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Joel Fuhrman - Eat To - Read more about diet, cancer, foods, food, weight and heart. at to Live is a mind-set, a lifestyle, and the title of my New York Times #1 bestselling book, Eat to Live. When you eat to live, you seek foods, recipes, and menus. “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.. Notes from Foreword by Dr. Oz: The majority of adults are overweight and undernourished. Obesity is a more important.

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Hailed a "medical breakthrough" by Dr. Mehmet Oz, EAT TO LIVE offers a highly effective, scientifically proven way to lose weight quickly. The key to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's revolutionary six-week plan is simple: health = nutrients / calories. awesome 7 Days of Vegetarian Meal Plans. “Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live presents a compelling, scientific, practical approach. to the plethora of popular but largely ineffective diets and weight-loss. them to enjoy optimum health and appearance, this book is a must.”. EAT TO LIVE. The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss. " Finally, a diet book that looks at the science of eating in an accurate fashion.

Can onions be both raw and cooked? I find a cheap digital kitchen scale helps me a lot in figuring out how much to eat of many things, including nuts and seeds and their butters. Phase One An Page and Draza April 16, , 6: Once we get rid of the perverted toxic hunger, our central nervous system can accurately measure and give us the right signals for maintaining our ideal weight on the right amount of calories.

Also look for lists of lower gas-producers among beans. Chickpeas garbanzos , Fordhook lima beans, and black-eyed peas are very low on the gas list. Red lentils are generally considered easy to digest also. It states beans are not acidic so low chance of leeching of BPA but as always canned foods are high in salt and even low sodium is still much more than fresh. Soaking beans overnight lessens cooking time significantly.

Perfect results without needing to constantly check on progress. Also great that beans freeze well! I noticed that you listed pumpkin under the cooked starchy vegetables column and that it needs to be limited. I wanted to know if it is ok to eat organic raw pumpkin from a can? Or would that still need to be limited even if it is raw? The can is BPA free and it has 0g sodium on the nutrition facts.

Would it make a difference if I ate fresh raw pumpkin in stead of canned? I was quoting directly from the book where Dr. The pumpkin in a can has been cooked during the canning process. It should be limited within the guidelines. Fuhrman suggests that you eat 3 meals a day, on a regular schedule, without overeating at any one meal. For most people who exercise regularly, three meals with no snacking is the norm.

I have to disagree just from personal experience. I exercise everyday, maybe taking only one day off a week; I have found that three meals does not cut it. To get enough calories in a day, the three meals would need to be huge! Your goal according to this book should be to eat at least 1 lb of raw vegetables and at least 1 lb of cooked green vegetables a day.

Smoothies usually taste better with raw greens rather than cooked. I freeze small portions of raw greens for smoothies or cooking in small plastic bags with no trouble, no special prep for them. Same for any cut up raw veg like seedless cucumber, radishes, bell peppers, celery, etc. If you know what you want in a smoothie, dump cut up veg and fruit into one bag for convenience. Thank you.

Juicing fruit allows you to quickly consume three times the calories without the fiber to regulate absorption. The nutrient-per-calorie ratio is much higher for the whole fruit p. In my vitamix, I just add normal amounts of veg and fruit, amounts that I could eat whole if I were in the mood. What do you suggest, I use for a dressing? In the meal plans pp. There are also recipes for dips, dressings, and sauces pp.

There are also 12 more recipes for salad dressings in the recently released Eat to Live Cookbook. They have nut or seed butters or avocados or even bananas as the fat element. Fuhrman replies that only those eating an American-style diet, high in salt and low in high-water-content fruits and vegetables, need to drink that much water. Water-drinking advice that makes sense!! We never see animals drink in this way.

Good question — maybe Dr. One was already answered and that was the use of canned beans, even if we rinse them before cooking them according to our style. Both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables are included in this book, so mixed frozen and fresh fruits would be fine.

Canned tomato paste or sauce would be okay on the diet, but watch out that the cans are BPA-free — the book points out that tomatoes are very acidic and the BPA could leach into the food.

I would really like to see a menu plan. I recently subscribed to a public TV network and am receiving Dr.

Where can I find that? The author argues that the whole food in this case walnuts is more healthy than the oil, and that you should eat foods in their original unprocessed, unheated, and natural packages: Hi there!

I am wondering—I did not find the answer in the book, not on any websites—what is the skinny on coconut? Coconut water? Fresh vs dried? Is it considered a nut? Do you know? In this book, Dr. Fuhrman suggests you have foods that are unprocessed. Coconut water straight from the coconut is very unprocessed — but check how processed the one you buy in the store is, how many additives etc. As coconut is fairly fatty, it makes sense to have the portion sizes suggested for nuts.

There is some very compelling information re VCO and the type of fat, and health benefits to its use. So once I add a couple of things in moderation, it will be at the top of the list. In the meantime…I love fresh coconut, but at an oz a day, it is hardly worth cracking one open! She says you should have it each day as a supplement. Are the measurements given for whole grains and beans the dry measures or the prepared food amounts?

Legumes such as beans are listed as unlimited foods. The goal for all legumes is 1 cup daily. Thank you! There seems to be some slight variationin the recommendations made in the book vs. Thanks, again. Are you saying to limit legumes to 1 cup a day or is it unlimited? Does organic beans mean no BPA? Is it 1 serving from the list, or is it a mixture of several?

Fuhrman says in the book that you can eat legumes in unlimited amounts, and he says that your goal should be at least 1 cup per day. Most cans are lined with BPA epoxies to keep the can material from corroding or reacting with the food.

When beans and other foods are labeled as organic, it means that they have been grown organically. There are differing opinions about how good flaxseed is for you.

Thank you for all the work you have done to organize and list the foods in their various categories. These lists are quite comprehensive and excellent as a quick reference in addition to all the information presented in Dr. Grazie mille!! This page could be considered a cheat sheet — http: Olive oil: This is a no-oil diet. Dried dates: Hi, what a great compilation here, thank you for that.

I ordered my book yesterday and am eagerly waiting on it. I have type 2 diabetes now. I wanted to take care of it through diet, not pills. Anyway — regarding eating beans, lentils, etc. I have been doing the low-carb thing for so long that I am scared to open a can of beans! I make an awesome chili from scratch, nothing but good stuff and crave it so often and I just love beans and peas in general.

I indulged in a bowl of split pea soup last night and felt so guilty about having two cups of it because we are so trained to steer away from the carbohydrates when watching blood sugar. So, does he have limits on portions of beans and stuff like that for diabetics? I am really glad Dr. There are differing opinions about how much carbohydrates and of what type diabetics can safely eat.

This is a great break down of his program. I just purchased the book and was feeling a little overwhelmed about getting started. This is a great jumping off to beginning the process. By the way — mashed avocado with lemon juice is really easy to freeze. So if you want to limit avocado, try freezing small portions of it this way. They will thaw quickly in the fridge. You can flatten packs if you want half a Haas mashed fits flat in a zip sandwich bag and you can stack them vertically or horizontally or just dump it in as a lump, works either way.

I have seen mixed messages on dried split peas. Are they a starch to be limited or a legume to be considered unlimited, or though dry, a green vegetable? Dried split peas are a dried legume — peas are in the same family as beans and considered very similar to them.

They should be considered unlimited on this diet. While the benefits of fiber are well-known, resistant starch is proving to be another highly desirable dietary component.

Although it is technically a starch, it acts more like fiber during digestion. Typically, starches found in carbohydrate-rich foods are broken down into glucose during digestion, and the body uses that glucose as energy. Because of this , some researchers classify resistant starch as a third type of fiber. Beans are the best food source of resistant starch. Overall, the starch in beans is about evenly divided between slowly digested starch and resistant starch, although the amount of resistant starch can vary depending on the type of bean and the preparation method.

This means that a significant amount of the carbohydrate calories listed for the beans is not absorbed. This information is very confusing Some places it says no dairy, other place it says low fat. Some places eggs, please explain. The diet book advises a low-fat diet — it tells you to avoid oils and fats and limit foods that contain fats such as nuts and avocados.

The author suggests you avoid animal products including dairy and eggs if you can. If you insist on having animal products, eggs and low-fat dairy are okay — just make sure you limit them, and note that animal products should be limited to less than 12 ounces per week.

Which should I purchase: Eat to Live or the Eat to Live Cookbook? I have already have some recipes for breakfasts and I eat a salad for lunch, but I want more ideas for dinners while on the Six-Week Plan.

If you already read the book which contains a few dozen basic recipes , you may find it useful to get the cookbook as it has more recipes. I have read Eat to Live and am interested in following the plan. I found it hard to make copies from the book but like to have it handy as a reference.

Do you have it on website so I can print it off? We have a description of what to eat and foods to avoid on the website, but for other resources we suggest getting the book, either hard copy or electronic.

So glad I found this website! Some quotes from the book: Those who are truly excessively thin and need to gain weight may have to modify this eating plan somewhat to meet their individual needs. I have been on the 6 week program for 3 weeks now and lost 11 lbs. I had no choice but to go off my diet for one day. How does one catch up? What do you do to compensate for cheating?

The goal of this diet is to eat more nutritious foods. Would a protein powder with no sugar FIT be acceptable if blended only with frozen berries and water for breakfast meal? There are some fruit smoothies as breakfast recipes in this diet. All of them contain ground flaxseeds, presumably as a source of omega 3 and protein.

On this diet you can have unsalted natural peanut butter in limited amounts — the serving size for nuts is 1 oz maximum per day. May you be blessed for your investment and efforts in this venture. I have left my teaching profession since I moved abroad. I found the level of nutrition-awareness here wanting and have begun eat-to-live style cooking workshops. The participants find them so full of fun and inspiration and continuously share their ideas of incorporation veggies and fruits into their cuisine.

Keep spreading the light of good health!!! I hear and read a lot about olive oil, but what about the whole olive? Should I avoid buying them or are they okay as a whole food? Olives are somewhat fatty and salty, so they would definitely be a restricted food on this diet — perhaps like nuts, which should be limited to 1 ounce maximum per day, or restricted even further because of the salt content.

I am a believer! I have suffered from fatty liver disease which caused my liver enzymes to be in the critically high limit. After one week on Dr. One question please-I have purchased Dr.

Pdf live eat to

F bean soup and love it-how much should I eat for dinner? Thanks in advance for any help. According to Dr. Am I allowed to have 1 cup of whole grains OR 1 cup of starchy vegetables? You can have 1 cup of starchy foods — starchy vegetables or whole grains or a mixture. Nuts and seeds together, you can have 1 oz maximum per day. Avocados appear to be counted separately — so you can have 2 oz of avocados as well as 1 oz of nuts or seeds. Thanks for the great info!

What about Almond milk? That seems to be the new craze nowadays, ok to drink?

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman MD (2003/2011): Food list – what to eat and foods to avoid

This website is great. I cannot buy the book YET as I am in Turkey and have to get back to the UK first — so this is a great page for me to get started even before I am able to buy the book I do not do online shopping. My question is about Hashimoto — which is an auto-immune disease attacking the thyroid — which I have.

Dr Fuhrman says this is an excellent diet to fight auto-immune disease, but I also know that high amounts of raw cruciferous vegetables are bad for thyroid function. I know I can steam vegetables which help destroy harmful goitergenic properties, but many of the salads will be based on raw cruciferous veggies.

Cruciferous vegetables can potentially be goitrogenic inducing goiter formation. They contain enzymes that interfere with the formation of thyroid hormone in people with iodine deficiency. At high intake of crucifers, the goitrogens inhibit the incorporation of iodine into thyroid hormone and also the transfer of iodine into milk by the mammary gland.

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman: Food list – What to eat & foods to avoid

I would like any feedback on this please. Because after reading and learning from his videos, I truly feel this way of life is both doable and sustainable for me and my family. I want to get started ASAP. Try having cooked cruciferous vegetables for their anti-cancer effects, but having non-cruciferous vegetables in salads.

Hope that helps, Penny. Thank you Penny. I am having lettuce and chard as my salad mains, together with red pepper, onions, green peppers, sumak, balsamic and lemon juice. The spinach and other cruciferous I shall steam. What can be used as a cooking spray? I typically use olive oil, however, it sounds like I need to avoid that. Peanuts are considered a nut, not a legume, in the book.

Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds — 1 oz. Starting the 6 week program tomorrow. Very scared of failure as I have tried to los weight so many times and quit. Have any of you had great success with this? So I pack up cooked rice in such portions and freeze in small bags for easy meal prep. The same can be done with other starchy veg to give you a lot of variety.

I want to try ETL but I have a sweet tooth , but my friend said you can have larabars and still be on it. Is that true? Nuts and dried fruits are listed as foods to limit — 1 oz per day for raw unsalted nuts and seeds, and 2 tablespoons max per day for dried fruit less if you want to lose weight. So you might be able to have one per day, depending on the ingredients and whether you want to lose weight — alternatively you could eat nuts and dried fruits.

I use small plastic bags to portion out sweet stuff. Individual cookies or parts of cookies, any kind of pastry including donuts, candy, etc. They can all be cut up and frozen in pieces more suitable for your own needs. Also see if fruits can help your sweet cravings. Berries and seedless grapes and segments of citrus fruit etc. I also portion out nondairy ice cream in small freezer containers. I like the 2oz Oxo baby blocks and the 4oz Oxo intended for homemade baby food, tight lids and nearly indestructible and 4oz Rubbermaid cups likewise nearly indestructible.

So I get 8 2-ounce servings from one pint, which is more realistic for me than the recommended 4oz half cup. I also portion out and freeze canned fruits this way for easy access. But they are pretty calorie dense and I cut them into halves or thirds or quarters and freeze the pieces. Then when I want one, I just pick out a piece. PBS has scrambled my brain. They seem to be almost diametrically opposed in many aspects of their gospels of good eating. I realize that both are probably right and probably wrong in at least some areas of their theses.

BUT whose suppositions should be followed in which aspects and whose suppositions should be cast aside in which other aspects? Where would I go to find the answers? Try a diet to see how it works for you.

This is my third day and actually I already feel better. I do not have the cravings I thought I would, I pray I can do this and be a healthy wife, mother, grand mother and great grand mother and most of all I am doing this for myself, I want to be healthy in these wonderful years ahead. Thank you Dr.

Is there any over the counter salad dressings that are approved? Can you use any type of sweetener with the tea? He says to avoid sweeteners altogether, with the exception of using dried fruit in small amounts to sweeten recipes.

When you grind a nut to get a nut butter, it reduces in volume the air gaps all go , but the weight stays the same. You can have 1 oz.

Note that if possible they should be raw. Thanks this is great. Just started. I read somewhere cook the mushrooms does throwing them in the pan for a few minutes do the job? Can onions be both raw and cooked? How do you ground grind flaxseed? What is the five day cleanse? I should have the book in a few day but we have already started getting foods together. I am not use to going to the grocery store this much, I will have to come up with ideas to get through the winter.

You can have onions raw or cooked. I have ground flax seeds in a coffee bean grinder very successfully. I eat very simply and do not follow recipes in a book. I feel I can find info on the net without buying the book because I already am quite aware of nutrition but really like an even healthier approach such as Dr. You could use the recipes in the book not to follow exactly, but to give you ideas of proportions.

Hope that helps! I find a cheap digital kitchen scale helps me a lot in figuring out how much to eat of many things, including nuts and seeds and their butters. You can keep taring as you keep adding foods to figure out how much of each.

So much easier than using volume measures for me. I set it in grams as the easiest measure for me 28 grams per ounce. Practically all packages or nutritional info will tell you the weight in grams for their idea of a serving.

It says not to use any kind of oil- my question is what is a good way to stir fry my vegetables and tofu without oil? Furhman suggests using a little water or broth. I find that baking diced tofu with a chili, ginger and vinegar sauce is much more successful than trying to fry it in water- the tofu just ends up sticking and making a mess. Either that or tempeh. I have been utilizing Dr. I have lost 20 lbs. However, I have noticed a change in my stool fecal matter formation.

With the Nutritarian diet I do go more often but, my stool formation is no longer as large and formed as it used to be. Is this normal? Might Dr.

Furhman comment on stool formation with the use of his diet principles? Over many years, the body has adjusted its secretions and peristaltic waves digestive-related bowel contractions to a low-fiber diet. These symptoms also improve with time. Chewing extra well, sometimes even blending salads, helps in this period of transition. Some people must avoid beans initially, and then use them only in small amounts, adding more to the diet gradually over a period of weeks to train the digestive tract to handle and digest these new fibers p.

However, in the long run you may find that they firm up a bit as your body gets used to more fiber. If you have loose stools for more than a month after starting this diet, it may be worth checking in with your doctor. He suggests a few ideas for breakfast: You can add an unsweetened fat-free yogurt or soymilk yogurt to your fruit breakfast, but do not eat fruit-flavored yogurt, as it contains sugar — Oatmeal or other whole grain and water with no sweetener.

Delicious and healthy! I notice that you say it is limited daily but I am wondering how much and does it count as dairy or fat? Fuhrman asks you to limit unsweetened almond milk and other plant-based milk substitutes. I dont mind having a salad once in a while but I would much rather have them blended up in a green smoothie. Dr Fuhrman seems to be okay with vegetable juices, as he mentions them in several places in the book. How can ensure I consuming enough food daily.

When you have a little time, try some new recipes so you get used to making them and can have them as standards. Make sure your food has enough flavor so you want to eat it — try herbs, spices, lemon juice, etc.

Hope that helps. These are listed in the five-day cleanse. It seems unreasonable to eat a pint of each, as this is how these are sold in California. I have frozen, organic blueberries, but no idea how many ounces, or what measurement to use. Dear Penny, I am starting out nutritarian I am not in need of losing weight so must I count cups and ounces?

That tells you which foods to eat and avoid, and what proportions of different foods to eat. Chew them well. Look for beans made in traditional ways, e. You can also try a product like Beano to help you if none of these strategies work. Dear Penny, I have been on the six week plan for three months—twice as long as the doctor describes.

I have lost fifty lbs in that time, and need to loose another fifty. Is there a problem with continuing the six week plan as long as necessary to continue loosing weight? I am concerned about the lack of b vitamins unless I incorporate some meat or dairy. I hate the idea of vitamin supplements, but the six week plan has worked well.

I would kill for the savor of salt, and NOTHING, not lemon, vinegar, nutritional yeast, or any of the salt substitutes I have tried have provided that missing flavor. It is like watching your favorite movie in black and white instead of full color surround sound. I have a VERY full and well used spice cupboard, but miss salt soooo much! Dear Andy, Congratulations on your weight loss so far!

Fuhrman suggests. Keep an eye out for foods you eat compulsively, and make sure you put a limit on those foods. The original diet book says you should have low-fat dairy. There are some natural salts in animal products which may help your salt cravings. Not sure whether that would fit into the guideline to avoid foods containing a lot of salt including pickles.

For example, I want to make the crock pot chili, but it is too low in calories for my two children, who are both severely underweight, for different reasons. I was going to keep it vegetarian for myself and add meat to theirs. How much would be enough to add a hefty dose of calories without disrupting the other nutritional benefits of the soup? Is there a rule of thumb for adding meat to soups in general?

She is 8 years old and is underweight due to low birthweight and failure to thrive as an infant. She has spastic Cerebral Palsy, which some speculate burns extra calories because the muscles are constantly clenched, and oral motor apraxia, which makes chewing difficult, so it is difficult for her to consume high calorie foods like meat and starches.

They have no genetics in common. Also, I think my husband who needs to lose weight and improve his health would refuse the purely vegetarian version. And he probably needs a bit more calories than I do. Fuhrman says that if you have animal products, limit them to a 2 ounce serving, not more than 3 times a week. Or will it be just as healthful, but higher in calories?

For instance, we made a huge batch according to the recipe provided by Dr. Fuhrman of the Anti-cancer soup. I am trying to get them to eat a cup a day of it, just as a health tonic. Is this enough? This soup was quite tasty, I served it as an appetizer for Christmas dinner and everybody ate it.

It is quite similar but much more vegetable dense to a pumpkin soup recipe I often make for the holidays. Would Dr. Furhman consider this a healthful soup for those who are NOT trying to loose weight? For the one cup a day of the Anti-cancer soup, a pat of butter 1 teaspoon makes it much more palatable. Is that OK? Is it better than not eating the soup at all? If not butter, a little sodium free, fat free chicken broth? There are two questions — will adding more meat or other ingredients to the soup negate the health benefits of the diet according to Dr.

Fuhrman, and will they negate the health benefits of the diet in reality? For underweight people, having something tasty that they want to eat is more likely to help them than something which is deemed by a group of experts to be healthy. I suggested the fermented food resources to help digestion the entire digestive system , not necessarily just to stop indigestion.

OK, that helps a lot. They eat healthy fats, avocado, sesame, olive, cocoanut, pumpkinseed, macadamia, etc. If my husband and I could tweak our eating habits to become slimmer and healthier, while at the same time not depriving the kids of the calories they need, it would certainly make my life easier. I think we might be able to pull this off just by having different salad dressings than the kids, and putting more meat into their portions.

Thanks for your help. Is that not allowed? Canned beans are easy and convenient. Fuhrman says that for canned tomatoes, you should get BPA-free cans because tomatoes are high acid which could cause the BPA to leach into the food. He says that other canned vegetables are less of an issue, so canned beans should be fine. This goes towards your 1 cup daily goal for legumes.

I have lupus and this book was suggested to me by a dietician. Am I correct? If so, I would be pleased to be advised. As with every other medical condition, there are lots of different points of view on which diet works best. Hi, starting my 3rd week on this diet. Some weight loss. Salt is hardest for me to give up. Are olives not oil and capers allowed? I understand not eating the highly processed table salt, but what about Himalayan Pink Salt, full of good minerals that seem to be missing from our food due to poor soil conditions and use of GMO and pesticides.

Thanks for this forum, I have found it to be very helpful. Not everybody is salt-sensitive, so you could experiment with more and see what happens.

Doctors usually assume everybody has problems with salt, but they are typically looking at sick people…. Fuhrman in particular is looking at a lot of people carrying a lot of extra weight. You might find your normal salt intake is not much compared with current guidelines as well. For example, what foods do you eat at each meal in order to hit all the categories? I can find my own recipes if I know what nutrients I need to get in and for which meal. I hope that makes sense.

The guidelines are on what you should eat each day — they provide flexibility so you can choose what you want to have in each meal. The book says: Preferably conservatively cooked — e. Eat some beans every lunch — Fresh fruit — at least 4 a day — Cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains — not more than one serving, or 1 cup, per day — usually for breakfast or dinner — Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds — 1 oz.

The cookbook says to include daily: This diet seems comparable to The Starch Solution, though with this diet, vegetables make up the majority on our plate than starch. My goal is to fit into a size 36 pant. Would you recommend cutting back on my starch to the guidelines from Eat to Live?

In The Starch Solution , there are guidelines to achieve maximum weight loss which say you should cut back on your starch. Eat to Live says the same thing, but has more details, so it might be easier for you to follow for weight loss.

In addition, in scientific studies reduced meal frequency increased the life span of both rodents and monkeys, even when the calories consumed each week were the same in the group fed more frequently and the group fed less frequently. The body needs time between meals to finish digesting, because when digestion has ended, the body can more effectively detoxify and promote cellular repair. To maximize health, it is not favorable to be constantly eating and digesting food.

Looking to lose pounds. I thought ETL would kick start the weight loss. You could try going back to your previous diet to see if that works, or try another diet instead. I need to lower my cholesterol within 6 weeks.

Read Food for Life book and decided to follow this plan. After reading that plus the cookbook, I am a little confused. Wanted to use the fruit and spinach smoothie for breakfast as posted on this website earlier. Thank you for your help. Thank you Penny, the information you supplied was very helpful. Hopefully, Dr.

Fuhrman will address the issue of possibly acquiring kidney stones and the Eat to Live Diet in future literature and or TV appearances.

I have been following the Dr. Fuhrman diet for the past year. I consumed a lot of beans, nuts, spinach and blueberries. Cheating on the diet x per month. My question is this: Can a diet high in vegatables, beans, nuts and greens contribute to kidney stones?

I read these foods are high in oxalates and oxalates can contribute to kidney stones. Fuhrman as this topic can affect the health of many people on the Fuhrman diet.

It appears that the only way you can get Dr.

Joel Fuhrman - Eat To Live.pdf -

So home-made seitan should fit in this diet unless you have autoimmune disease or celiac disease or gluten intolerance — just be careful that the other ingredients also are allowed ingredients.

I read in ETL p the 2 week plan for headaches. In it, Dr.

Furhman does not mention portion sizes and says the diet will be modified after the initial 2 week period. Can you please tell me more about portion sizes, what plan to switch to after the 2 weeks and also, what is permitted tomato sauce? Thank you for this truly awesome site you have created for us. Include daily: I have hypothyroidism. I take medication for it. Is there anything I should be concerned about on the 6 week plan?

Soy products such as soybeans, miso, tempeh, tofu, and soy milk are listed as foods to eat — if you react to phytoestrogens in soy and soy-rich foods, you may need to limit or avoid these, and focus on other plant proteins instead. There are a number of goitrogenic foods encouraged on this diet — e.

You should minimize these if you react to goitrogenic foods, and substitute other vegetables instead. Grains are limited in this diet — you may want to try further restricting gluten-containing foods, which some believe can irritate the small intestine and may hamper absorption of thyroid hormone replacement medication.

And because this is a high-fiber diet, that might interfere with absorption of thyroid hormone replacement drugs — ask your doctor if you need a higher dose of thyroid medication. Does he make any substitutions for this? Also, the NIH has guidelines for this drug and vitamin K: These show that raw vegetables are a lot lower in vitamin K than cooked ones.

So your father may be able to follow this diet by having his greens mostly raw instead of cooked. Check with his doctor to see whether this would work for him. They stabilize blood sugar, blunt the desire for sweets, and prevent mid-afternoon cravings. Even a small portion can help you feel full, but in the Six-Week Plan I encourage you to eat at least one full cup daily.

You should count them as vegetables rather than legumes. I am from South Africa ,I followed your website after watching your presentation broadcasted by Amazing Discoveries. Secondly I would like to join the eat to live program.

I would also like to get advise on person who is an alcohol abuser and have been to Alcohol Anonymous programs twice and still relapse. You can join the email list and see more details at http: Can any readers provide some experience on this? Now we get to the real main theme of this farce, Beans!

Quinoa is not a grain by the way and this guy is so far out he seems to forget the horrors of wheat, that is, one of the worst grains we could possibly eat. This man is wrong on almost everything. This man is a quack and conning the gullible who are sick, or he means well and is simply ignorant. But his message appeals to those overweight, stupid, and desperate. My answer: My medicine is real food and not this vegan nonsense that often causes irreversible illnesses, but am I a doctor?

It depends on the definition of Doctor. Your protocol and advice is sure to lead to illnesses, mine will lead to health and vitality and there is one major difference in what we recommend: You recommend a diet that will cause illnesses, I recommend a diet that will make one strong, beautiful and prevent illness.

The medical profession depends of pharmaceuticals that will make one more ill than they already were or are. Blaylock and Dr. Perlmutter are close. They are flawed in several areas, though Russel Blaylock is close to being right on all things. Most Weight. Green vegeta. Does Fish Pr. Whai about t. An American. Case Study:. The name. Feeling bett. Headache Suf. Phase One An. Diet Is the. The Six-Week. Steamed or C. Consume n. What if I Do.

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