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Items 1 - 8 of 8 This beautiful, full color sourcebook lavishly details the capital city of the central nation in the Blue Rose RPG, providing players and Narrators. Watermarked PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (6 ratings). A decade ago Blue Rose shook up the RPG scene with its vision of romantic. Blue Rose RPG of Romantic Fantasy () - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online. blue nose.

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Blue Rose is a roleplaying game of romantic fantasy, where you and your friends take on the roles . Some heroes in Blue Rose have special mystical abilities. Blue Rose, Fantasy AGE, the Adventure Game. Engine, Green Ronin, and their Blue Roseon Kickstarter and helped make this book a reality. FIRST EDITION Dragon Age RPG, also by Green Ronin Publishing. It was later published in a. A decade ago Blue Rose shook up the RPG scene with its vision of romantic fantasy and inclusive gaming. Now the world of Aldea returns in a new edition using the Adventure Game Engine (AGE), the popular rules that power the Fantasy AGE and Dragon Age RPGs. Aided by the rhydan.

RPGPundit 25 June at I've been making you dance like a little monkey, knowing that you are literally mentally unable to stop if you don't get the last word and thus feel you've "beaten" me. The sovereign of the nation is likewise not determined by birth or conquest but selected by the Golden Hart. Blue Rose: The major lands and cultures of mere appearance are unimportant for most modern people in Aldea described in Blue Rose include the following.

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Gift Certificates. Create Content for your Favorite Games. Privacy Policy. When your character is taking everyday actions that do not have a significant chance of failure. You can then use these points to pull off various In most cases. It is used to generate stunt points more foes. The Narrator tells the players that the test will when the dice come out. Salima has the To resolve actions you must roll an ability test.

You can never gain the noncombat threats. Bellian does not have the focus. If For example: One may live for the thrill of Aldin spy Salima is trying to vault over a low wall while combat. Each type of encounter has different challenges and rewards.

There are two acter directly. That would make number picked by the Narrator. Despite the darkness. Other situations may difficulty. At the sound. You tell the Narrator what you are trying to do. The highest Basic Test Difficulty test result is the winner. The Narrator should take all relevant factors into require pitting one ability against a completely different account.

The following table provides benchmarks for example. You make an ability test and figure out your test result. When your character is competing with another char- mine the outcome of the attempted action.

See Combat Encounters and Non-Combat holds but it is dark. This same process can be used when more than two characters are competing. In such cases. In this type of test. Making a Basic Test 1. If your test result is equal to or greater than the whoever has the higher ability wins.

The wall has many hand- things do not. As a general rule.

Blue Rose RPG of Romantic Fantasy (2017)

Gameplay Basics special maneuvers. The Narrator determines the ability to be used and the applicable focus if any. This is the most common sort of test. You and your opponent both make ability tests and number to the task based on its difficulty and the figure out the test results. The Narrator decides this is a Strength test and for actions generate stunt points.

The Narrator may then assign bonuses or penalties 1. Compare the test results. Now the spy may be in trouble. In a basic test. The Narrator determines the ability and applicable are rolling against a fixed target number abbreviated TN focus if any to be used by you and your opponent. You might be able to do more damage in combat. The Narrator determines sense in an arm wrestling bout.

When guards search your turn again. When it comes around to gear is very well hidden indeed. Note that if you failed the test. Guards will be test to avoid falling. The higher the number. This is one of the uses of the Drama Die. Sliding a Your Narrator will tell you when the result of your dagger up your sleeve without anyone seeing would be a Drama Die is important. A 1 on your Drama Die means you barely pulled it off. If you are level 6 or tionship to how difficult the test was in the first place.

If pushed to the edge of ered. This higher. Outcome is simply the With the added difficulty. Or if someone uses mind-altering searching for clues so the Narrator wants to know arcana on you. That means the considered to take no time. Example While you most commonly take tests when you initiate an action. Check the dice on your ability test and For some tests. Most of the time. So you decides when an action is appropriate to gain the Convic- can spend a point of Conviction to dodge and another to tion point.

Someone with a Greedy Fate might have the opportunity to further Reroll their Calling and regain Conviction through theft. Gaining Conviction Redemption Player characters have Conviction based on their level. Non-player characters NPCs and creatures do not have or use Conviction. Regaining Conviction Using Conviction Heroes regain expended Conviction by doing something in accordance with their Destiny or Fate that furthers Unless otherwise noted.

The Narrator chooses when to do this. A successful test has an Outcome Spending a Conviction point can give you an additional of at least 0 where the test result is equal to the TN. Use the second roll to determine if a coming a difficult challenge or solving a complex puzzle test generates any stunt points.

Spending a Conviction Spending a Conviction point automatically stabilizes a point can make the difference between success and failure. This gener. You may only spend one Conviction up to their starting amount based on level. You cannot The Narrator can also award characters Conviction for spend a Conviction point to reroll die rolls made by the a particularly impressive success or achievement in the Narrator or other players. The stabilized character can recover Health normally. Your Narrator will tell you when the Outcome of a test Recover is important and ask you what it is.

Using this extra different amounts of Outcome may influence the overall action does not change your place in the initiative order. If the character steals to further their Goal. You can spend Note that heroes can follow either their Destiny or Fate Conviction for any of the following effects. Over- for your character. In Blue Survive Rose that something is Conviction. When is a free action. The Narrator point per round for any given benefit.

Gameplay Basics difference in value between the test result the total of the Surge numbers rolled on the dice plus your ability and focus and the target number.

The same may be true for the guid- Dodge ance. Once it begins. This is the order characters will trate and Reload. If again—the order remains set for the duration of the you tell the Narrator you want to climb a ridge to get a view encounter. Once everyone has taken a turn. Major NPCs act individually. Repeat step 5 until each character has taken a turn. The Narrator says.

On a turn. Putting the test results in order. Concentrate is used to wield the power take their turns in each round of the current combat. Once the actions are resolved. When the encounter is finished. If new characters join the encounter. Initiative does not need to be rolled tant to track things to the minute in most circumstances.

The players each roll for initia- When things get tense and it starts to matter who does tive and the Narrator rolls once for the cultists as a what and in which order.

The Narrator may require you to roll an ability 3. A typical game will have sections declares that action time is over. On your turn you can take a major used. Narrative Time 7. Narrator says. Anything that would writes down the initiative list: Brigitte Salima This is a is limited.

The character at the top of the initiative list takes Some actions take a negligible amount of time. You are not limited to these actions. Gameplay Basics Time-Keeping minor actions. The spy Salima. Brigitte takes her turn first. Once each character has taken a turn. The Narrator compares the test results of all the test depending on what you are trying to do. The Narrator rolls A list of the most common major and minor actions initiative for each major NPC and each group of follows. During each round.

If you want to minor NPCs. When the resumes. Narrative time now of narrative time interspersed with action time. Continue steps For much of play. You can talk while taking your actions. They are a turn. You can 1. Concen- into an initiative list. Action time is most commonly used to handle list.

Then a While narrative time is loose. Die wins. Dexterity Initiative ability test. The rules note when some- take a major action and a minor action. It is divided into two types: Each player makes an initiative roll.

The next character on the initiative list takes a turn. A Narrator might say. If your next action is a melee attack or ranged attack. Defend You focus on defending yourself this round. Until the Maintain beginning of your next turn. If you hit. Rhy-bonded characters can always You take the measure of your opponent and plan your aid each other if in the same scene.

Arcana for examples. If you You move up to half your Speed rounded down in yards choose this minor action. Declare an adjacent enemy combatant when you take this action. This is a key difference between the Guard Up and Defend actions. You pick one major action that you prepare to execute and Melee Attack then end your turn.

Your ally must This action allows you to start using certain abilities or be within a number of yards equal to your Communica. An enemy within 2 yards of you is considered adjacent. Until the beginning You can move up to double your Speed in yards.

A character cannot benefit from another Heal action until additional damage Prepare is taken. Heal You provide some quick first aid to an injured ally. Charge Guard Up only lasts until the end of the round. You of your next turn.

You stand ready to pursue an enemy if they should fall Run back or flee your blows. Any time until your next turn. If you wish. You fire or throw a missile weapon at one visible enemy Press the Attack within range. If you are prone. You Move must be adjacent to your ally and you must have bandages You can move up to your Speed in yards. This is a TN 11 Intelligence Healing test. You can also go ready.

Concen- example. You are free to forego some or all of against you. In that case. Until Reload the beginning of your next turn. You You focus your mind and spirit to use an arcanum see could thus put away your bow and a draw a sword. This may be a major action. As part of this action. You lower your weight and prepare to resist any and all efforts to move you from the place where you stand.

Concentrate wise ready an item that is stowed. Ready Variable Actions You can unsheathe a weapon. When you make your move. This test can only be only use this minor action on an enemy you have already attempted after your opponent spends the relevant stunt successfully struck in melee combat this turn whether points. Some other abilities Stand Firm may also require a minor action devoted to concentrating enough to maintain their effects.

You start by picking a target. Salima charging. She defends herself for 2 rounds. Her test result for the attack roll is thus 15 will die at the start of her turn 4 rounds from now. Brigitte is using a longsword. The roll is a 9. For thing else in Blue Rose. Note that if your opponent is well There are two basic types of attack: Your attack roll is a basic ability test. Both are handled the same way. This is modified As characters lose Health. Like every- weapon in the Weapons section in Chapter 2.

You inflict this amount of Health damage on your opponent. To make a melee Example attack. Making Attacks 3. The result of steps 1 and 2 is your damage total.

To sword. Note that Health never goes below 0 there is no nega- Example tive Health.

Blue Rose Is a Neat Setting With a Boring System – Mythcreants

Since her Constitution is 2. Player by a focus. See the Weapons section Strength of 3. Dying characters can talk but 3. The procedure for calculating damage follows: If your test result is equal to or greater than your However. This is an ability test based on the weapons group of the weapon you are using Killing Characters to attack with Fighting for Heavy Blades.

You can find the damage for each Combat is the major feature of action time. Most NPCs simply die when their Health reaches 0. Arrows hiss through the air. You make an attack roll. Armor is impor- glory. The warrior Brigitte has just hit a cultist with a long- Adjacent means within 2 yards of your target.

Novice adventurers Your damage roll determines if you struck a telling blow sometimes seek out such trials in the quest for honor and or one that was glancing and ineffectual. They will die bonuses such as aiming.

Few are ready for the overpowering din of damage. She sees a cultist 3 Example yards away and uses the Charge action to close the distance and make an attack.

Combat is more than just two warriors taking turns nents instead of killing them. If you win. Your attack sets you up for defense. You create an opening an ally can exploit. You receive a number of A dying or unconscious character can be killed by a coup stunt points SP equal to the value shown on the Drama de grace.

You must make an opposed test of your Communication Deception vs. Your attack changes the tempo of the battle. You knock your enemy prone. You strike a threatening pose. You and your opponent must make an opposed attack roll. If you make a successful attack roll and get doubles on any of the Delivering a Coup de Grace dice.

You can move yourself or the target of your attack 2 yards in any direction for each 1 SP you spend. Your attack is so strong it affects two targets. You must have a loaded missile weapon to make a ranged attack. You can make a second attack against the same enemy or a different one within range and sight.

This means you may get to take another turn before some of the combatants get to act again. Any adjacent enemy can perform a coup de Die and must use them right away to perform stunts. This bonus can never stack with any other test bonus other than that from a focus. You inflict an extra 2d6 damage on your attack. A good fight should be would otherwise slay a target.

Rpg pdf rose blue

If you win the test. Defense If you roll doubles on this second attack roll. Pick an ally. Apply the test result of your original attack roll to the secondary target in other words. On their next turn. You can immediately reload a missile weapon. You attempt to disarm the target with your melee attack.

A ranged attack can be used to deliver a coup de but as characters gain levels they may get access to new grace if the attacker makes a successful attack roll vs. The to incapacitate instead. This leaves the target uncon. These details can be found in each class description. This target must be adjacent to you if you are using a melee weapon or within 6 yards of your primary target if you are using a missile weapon. If you succeed. You must make an opposed test of your Strength Intimidate vs.

The incapacitated character regains game adds stunts to mix things up and make fighting a consciousness in 2d6 minutes unless circumstances little more unpredictable.

You inflict an extra 1d6 damage on your attack. Make a TN 11 Perception test with the focus of your choice. You insult or distract one opponent of your choice within 10 yards of you. The combat stunt system is simple. When a blow is struck that whacking each other with swords. You remain at the top of the order until someone else seizes the initiative.

If you hit the secondary target. This decision must be made before the dice are rolled. You move to the top of the initiative order.


She spends 1 stunt Some combatants have the ability to fly. A character could not. The Narrator controls the actions of the mount can perform the stunts in any order you choose.

She rolls handles fliers with the use of special actions available another successful hit and gets doubles again. Those that do take their attacks number of yards equal to double their Flying Speed and on your turn in a round.

A character with Speed 6 Flying Then Brigitte spends a second stunt rules are included here for your reference. If you fail. She does only to them. You prone.

Brigitte decides to perform three stunts. Flying characters cannot take the Charge. When flying. Her attack roll is a 16 If Knock Prone is used against a passenger of a vehicle.

If you do so. The exception is the Knock Prone combat Combatants can ride horses and other mounts. They take actions as normal but the Narrator should bear their situation in mind. If only exception to this rule is the Skirmish stunt. Dive and then Circle. A character that was circling or flying high the previous When engaging in melee combat. The someone on foot. These are mostly point to use Skirmish on the target of her attack. Gameplay Basics You can only perform a given stunt once in a round.

Only one of these four actions can be and pushing forward to rescue her comrade. Since she is still adjacent to her original target. In order to break through the patrol.

The Narrator may rule can move a number of yards equal to their Flying Speed this does not apply vs. Brigitte is trying to fight her way through the patrol These rules also apply when driving a vehicle like a cart to rescue Salima before she dies. If used. Since she also rolled doubles. A Major Actions Move action normally lets you move your Speed in yards. Once you are mounted. He also takes normal damage them fly and certain rhydan are capable of flight.

You can skip point to use Skirmish on herself to step into the spot this section when you are just learning to play unless you recently vacated by her opponent. Blue Rose nent: At the end of the Opponents can use the Knock Prone combat stunt to try dive. She attacks a soldier or wagon. A character that was circling attack rolls vs.

This is more difficult than overbearing as if they had taken the Fly action. Passengers do not have to use Move and Run actions. Accounting stunt. In either case.

You can mount an animal as part of a Move action. Prone characters cannot fly until they take a acter must start their turn circling to Fly High. On its third turn. If your group is going to use battle maps. Some gamers. A Kernish spy sees the raven and fires The flying character circles above the battlefield at a low off a quick shot. The height of objects can be written next to them. These days there are several pre- painted lines. This makes it 40 yards.

A character can choose to land after While flying high. Actions are described. Wet-erase markers come in different colors. If all else fails. A character circling another 20 yards is added to that to determine must start their turn flying to circle. A table with built-out terrain is a beautiful thing. A circling character can zontal distance to the raven is 20 yards.

Ranged attacks from the ground add 20 yards to continues to move away. The character is roughly 3 yards off the ground of range. The character moves a distance equal to their Flying The spy curses as the raven streaks skyward and out Speed. There are also some cheaper options than miniatures. Move action to stand up first. The most popular miniatures are sized at 28mm and are made of either pewter or plastic.

Fly High and can be attacked in melee by opponents on the ground. And miniatures—particularly painted ones—look great and add a nice visual element to the game. You have many choices here. A cheaper option is again provided by PDF products.

A char. A short bow with a range of 32 yards can shoot up to 16 squares or hexes on a battle map. So a character with Speed 9 would move 4 squares or hexes on a battle map with a Move action. No penalties apply. If you do use dice. Using miniatures and battle maps in Blue Rose is easy. Round down if needed. These can be drawn on with wet-erase markers. The scout thus incurs a —2 penalty and misses again. The hori- represent the height of the flier.

The raven takes to the air on its turn with the Fly action. Some companies make pre-printed maps of common locations like inns. The scout takes another the horizontal distance from the shooter to the target to shot. There are also some computer programs that let you design your own maps and then print them. Steven J January 16, 5: I have it already maybe I can answer some content questions for you guys and gals? Jesse B January 16, 9: Steven J January 16, Jesse, I totally get that.

I would suggest you message the DTRPG team contact us button at the bottom of the page since I'm pretty sure they are the ones that load in the previews, and this one is lacking.

If you do think if anything I could maybe answer just ask: Eugene S January 17, 5: I agree. I just bought Dungeonesque and it sucked. I went on what was shown on the Kickstarter only. I should have read the reviews on Drivethru first. Daniel R January 16, 5: Everyone else has seemed to all ready say what I was wanted to say. I would like to see more of what is being offered before I put down that much cash. Steven J January 16, 6: I have it already maybe I can answer some content questions for you?

Daniel R January 17, 5: I appreciate the time you have taken to address my questions. Please elaborate on the changes to the setting as well as your opinions of these changes. Is it worth getting at this time and at this price? Again, thank you. Steven J January 18, 2: You are very welcome! I hope this helps. The Core System is still pretty much the same, 3d6 stunt points etc. The changes, there are new Races, especially the Rhydan, for those that knew the True20 Edition there are a lot more options for Rhydan and guidelines for making your own breeds.

Known as Arcana in Blue Rose, it does not use magic points and is not broken into the 3 tier levels. The new Arcana system is more in line with the True 20 edition then it is to Fantasy Age. The timeline has moved forward, beyond the Shadow Barrens is Wyss, and thanks to some shadow gates there are some distant lands that are now accessible. There has been a big shake up in Kern with the death of the Jarek. More details about the new areas can been seen here. Jesse B January 16, Can you please provide more than the credits page?

Wayne R January 16, The "Preview" is nothing but a nicely illustrated credit page, which provides no information about the game itself. If the publishers are reluctant to give me any idea of what the product contains other than their generic sales pitch , then I wonder: Wayne R January 18, Thanks, but no thanks. There are dozens of systems and hundreds of games competing for my gaming money and time.

Blue Rose Is a Neat Setting With a Boring System

When the first impression a publisher creates is that they are trying to sneak something by, I'm not disposed to give them a second look. I don't know. Maybe they just didn't have a preview ready or uploaded the wrong file. I once set up a preview and only discovered a couple days later that you get my entire PDF via the preview. I think Green Ronin has been around long enough and provided over a decade of quality product to get my benefit of the doubt.

No one is "trying to sneak something by". Jonathan M January 18, 5: I actually felt the same way about the Fullsize Preview and so I sent a message to DrivethruRPG about about the comments about the same issue. I just noticed they have updated the Fullsize Preview to not just be the table of contents. Too Long; Didn't Read: Thye updated the Fullsize Preview page.

Rpg pdf rose blue

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