can't wait to read more…. View all 50 comments. Fans of dirty-talkin', dirty-thinkin' heroes. I think the best books are the hardest to review Not sure I want to even attempt this, because I'm not sure I'll convey how much I enjoyed this one.

I never, never, imagined Reese "Picnic" Hayes this way And may I say it was a smart idea by the author to limit the use of the name "Picnic"--that just doesn't fit this studly hero.

The heroine, London, either referred to him as Reese, Pic, or in her thoughts, 'Hayes'. But I digress So, the plot: He's big, bad, and muscular and sex-on-a-stick. He's the father of two grown daughters, Em Devil's Game and Kit. Since the great love of his life Heather died, he's refused to get involved with a woman emotionally that would just lead to pain but physically, that's another story.

Clearly, he's got some issues. The man is a total one-night-stand man-whore, especially with women young enough to be his daughter.

When he sets eyes on the Reaper's new employee cleaning lady London, he wants her She is totally different than the skanks he's been bedding. She's older 38 , intelligent, responsible she looks after her drug addicted cousin's difficult teenage daughter, Jessica , a hard worker and owns her own cleaning business. And she's a sexy knockout not that she's trying to attract attention.

If he was looking for another "old lady", London would certainly fill the bill. But he's not. And he's determined to stay away from her Ha, as if. His eyes were like cold chips of blue ice, and the hint of gray at his temples and in the scruff covering his chin gave him an air of authority that I wanted to obey almost instinctively.

His arms were thick, banded with heavy muscles, and his thighs I glanced away quickly, because those thick thighs of his framed the half-naked woman sucking his penis perfectly. Like I'd walked into a particularly high-definition porn shoot. I wanted to die.

London is certainly aware of the scarily sexy biker, but that's just her hormones talking, right? She has no business being attracted to him.

Joanna Wylde - Reapers Stand 04.epub

She has a boyfriend already sort of and so what if he doesn't set her body on fire from just a glance like Reese does. Plus she has too many responsibilities to get involved with a dangerous guy like Reese, and has an often difficult teenage girl with medical issues who she's raised as her own for the past six years to contend with.

There's no time for her to get horizontal with any guy. But in her fantasies London, after her mini makeover I have a thing for muscular men, no question, and his body pushed every one of my buttons. Broad chest, thick arms and thighs And his stomach? Holy cow, I just knew that under that tight black shirt would be the perfect six-pack. The man's body was ideal--not like a twenty-year-old's, though.

No, he had the solidity that only comes with age and endurance and maturity. Eh, enough of the plot, you'll have to read it. Needless to say, Picnic and London do get involved, and what a wild ride it is! It's hot, it's dangerous, it's crazy, Oh god, I loved it! Couldn't put it down, had to read it in less than 24 hours.

Now, not to say it was perfect, or that Picnic was the perfect hero I had some problems with some of his inner dialogue and what he thought about London, and women, a time or two. But god, the guy loved his daughters, and he loved London too. And for that matter, London was far from perfect. She did something that I won't reveal because it is a major spoiler that I thought was so dumb , that I couldn't blame Picnic the way he reacted.

Now I realize this something stupid had to happen to drive the plot, and maybe view spoiler [ if what's her name was a more likable character I could understand her doing it, but man, this girl gave her nothing but grief and at times--during London's inner dialogue-- I wasn't totally convinced of London's love for her hide spoiler ]. But who am I to say--it sure made for some exciting reading even if it was a dumb thing to do!

But I did love these characters; I loved that they were mature even though at times they thought and acted like teenagers! Really, a week? It seemed like they knew each other much longer. I am so sad this series is coming to a temporary?

Really, there's got to be stories for more of these guys--even Painter and Mellie? But next up, a spin-off featuring a young stud with the unfortunate name of Puck from a nearby MC club--the Silver Bastards Silver Bastard. Puck was introduced in this one, and even though he seems a bit young barely 20 , maybe he'll be older in his book. His story seems promising so I can't wait to read it. If you haven't tried this series yet, I suggest you get on it!

Stand pdf reapers

The plots are fast paced, the sex is hot, there's plenty of dirty talk, and the inner dialogues of the characters are hot, and often funny! These books keep getting better and better! Good times.: Be sure to read it! View all 13 comments.

Oct 08, Miss Fifi rated it did not like it Shelves: And anyway, just in case you need a reminder of wtf the book is about, here's a blurb: Now back to my explanation of " Why the Book Got 1. I hate London. I hate Picnic. I hate her so much that I gotta fucking repeat that.

Why I hate London. She was stupid. She loved her family, which made her a S. D woman who loves her family. Just in case you missed the memo, she had an eighteen bitchy cousin to take care of, and that bitchy cousin was the catalyst of her stupidity.

Bitchy Cousin got into trouble? Stupid Loni to the rescue. Bitchy Cousin cursed around, pissing off Loni? Stupid Loni was the one apologizing. Bitchy Cousin and her mom being bitchy? Loni disowned the mom, but kept the kid for some reason only known to stupid people like her. Bitchy Cousin wanted something expensive not on the budget? Loni didn't say no, and simply bought it right away.

Loni was 38, and lonely. Just because Loni was big on being stupid, she had to get herself involved with a Biker Guy too, namely Picnic. She kept saying that he was dangerous yada yada but what's so fucking fantabulous would be that she was the one who kept running to him. And the list goes on and fucking on. I stopped reading at halfway to the end because I wasn't masochistic enough atm to finish it 2. Why I hate Picnic. IDKM why, but I seriously couldnt fucking belive it when he went all kind to her, helping her with her Bitchy Cousin when he really got nothing from it.

What I did like about the last book, was the teaser to Picnic's book at the end. I never pictured Picnic being sexy as hell. I had thought he was an old man, but it turns out he's a couple of years younger than me!! I'm still trying to decide between Picnic and Horse now. Would it be ok if I have them both??!! LOL London Armstrong is a single woman, acting as a mom for her 19 year old cousin, Jessica, who has a knack for getting into trouble. She also owns a small commercial cleaning business.

One of her best clients is the Reaper's MC. Picnic has had his eye on London for months but has never made a move because he's not the type to want to settle down with one woman and London is definitely not like the biker sluts he usually takes home for a quick bang. London finds out Jessica is hanging out with a bunch of Reapers at their club and being the protective mother figure that she is, she goes to Picnic to ask for his help in retrieving her. It is at this part of the story that I'm appalled and yet at the same time, turned on by this man!

I don't know if I would have handled things the way that London did. I may have ran the hell out of there. That was just an awkward situation! So Picnic, being the gentleman that he is, asks London what she's going to do for him if he helps get her cousin out of the club. Well let's just say he asked her for some sexual favors but got a free house cleaning service instead.

I think this book had more action than all the others. Sometimes it was extremely violent, reminding me of the current season of SOA. Picnic can be just as brutal as Jax!! He definitely did some things that I was not happy about. I understood why, but still, I didn't think he had to take it to the level that he did.

I wonder if it would be thrilling to be with a rough around the edges guy who gets down and dirty! London ends up getting into some serious trouble and again it's because of Jessica. I can see why she took the path that she did, I only wished Pic had handled things differently. This part of the story had me on the edge of my seat. It was action packed and some pretty dark stuff ends up happening.

I can see this playing out on the big screen. I loved how everything came together in the end. But I've got plenty of love in my heart to give, so I think it's okay if Horse and Pic share me!!! LOL Can't wait for the next book and am hoping Painter's story will soon follow after it. View all 47 comments. Picnic's book I've been waiting for him since the first book, and man oh man He is hands down, the star of this book.

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