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Read online The book series free profile. The – Day 21 – Morgan, Kass · The – Homecoming – Morgan, Kass. Books covers: 2 3. Kass Morgan is the author of The series, which is now a television show Day The (Series). Book 2. Kass Morgan Author Phoebe Strole Narrator. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents — considered expendable by society — are being sent on a dangerous "The #2 - day 21" - by Kass Morgan.

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The Day 21 by Kass Morgan [Excerpt] - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. It's been 21 days since the hundred landed. Read Day 21 (The , #2) PDF Free. No one has set foot on Earth in centuries -- until now. It's been 21 days since the hundred landed on Earth. They're the. Download and Read Free Online The / Day 21 / Homecoming Kass Morgan The / Day 21 / Homecoming by Kass Morgan Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio.

You cant just take off like that. Shed meant it as a joke, of course, but then she frowned. The author skillfully fills the text with wonderful and precise details, including the description of everyday life. But look at this. Clarke, stay with me, Bellamy called to her from some- where very far away.

And so, the nearly one hun- dred people whod gathered to say good-bye to Asher stood in a tightly packed semicircle, their eyes darting between the corpse on the ground and the shadows in the forest. The comforting crackle of the fire was conspicuously absent. Wells wouldve gone himself, but hed been busy digging the grave. No one had vol- unteered for that job either, except for a tall, quiet Arcadian boy named Eric.

Are we sure hes really dead? Molly whispered, edging back from the deep hole, as if worried it might swallow her up as well. She was only thirteen but looked younger. At least, shed used to. Wells remembered helping her after the crash, when tears and ash had streaked her round cheeks. Now the girls face was thin, almost gaunt, and there was a cut on her forehead that didnt look like itd been properly cleaned.

Wellss eyes flashed involuntarily to Ashers neck, to the ragged wound where the arrow had pierced his throat. Itd been two days since Asher died, two days since the mysteri- ous figures materialized on the ridge, upending everything the Colonists had ever been told, everything they thought they knew. They had been sent to Earth as living test subjects, the first people to set foot on the planet in three hundred years. But they were mistaken.

Some people had never left. It had all happened so quickly. Wells hadnt realized any- thing was wrong until Asher fell to the ground, gagging as he swiped desperately at the arrow lodged in his throat. Thats when Wells spun aroundand saw them. Wells had blinked, half expecting the figures to vanish. There was no way they were real. But hallucinations didnt shoot arrows.

After his calls for help went unheeded, Wells had carried Asher to the infirmary tent, where they stored the medical supplies theyd salvaged from the fire.

But it was no use. By the time Wells began frantically digging for bandages, Asher was already gone. How could there be people on Earth? It was impossible. No one had survived the Cataclysm. That was incontrovert- ible, as deeply ingrained in Wellss mind as the fact that water froze at 0 degrees Celsius, or that planets revolved around the sun.

And yet, hed seen them with his own eyes. People who certainly hadnt come down on the dropship from the Colony. Hes dead, Wells said to Molly as he rose wearily to his feet before realizing that most of the group was staring at him.

A few weeks ago, their expressions wouldve been full of distrust, if not outright contempt. No one believed that the Chancellors son had actually been Confined. Itd been all too easy for Graham to convince them that Wells had been sent to spy for his father. But now, they were looking at him expectantly.

The Series by Kass Morgan

His interest in Earth architecture, once a source of annoyance to his pragmatic father, had enabled Wells to design the three wooden cabins that now stood in the center of the clearing. Wells glanced up at the darkening sky. Hed give anything to have the Chancellor see the cabins eventually.

Not to prove a pointafter seeing his father shot on the launch deck, Wellss resentment had drained faster than the color from the Chancellors cheeks. Now he only wished his father would someday get to call Earth home. The rest of the Colony was supposed to join them once conditions on Earth were deemed safe, but twenty-one days had passed without so much as a glimmer from the sky.

As Wells lowered his eyes back to the ground, his thoughts returned to the task at hand: A girl next to him shivered. Can we move this along? I dont want to stand out here all night. Watch your tone, another girl named Kendall snapped, her delicate lips drawn into a frown. At first, Wells had assumed she was a fellow Phoenician, but hed eventually realized that her haughty stare and clipped cadence were just an impression of the girls Wells had grown up with.

Wells turned his head from side to side, searching for Graham, the only other Phoenician aside from Wells and Clarke. He didnt generally like letting Graham take con- trol of the group, but the other boy had been friends with Asher and was better equipped than Wells to speak at his funeral.

However, his was one of the few faces missing from the crowdaside from Clarkes. Shed set off right after the fire with Bellamy to search for his sister, leaving nothing but the memory of the five toxic words shed hurled at Wells before she left: You destroy everything you touch.

A crack sounded from the woods, unleashing gasps from the crowd. Without thinking, Wells pulled Molly behind him with one arm and grabbed a shovel with the other. A moment later, Graham stepped into the clearing, flanked by two ArcadiansAzuma and Dmitriand a Walden girl named Lila. The three boys were carrying armfuls of wood, while Lila had a few branches tucked under her arm. So thats where the other axes went, a Waldenite named Antonio said, eyeing the tools slung over Azumas and Dmitris shoulders.

We couldve used those this afternoon, you know. Graham raised an eyebrow as he surveyed the newest cabin. None of the structures had win- dows, though. They were too time-consuming to cut, and without access to glass or plastic, they would be little more than gaping holes in the walls. Trust me, this is more important, Graham said, raising the pile of wood in his arms.

Molly asked. She flinched as Graham snorted.

21 the pdf day 100

No, spears. A few wooden shacks arent going to keep us safe. We need to defend ourselves. The next time those bastards show up, well be ready. His eyes settled on Asher, and an unfamiliar expression flitted across Grahams face. His customary veneer of anger and arrogance had cracked, revealing something like real grief. Do you want to join us for a minute? Wells asked, soften- ing. I thought wed say a few words for Asher.

You knew him well, so maybe youd like to It seems like you have everything under control, Graham cut him off, avoiding Ashers body as he met Wellss eyes. Carry on, Chancellor. By the time the sun had fully set, Wells and Eric were placing the final shovelfuls of dirt on the new grave while Priya wrapped flowers around the wooden marker. Each could fit about twenty comfortably, thirty if people were too tiredor too coldto complain about errant legs sprawled across their mound of charred blankets, or the odd elbow to the face.

Wells was disappointed, though not surprised, to dis- cover that Lila had once again claimed one of the cabins for Graham and his friends, leaving the younger kids shivering in the cold as they looked warily around the shadow-filled clearing.

Even with volunteer guards keeping watch, no one left outside was in for a restful night. Hey, Wells said as Graham strode past carrying one of his partially completed spears. Since you and Dmitri are taking the second guard shift, why dont you two sleep out- side? Itll be easier for me to find you when my shifts over.

Before Graham could respond, Lila sauntered up and hooked her arm through his. You promised youd stay with me tonight, remember? Im too afraid to sleep on my own, she said, affecting a breathy, high-pitched voice that was a far cry from her usually snapping tone.

Sorry, Graham said to Wells, shrugging. Wells could hear the smug grin in his voice. I hate going back on my word.

Pdf day 21 the 100

Graham tossed his spear to Wells, who caught it in one hand. Ill take a shift tomorrow night, if were not all dead by then. Graham, she chas- tised. You shouldnt talk like that! Dont worry, Ill protect you, Graham said, wrapping his arm around her. Or else Ill make sure your last night on Earth is the best of your life.

21 the 100 pdf day

Lila giggled, and Wells fought the urge to roll his eyes. Maybe you should both sleep outside, Eric said as he emerged from the shadows. That way, the rest of us might have a chance of getting some rest. Graham scoffed. Dont pretend like I didnt see Felix sneaking away from your bedroll this morning, Eric.

If theres one thing I cant stand, its a hypocrite. A hint of a rare smile flickered across Erics face. Yes, but you didnt hear us.

Come on, Lila said, dragging Graham forward. Lets go before Tamsin gives our bed away. Do you want me to take this shift with you? Eric offered, looking at Wells. Wells shook his head. Its okay. Priyas already out check- ing the perimeter. Do you think theyll be back? Eric asked, lowering his voice. Wells glanced over his shoulder, searching for any eaves- droppers in the darkness, then nodded.

It was more than a warning. It was a show of force. Whoever they are, they want us to know that they arent happy were here. Clearly theyre not, Eric said, turning to look across the clearing where Asher was buried.

With a sigh, he said good night to Wells and headed toward the clump of make- shift cots, which Felix and some of the others had clustered around the empty fire pit out of habit. Wells hoisted the spear over his shoulder and turned around to find Priya.

Hed only taken a few steps when his shoulder bumped into something, and a yelp rang out in the darkness. Are you okay? Wells asked, stretching out a steadying hand. Im fine, a girl said shakily. It was Molly. Where are you sleeping tonight? Ill help you find your bed. There was no more room in the cabins. Her voice was small. Wells was overcome with an urge to grab Graham and Lila and toss them in the stream.

Are you warm enough? I can get you a blanket. Hed steal it off Grahams body if need be. Im okay. Its pretty warm tonight, isnt it? Wells surveyed her quizzically. The temperature had dropped considerably since the sun set. He reached out and placed the back of his hand against Mollys forehead.

Her skin was warm to the touch. Are you sure youre feeling all right? Wells pressed his lips together. Theyd lost a lot of their supplies in the fire, which meant that rations had decreased significantly.

Here, he said, reaching into his pocket for the protein packet he hadnt had time to finish. Eat this. She shook her head. Im not hungry, she said weakly. After making her promise to let him know if she wasnt feeling better tomorrow, Wells set off to find Priya. Theyd saved most of the medicine, but what good would it be with- out the one person who knew how to use it? He wondered how far Clarke and Bellamy had traveled by now, and whether theyd found any sign of Octavia. A bolt of fear cut through his exhaustion as he thought about the dangers facing Clarke in the forest.

She and Bellamy had left before the attack. They had no idea that there were people out there, Earthborns who communicated through deadly arrows. He sighed as he tilted his head back toward the sky, send- ing out a silent prayer for the girl hed risked countless lives to protect. The girl whose eyes had blazed with hatred when shed told him she never wanted to see him again. The backs of Clarkes legs burned, but Bellamy showed no signs of stopping. Clarke didnt carein fact, she welcomed the pain.

Pdf 21 the day 100

The more she thought about her hamstrings, the less she thought about the ache in her chest, and the friend she hadnt been able to save. She took a deep breath. Even if shed been blindfolded, shed be able to tell that the sun had set. The air was heavy with the scent of the white blossoms that only unfurled at night, making the trees look like theyd dressed for dinner. Clarke wished she knew what sort of evolutionary advantage the strange flowers provided.

Their distinct perfume bordered on over- whelming in the spots where the trees grew close together, but Clarke preferred them to the orderly rows of apple trees she and Bellamy had seen earlier. Her neck prickled as she recalled the evenly spaced trunks, like straight-backed guards standing in formation. Bellamy was walking a few meters ahead of her. He had gone quiet, just as he did on his hunting expeditions. But this time, he wasnt tracking a rabbit or stalking a deer. He was looking for his sister.

It had been almost a whole day since theyd seen the last set of footprints, and the unspoken truth thickened the silence until Clarke could feel it pressing against her chest. Theyd lost Octavias trail. Bellamy paused at the top of the hill, and Clarke stopped next to him.

They were standing on the edge of a ridge. Just a few meters ahead, the ground sloped sharply down to a glimmer- ing body of water. The moon above was huge and bright, while a second moon trembled just below, reflected on the surface. Its beautiful, Bellamy said without looking at her, but there was an edge to his voice. Clarke placed a hand on Bellamys arm. He flinched but didnt pull away. I bet Octavia thought so too.

Should we go down and see if theres any sign. Clarke trailed off. Neither of them would say it aloud, but Octavias sud- den disappearance, the way her footprints suggested she was draggedshe had been taken. But by whom? Clarke thought of the apple trees again, and shuddered. Bellamy took a few steps forward. It looks a little less steep over here, he said, reaching out to grab her hand. Come on. They didnt speak as they made their way down the slope. When Clarke slipped on a patch of slick mud, Bellamy tight- ened his hold and helped her regain her balance.

But the moment they reached level ground, he let go and jogged toward the water, examining the bank for footprints. Clarke hung back, staring at the lake as wonder swept away the exhaustion that had settled in her limbs. The sur- face was as smooth as glass, and the reflection of the moon looked like one of the gems shed seen occasionally at the Exchange, locked up in a transparent case.

When Bellamy turned around, his expression was weary, almost defeated. We should probably rest, he said. Theres no point in wandering through the dark without a trail. Nodding, Clarke let her pack slide to the ground, then raised her arms into the air and stretched.

She was tired and sweaty, and there was a days-old layer of ash on her skin that she was desperate to wash off. When theyd first arrived on Earth, shed been diligent about puri- fying any water they used to drink or bathe, in case it was contaminated with radioactive bacteria.

But she was run- ning out of iodine drops, and after watching a fire kill her best friend while her ex-boyfriend restrained her, a little lake water seemed like the least of her problems. Clarke exhaled deeply and closed her eyes, letting her tension dissipate with her breath into the night air. She rose to her feet and turned to look at Bellamy. He stood perfectly still, staring across the lake with an intensity that made Clarke shiver.

Her first instinct was to slip away and give him his space. But then another impulse took over, and a mischievous smile slinked across her face. Without a word, she pulled her sweat-soaked shirt over her head, kicked off her boots, and stepped out of her dirt- and ash-streaked pants. She spun on her heel, wishing she could see the look on Bellamys face as he watched her step into the lake wearing nothing but her bra and underwear. The water was colder than shed realized, and her skin began to prickle, although she wasnt sure if it was from the night air or the sensation of Bellamys eyes on her.

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She waded forward, yelping as the water swirled around her shoulders. She experimented with lifting her feet out of the mud and trying to float, feeling strangely powerful and vulnerable. For a moment, she forgot that a fire had taken her best friends life. She forgot that she and Bellamy had lost Octavias trail. She forgot that her impro- vised swimming outfit was going to be see-through whenever she emerged from the water. I think the radiation mustve finally scrambled your brain.

Clarke twisted around and saw Bellamy looking at her with a combination of surprise and amusement. His familiar smirk had returned. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and ducked under the surface, popping up a second later with a laugh as water streamed down her face.

Its fine. Bellamy stepped forward. So your keen scientific mind knew instinctively that the water was safe? Clarke shook her head. She lifted a hand into the air and made a show of examining it. I could be growing flippers and gills as we speak. Bellamy nodded with mock solemnity. Well, if you grow flippers, I promise not to shun you. Oh, trust me. Im not going to be the only mutant.

Kass Morgan

Bellamy raised an eyebrow. What do you mean? Now youll grow flip- pers too.

You really shouldnt have done that. Bellamys voice was low and menacing, and for a moment, Clarke thought she mightve actually upset him. But then he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head in one swift motion. Now, one hundred teenagers are going to be send to the Earth with a very difficult and riskfulmission: This mission can become a real chance for themfor a new life or a death sentence. The author skillfully fills the text with wonderful and precise details, including the description of everyday life.

The boys and girls, who are going to put off on a long journey were never meant to be heroes, but now these guysare the last hope for all mankind. Thanks to the absence of heavy and dull descriptions, the book is read in one breath.

The resolution is surprisingly unexpected and gives us pleasant feelings. The Buch jetzt portofrei bei Weltbild.

Kass Morgan Kass Morgan. Die Band 2: Kass Morgan The - Day Age range: ENG; Pages: Contributed by: Not shared with "ePub Bookshelf": Not shared with Or, download as epub file sections Download. Day 21 kass morgan pdf - Google Docs https: Baixar ou comprar o livro quase de gra a day 21 pdf, epub, txt, fb2. The hundred series kass morgan ibookpile Great sequel fangirling young adu reader. The day 21 kass morgan pdf - Google Docs https: Read chapter 1 of apos the apos sequel apos day.

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