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PORTABLEMBA inFINANCE AND ACCOUNTING The Portable MBA Series The Portable MBA, Third Edition, Robert Bruner, Mark. The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting [Theodore Grossman, John Leslie Livingstone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Now in its second edition, this business bestseller offers a concise, yet comprehensive crash course in accounting and.

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The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, Third Edition, John Leslie. Livingstone and Theodore Grossman. The Portable MBA in Investment, Peter L. The most comprehensive and authoritative review of B-School fundamentals— from top accounting and finance professors. For years, the. has also been referenced by the PCI Council in their Data Security Standard Wireless Katalov Hacking For Dummies, 3r.

Allan Cohen. The most comprehensive and authoritative review of B-School fundamentals from top accounting and finance professors For years, the Portable MBA series has tracked the core curricula of leading business schools to teach you the fundamentals you need to know about business-without the extreme costs of earning an MBA degree. NY Theodore Grossman John Leslie Livingstone. Third Edition. Take your company public.

NY New York. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering professional services. These are some of the key topics explained in this book. Measure productivity. Evaluate a merger or acquisition target. Decide whether your business should be a limited partnership. Value a business. Put together a business plan. Legitimately minimize income taxes payable by you or your business. It is a book designed to help you learn the basics in finance and accounting.

Predict future bankruptcy for an enterprise. Understand and use financial derivatives. Figure out return on investment. Compute the cost of capital. Differentiate between regular income and extraordinary items. Analyze business profitability. Serve as a director of a corporation. Use information technology for competitive advantage. Measure liquidity of a business.

Prepare a budget. Take your company public. Do a break-even analysis.

Portable pdf and accounting the finance mba in

Preface Do you know how to accomplish these important business tasks? Build a successful e-business. Manage foreign currency exposure. The following new chapters have been added: Using Financial Statements Chapter 3: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Chapter 5: Information Technology and You Chapter 6: Forecasts and Budgets Chapter 9: The Business Plan Chapter Planning Capital Expenditure Chapter Profitable Growth by Acquisition Chapter Business Valuation Also.

Accounting finance and pdf mba in portable the

Most of these professors are on the faculty of Babson College. We are delighted that so many readers in various countries have found this book useful. Each chapter of the book has been written by an outstanding expert in the subject matter of that particular chapter. The book consists of valuable. News and World Report. Who can benefit from this book? Many different people. Both editions. This book can be read.

Some of these experts are full-time practitioners in the real world. You will know what questions to ask. In addition.

The.portable .Finance.and.Accounting,. 3rd.edition

Whether you are in one. This book emphasizes clarity to nonfinancial readers. Aaron and Melissa Grossman. We would like to thank the chapter authors that make up this book for their clear and informative explanations of the powerful concepts and tools of finance and accounting. In this world of technology and the Internet.

The portable MBA in finance and accounting - PDF Free Download

Our deepest appreciation goes to our wives. They provide the daily inspiration to perform our work and to have undertaken this project. Trudy Livingstone and Ruth Grossman. Acknowledgments A book like this results only from the contributions of many talented people. Activity-Based Costing William C. Lawler 5.

And accounting pdf portable mba in finance the

Forecasts and Budgets Robert Halsey 7. Mulford 3. Information Technology and You Edward G. Analyzing Business Earnings Eugene E. Cale Jr.

Lawler 4.

The portable MBA in finance and accounting

Comiskey and Charles W. Measuring Productivity Michael F. Profitable Growth by Acquisition Richard T. Mandel 9. Taxes and Business Decisions Richard P.

Mulford Going Public Stephen M. Information Technology and the Firm Theodore Grossman Global Finance Eugene E. Honig The Board of Directors Charles A. The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting covers all the core methods and techniques you would learn in business school, using real-life examples to deliver clear, practical guidance on finance and accounting.

The new edition also includes free downloadable spreadsheets and web resources. This reliable, information-packed resource shows you how to understand the numbers, plan and forecast for the future, and make key strategic decisions.

Plus, this new edition covers the effects of Sarbanes-Oxley, applying ethical accounting standards, and offers career advice. Author Bios Theodore Grossman is a senior faculty member in information technology and accounting at Babson College. He founded and was president and chairman of TRG, a software company serving the retail industry, and serves as an expert witness on technology and accounting issues in complex court cases.

Free Access. Summary PDF Request permissions. Part I: Part II: Part III: Part IV: Part V: Part VI: Tools Get online access For authors. Email or Customer ID.