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This class is a broad introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) o AI is a very broad field with many subareas. • We will cover many of the primary concepts/ideas. Artificial Intelligence. Course: CS Instructor: Dr. Pallab Dasgupta. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology. artificial intelligence lecture - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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The roots of this book can be traced back to a conversation I had with Gerhard. Strube at the German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (GWAI) in September. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. LECTURE NOTES. (Subject Code: BCS) for. Bachelor of Technology in. Computer Science and Engineering. &. Information. Series Editors: R. Goebel, Y. Tanaka, W. Wahlster. LNAI was established in the mids as a topical subseries of LNCS focusing on artificial intelligence.

Discuss the tic-tac-toe problem in detail and explain how it can be solved using AI techniques? Introduction to artificial intelligence: Leave A Reply. With neat diagram, explain the justification based truth maintenance system? Logic concepts:

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