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KMX2FOICL5XD PDF / The Red Sari: A Dramatized Biography of Sonia Gandhi . The Red Once you begin to read the book, it is extremely difficult to leave it. - Buy The Red Sari: A Dramatised Biography of Sonia Gandhi book online at best prices in India on Read The Red Sari: A Dramatised. The Red Sari (द रेड साड़ी) in Hindi by Javier moro - Download ebook To read this book you need to Download the Dailyhunt App on your.

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I would like to say thanks to moor for writing such a strong book full of dedication and honesty regarding the BITTER truth of Sonia. Really hats. The Red Sari - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. A book on Sonia Gandhi. 'The Red Sari.' Kavita Ivy Nandan. Transnational Literature Vol. 9 no. 1, November The Red Sari .

A date that Sonia cannot forget because as of that day nothing returned to be like before. Thus it went as it knew Sonia, and it convinced it so that it proved the only place in Cambridge where one ate decently. She tried in the measurement of her possibilities, scrutinizing the faces of all those that approached their husband in the electoral meetings, trying to guess the revealing bulk of a weapon under a shirt, or the suspicious gesture of a potential assassin. It did not come from above, it seemed to emerge incessantly from between the million Indians, speaking its language and turning aside the attention towards them and to their pressing necessities. It was written by Nehru from the jail and it directed it to its daughter, who was going away to marry: Who is the guarantor of the values that allow that all the communities coexist peacefully?

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 11, Raja Subramanian rated it really liked it Shelves: Why did I even buy this book? It is true that I read any book that I can lay my hands on. I got this book primarily because I read somewhere that Youth Congress fellows burnt copies of the book in some form of protest, and I was curious.

As I started reading the book, I realized that the author has put in tremendous efforts to narrate a fascinating tale. A fascinating tale of Sonia Gandhi - a much loved and much reviled person. The dramatized storytelling keeps the reader hooked. While I have rea Why did I even buy this book? While I have read other books on Sonia Gandhi and the rest of the family , I would rate this as being among the best.

Authors of biographies tend to take one of the three paths. One, approach the character with derision bordering on pure hatred that results in a narrative that leaves a very bad taste. Two, approach the character with awe and groveling attitude, making the reading nauseating.

Pdf red sari book

Three, approach the character from a notional neutral viewpoint, making the storytelling insipid. Jaiver Moro treats the character with the right amount of respect and sensitivity, neither stooping to innuendos nor appearing to be shamelessly fawning. You can love the Gandhi family or hate it. You have to admit that the story of the family is interesting indeed. I read the book at half my reading speed and enjoyed every bit of it.

I would definitely recommend the book for reading, albeit with a warning, "reading biographies is an acquired taste". After finishing this book, I really wonder what the guys who burnt copies in protest were protesting against! Will someone educate me on that? Now don't come back with the conspiracy theory that the protest was orchestrated to increase sales of the book!

Sep 20, Felicity Gibson rated it it was amazing. Gandhi is suing the author, Javier Moro, for defamation in writing this book; it is banned in India. I happen to work in India and it is of particular interest to me. I admit the story and the details are fiction, however the core element of the book is real.

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Sonia Maino was a simple Italian teenager when she went to Cambridge to study English. There she met Rajiv Gandhi. She married Rajiv, came to India and lived in the extended family of Indira Gandhi Prime Minister and had two children. I thought this was an impressive book, a story of destiny and how Sonia Gandhi and her husband changed India.

I enjoyed the glimpse into the world of the Gandhi family and the history lessons of India. I particularly read with great interest the references to Mr Modi, who is the present Prime Minister. I would recommend this book to readers of historical fiction as it is very well researched and cited. I award this book 5 stars. As i finished this book, I wondered The title claims this to be a dramatised biography of Sonia Gandhi More on that later.

The book starts well. Rajiv Gandhi's assassination opens the first few pages, and we are soon drawn into the life of the Gandhis. She captivates the imagination like no other, having led India through some of its most turbulent years. A lot of anecdotes in this section make it an interesting read. Sample this: Nehru that President Lyndon B. Johnson had asked him how Indira would like to be addressed "Let him call me whatever he wants If he likes, he can do that too" Or this: Here again, there are a lot of subtle, yet very engaging excerpts.

On a personal front too, the author manages to give us a detailed insight on the rise of Sanjay Gandhi and India's weakness for her much maligned son. Her closeness to Sonia, and her apprehensions about Menaka Sanjay's wife , are dramatised well. At this point I could picture this as a well written Indian political soap, impossible to make now, but perhaps someday.

And then it happens. Somewhere around the Eemergency, the author takes a marked turn From then on, anyone named Gandhi is a saint and the rest are the vultures waiting to tear India to shreds.

From Menaka described as loud, scheming and viscous to Morarji Desai Orthodox conservative urine-drinking Hindu , no one is spared. Its about here that Sonia beings to acquire a sort of divine grace, and the whole family is shown to be the best thing that ever happened, and could happen to India.

The author manages to sugar coat Indira's worst years Emergency, Operation Blue Star and the subsequent riots of are quickly swept under the carpet. At this point, the book begins to sound like one long eulogy to the sacrifices of the Gandhi family, their trials and tribulations and their "sense of duty" to protect the country from "Hindu extremists like the RSS and the BJP".

The author reserves nearly all of his venom for the Hindus, and soon goes from labelling RSS as extremist Hindus to all Hindus as extremists and vile.

Book pdf sari red

The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, finds a place of prominence as "her bitterest rival". In ?? Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat then! The riots are described in detail, and a wholly one-sided version.

At multiple instances, the author openly suggests that Sonia Gandhi, who by now has acquired a halo and two wings, is the ONLY person who can save India from "those Hindus". By the way, Rahul Gandhi also finds mention here, as the son who always wanted his mom to stay away from politics, and this: The last one hundred pages of the book are pure sycophancy, and unbearable really. There are books that are fiction.

The Red Sari ( द रेड साड़ी )

There are books that are fact. And then, there are books like this that are a mixture of both.

Pdf book red sari

The issue is that it is difficult to know if this is fact with a dose of fiction, or fiction with a dose of fact.

The former is acceptable. The latter is dangerous. When a lot of fiction and opinion is peppered with actual facts and life incidents, there lies the problem of taking whats presented as fact in totality.

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As would happen to many reading this book. The Red Sari could have brought out the turbulent legacy of the Gandhis, complete with their grossest mistakes. If you're not Indian and are interested in India's recent history post-independence and politics, then this book is a good introduction and a less boring way to do it than a history book would be.

However, it is incredibly long and I felt uncomfortable with the many feelings given to the protagonists Sonia Gandhi in particular as well as the family scenes since they have mostly been purely imagined by the writer. The storyline is a lot based on these emotions, so in the end, it feels rather If you're not Indian and are interested in India's recent history post-independence and politics, then this book is a good introduction and a less boring way to do it than a history book would be.

The storyline is a lot based on these emotions, so in the end, it feels rather artificial and a little too much pathos. Worth a read if you're aware of and ready to go through those narrative excentricities. View 2 comments. Sep 05, Trishna Damodar rated it really liked it. A compelling read. Gives you an insight into the thoughts, emotions of the greats.

A thought provoking read.. Rajiv was called Gandhi, he has been prime minister, and it was to point to return to be it, according to the surveys, if its electoral campaign had not been truncated of so tragic way.

It was forty and six years old. Today, the capital of India is had to dismiss the rest of this illustrious son the mother country. He is palacete colonial, white, surrounded by a park with great tamarinds and flamboyanes, whose red flowers emphasize on a yellowish turf of as much heat. Originally designed to lodge to the British Commander-in-chief of a branch of the armed forces, later of independence it happened to be the residence of the maximum agent chief executive of the new India nation.

Nehru settled there, next to his Indira daughter and her grandsons. To the gardeners, cooks and other members of the service who today, next to thousands of compatriots, come to render tribute to the assassinated leader, cost to them to think that the mortal rest that they lie in. You've reached the end of this preview. Share this link with a friend: Other Related Materials 91 pages. Because I have desacralised Sonia, and spoken of her as a human being.

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There is a culture of sycophancy within the Congress party, and people are jostling to score points. There is no defamation in the book. To pick that line is to create a case out of nothing. The image of my book being burnt by the Youth Congress in European media resembles fascism. What drew you to the fictionalised biography format?

That word has been used by Singhvi — I never said it was a fictionalised biography. In no edition has it been written that it is a fictionalised biography, because it is not just the story of Sonia. It starts with Motilal Nehru. When did you realise the English version was in trouble?


The Congress says they sent you a notice in November Yes, that was the first one. We have been talking for six months, and I even accepted a disclaimer.