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NITI Aayog will seek to provide a critical directional and strategic input into the development process. In accordance with a key announcement made by Prime. The National Institution for Transformation of India (NITI Aayog) has been created to You can also download it as PDF and save it for last minute revision. PDF | The architecture, engineering and management aspects of the new institution, NITI Aayog, will have to be crafted carefully, if it is to serve.

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Each area vertical in NITI Aayog had in depth consultations with all three groups of Accessed May NITI Aayog's entire gamut of activities is divided into two main hubs - Team NITI Aayog Vice Chairman, Dr. Arvind Panagariya serves as the. The NITI Aayog (Hindi for Policy Commission), also National Institution for Transforming India, . CS1 maint: Archived copy as title (link); ^ "Gazette of India: Re-constitution of NITI Aayog dated June 7, " (PDF). ^ "Niti Aayog vice- chairman.

Transforming India ' ". Not Now Yes, I'm Interested. The first is the contradiction bet ween NITI Aayog the planning framework and the role of the market. The consequence of the any relevance for the market economy. To provide advice and encourage partnerships between key stakeholders and national and international like-minded Think Tanks.

Hozefa Kherawala. Vignesh Vaidyanathan. Satendra Jindal. Shivam Singh.

Functions of NITI Aayog, its Governing Council Composition and more – Read Now!

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Aayog pdf niti

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Aayog pdf niti

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NITI Aayog releases Strategy for New India @ 75

IJAR Journal. Jannah ZaHirah. Sagar Malhotra. The examples include the union and states in terms of union, healthcare, urban development and 2 NITI Aayog: Role and Remit state and concurrent subjects. However, poverty alleviation. In these cases, the The cabinet resolution lists 13 different there is considerable overlap in the func- state governments are the partners in tasks to it which may be grouped under tions requiring coordination between the achieving a common goal.

Third, In the four major heads, namely: Carrying out stable and sustain- may be involved in implementation as structured support to states on a contin- able developmental agenda requires agencies due to their proximity to the uous basis; ii formulation of a strategic fostering the spirit of cooperation and people.

In addition, NITI can facilitate vision and long-term policies and pro- cementing the federal structure.

First, there is considerable overlap and regulation. The story of higher education in India has seen many challenges over the decades and has not been without its share of problems, the most serious being a very high degree of inequity.


Among other functions, In , there were over schemes people to productively engage them in the institution should also provide a which have since been consolidated into economic activities over a long-term platform for experience sharing among 66, but a close examination shows that horizon are important. These should be the states. The disastrous conseque- matching fund requirements distort pri- um-term planning could be continued, nces of lack of coordination between the orities of the states, conditionalities in but in a different manner.

It could be in- infrastructure, including environmental, availing the grants make them restric- dicative planning to provide satisfactory ministries on economic growth were tive and the final distribution of trans- levels of social and physical infrastruc- clearly evident in the last years of the fers is very different from the original ture for meeting the growing needs of previous government.

NITI Aayog

Finally, when the schemes are the economy, with the roles of public discontinued, they leave large commit- and private sectors clearly defined. Grass-roots planning entails building up The cabinet resolution lays down only There is certainly a case for having of the plan right from the village level the broad framework for the Aayog.

The specific purpose transfers for ensuring based on the resource envelop, with effectiveness of the NITI Aayog in trans- minimum standards of services which each higher level aggregating the plans forming India will depend upon the clar- are considered to be of national impor- and adding the investment require- ity in the functions assigned, the status tance. Given the collaborative nature of ments for the category.

Pdf niti aayog

In other words, and power given and the quality of the such schemes, they should be designed the planning should be built right from people who will steer the institution. In and implemented in the spirit of cooper- the village, block and district levels and fact, the first Aayog will have a tremen- ative federalism.

The schemes should be these should be harmonised with plan- dous responsibility of carving out a holistic with scope for flexibility in im- ning at the state level. Similarly, nation- niche for itself, setting the pace and plementation depending on the varying al planning should be the consolidation steering the transformation.

They ning infrastructure and service require- pend on how it charts out a course for it- should have considerable scope for flexi- ments for the country as a whole worked self. Despite the claims of a marked de- bility in implementation. The new insti- out at the union level. NITI can provide a parture from the past, the institution has tution could provide a platform for de- framework for preparing the plans to to function in the prevailing milieu and signing the schemes, implementation the states and the latter, in turn, to the deal with the burden of legacy.

Over stakeholders from within the government — central, state and district levels — and about external experts were consulted during the preparation of the document. The overarching focus of the Strategy document is to further improve the policy environment in which private investors and other stakeholders can contribute their fullest towards achieving the goals set out for New India and propel India towards a USD 5 trillion economy by The forty-one chapters in the document have been disaggregated under four sections: Drivers , Infrastructure , Inclusion and Governance.

Some of the key recommendations in the section on drivers include: Some of the key recommendations in the section on infrastructure include: The three themes in this section revolve around the dimensions of health, education and mainstreaming of traditionally marginalized sections of the population. Some of the key recommendations in the section on inclusion include: The final section on Governance delves deep into how the governance structures can be streamlined and processes optimized to achieve better developmental outcomes.

Pdf niti aayog

Some of the key recommendations in the section on governance include: The full document can be accessed here: X Close.