Bluejacking documentation pdf

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Abstract—The mobile phone technology has developed tremendously in the past forty years since its invention in owing to its unique. documentation Bluejacking allows phone users to send business cards In order tocarry out a bluejacking, the sending and receiving. Abstract - This research paper is about the technology used for sending unsolicited messages over. Bluetooth to Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as.

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Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to .. manual procedure of performing Bluejacking attack can be bypassed. BLUEJACKING 1. INTRODUCTION Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, . I have made this report file on the topic Bluejacking; I have tried my best to elucidate all Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to.

Ajack then posted the story on a mobile Web site and other people started trying it out. Figure 1: So an obvious countermeasure is software that takes all these applications and shields your phone. What is Bluetooth? Advertising on mobile devices has large potential due to the very personal and intimate nature of the devices and high targeting possibilities.

Then scroll down to send.

Pdf bluejacking documentation

Then choose "Via Bluetooth" Then the phone will be searching for enabled Devices. Go to contacts in your Address Book program e. Outlook 2. Create a new contact 3. Enter the message into one of the 'name' fields 4.

Save the new contact 5.

Documentation pdf bluejacking

Go to the address book 6. Go to action 8. Go to Send to Bluetooth 9. Click on other Software tools The procedure for bluejacking as stated or explained earlier are very long and confusing. To avoid this we have developed some software to do bluejacking in an easier way.


So by downloading that software on your personal computer or on your Bluetooth configured mobile phone you can do it directly by just searching the enabled Bluetooth device and send unsolicited messages to them. There are many software tools available in the market and there name is according to their use. Some of them are as follows: By default a small text will be send. BlueSpam also supports backfire, if you put your palm into discoverable and connectable mode, BlueSpam will intercept all connection attempts by other Bluetooth devices and starts sending a message back to the sender.

Meeting point Meeting point is the perfect tools to search for Bluetooth devices. Combine it with any bluejacking tools and have lots of fun. This software is compatible with pocket PC, palm, Windows. Easyjacking eJack Allows sending of text Messages to other Bluetooth enables devices. Proximitymail 4. The main fields where the bluejacking is used are as follows: Dixons The main use of bluejacking tools or bluejacking is in advertising purpose and location based purpose.


Advertising on mobile devices has large potential due to the very personal and intimate nature of the devices and high targeting possibilities. We present a thorough quantitative evaluation of the system in a laboratory environment and qualitative user evaluation in form of a field trial in the real environment of use.

Experimental results show that the system provides a viable solution for realizing permission-based mobile advertising.

Now a day it is used in sale promotion or sale tools and in dating.

This technique is used in many fields like cinema , train station, shopping malls ,mobile phone shops etc. The basic technology behind bluejacking is similar to Bluetooth because we can do bluejacking in the mobile or PADs or computers or laptop configured with Bluetooth. Now a day new and new techniques are developing using Bluetooth. Some of the latest news is: So we conclude that in future this technology become the key for advertising and to interact with world and to get the location messages on the phone when you are somewhere out.

Bluejacks are location specific. We first wanted to determine the types of places where bluejacks took place. The data indicate that bluejacking is an activity that primarily occurs in public spaces, outside of the home.

Bluejacks frequently occurred in public transportation locales This suggests that bluejackers are targeting strangers, presumably taking advantage of anonymity, opportunities for interaction and available Bluetooth enabled devices afforded by densely populated public spaces. There are few security issue which can be minimized by taking some simple precaution like when you do not want to be blue jacked just off your Bluetooth.

Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Master controls clock and decides the time slot for the device. In a piconet , there can be up to parked nodes. Master switches to low power state and parked node wait for beacon from master. Mobile Personal computers Software tools Bluespam Searches for all discoverable Bluetooth devices and sends a. By default a small text will be send.

(PDF) Report on Bluejacking | Daud sayyed -

Don't send abusive messages Don't threaten anyone Don't put your personal information in a BlueJack message Don't reveal yourself to the 'victim' Do disable Bluetooth if you don't want to be BlueJacked. Even if your device is hidden bluesnarfing can also be. Phonebook and calendar can be obtained without. In order for information to be duplicated, the devices.

Bluejacking does not require a password to be entered and therefore the two devices are not paired. Buy an E2X bag. It blocks all transmissions and receiving signals from. Flag for inappropriate content.

Pdf bluejacking documentation

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Search inside document. Submitted by: Even if your device is hidden bluesnarfing can also be done. Provision of any small digital media to suitable media provisioning enabled devices over Bluetooth via the OBEX protocol. Form of Bluetooth attack.

Allows the user to take control of a victim's phone to call the user's phone. Earlier issue Promotes an environment that puts consumer devices at greater risk. Complete memory contents of some mobile phones can be accessed by a previously trusted paired device. Phonebook and calendar can be obtained without owners knowledge. Present Scenario primarily occurs in public spaces Security issues previously involved with bluejacking has been resolved.

In order for information to be duplicated, the devices would have to be paired. It blocks all transmissions and receiving signals from leaving the bag. Act as major sale tool learn user preferences by placing options like "more ads like this" and "less ads like this" in each advertisement. Because of its low cost and power consumption this technology has a great future ahead.

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