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The free flow of substance can only be dammed up from within and that no one can keep your good from you but you. ” Eric Butterworth, “ Spiritual Economics ”. on Eric Butterworth's renowned book, Discover the Power Within You, that declares we can all discover, claim and powerfully express the inherent divinity we. Tflt UNivtRSf Is Calling Other Books by Eric Butterworth Discover the Power Within You In the Flow of Life Unity: A Author: Eric Butterworth DOWNLOAD PDF.

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This fall we embark on a seven week study of Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. Talking about the economy has become a national preoccupation. Eric Butterworth Spiritual Economics PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Eric-butterworth-spiritual-economics-pdf. By Eric Butterworth. The consciousness or our divine potential Butterworth describes begins with the prayer, with the meditation. But it's most effective when it.

As long as we think of God as willfully bombarding our lives with capricious acts of limitation, there is little hope that we can grasp the science of prayer. And when you pray or treat, be sure that the words are ones to which you want to give total acceptance, and say Amen to that. It is important to note that Jesus clearly says. For some this may be difficult, and you may be reluctant to let go of a concept that has colored your whole awareness of truth. There is a cosmic counterpart to your need that is perfect, and within you is the unborn possibility to release it. Then you pull the arrow back, back, back.

Prosperity is spiritual well-being. Spiritual Economics Eric Butterworth is an amazing guy and this book really transformed my relationship to money. Get it into your consciousness that you live in substance as a fish lives in water. British economist Sir Ralph Hawtery says: Money is one of. Eric Butterworth Quotes from Spiritual Economics. Self-Development Quotes on: It is consciousness that.

What do you think of the current economy. Eric Butterworths Spiritual Economics. Eric Butterworth was easy pdf creator 2 02 a theologian, philosopher, lecturer, and best-selling author. The Principles and Process of True Prosperity book or.

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics. There have been so many bad things happening around us - sickness, deaths of loved ones, unemployment, lack of. Eric Butterworth from Spiritual Economics. The Principles and Process of True Prosperity. Given our. Opt in to begin. Feb 1, Eric Butterworths Spiritual Economics is ebook pdf free downloads the perfect book for new thought seekers who.

May 8, That she: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Totep Reyes. Pratik Lawana. Primaningtyas Nur Arifah. IJAR Journal. Ankit Agarwal.

Kent Tacsagon. Susie Cambria. Muhammad Abdullah Aslam. The soul, at death, merely seeks out another opportunity to live a life, to be born again to another parent. It is precisely what I believe! Religion is but a way of seeing truth. It came as a wave washing at the shore of civilization.

But as the wave has continued to break on the shore, it has brought the muddied backwash of form and ritual.

Pdf eric butterworth

If we push past the outward forms to the underlying truths, we find great similarities. The universe is one of absolute integrity. One cannot receive less than one earns, nor can one receive more.

Either would be an infraction of the law of perfect balance. It is probably true that everyone, at times, may feel sorry for themselves, believing that they are not receiving their just dues. They may cry out that something has been kept from them, that another person has taken their place, or that money or position has been unjustly snatched from them. But there is an inexorable law involved.

And so. This is a fundamental law, the law of sequence and consequence, or, if you will, the law of consciousness, or karma to the Hindu. You see, the universe and everything in it is whole.

And the law of consciousness, or cause and effect of karma? Your body, your weight, your health are all the outformation of consciousness. Your relationship or the absence of a happy relationship are the consequences of sequences of thought built up over your life.

Your prosperity or lack of success is an exact reflection of the causal forces you have, however unconsciously, set in motion. Some would call this the accumulation of karma. I prefer to call it consciousness. If everyone understood this law and lived by it, their lives would be transformed.

In other words, we would see the folly of trying to bypass the great law. Some people seem to break the law with impunity and get away with it. Look around you. Where is the justification for the misery and inequality in the world?

How can you justify the millions of starving people. We are dealing with consciousness. It is like a bank balance where you have an accumulation of pluses or an overwhelming balance of minuses. And this is what is normally explained as an evidence of karma. O f course there are times when it is obvious that we cannot understand life in terms of the brief span beginning with birth and ending with death.

Thus, the cosmic bank account must carry over from one life experience to another. This is why the idea of reincarnation seems credible. Personally, I find no sense of m eaning in life without it. But now, having said all this, let us note the great and irreconcilable difference between the classic concept of karma and the truth of the law of compensation.

There is little hope or promise of freedom today. Karma becomes a cycle of penalty and retribution that continues on from one incarnation to the next. The person is in effect chained to a relentlessly moving wheel by the accumulated effects of the sins of past lives. Thus each person is a weary treadmill traveler from birth to death, and from death to birth. The resulting effect on the Hindu is a sense of hopelessness and futility.

There is no healing, no way to overcome, no way out. Retribution must run its course. I am referring to the classic and basic concept of karma.

But I do not believe in a God or a karmic law that punishes — not even a cause and effect that punishes. You are punished, not for your sins, but by them. You see, Jesus did accept the karmic law, but he taught that sequences and consequence, cause and effect, are law for matter and mind only, not for spirit. There is no law of retribution in God. We are loved unconditionally. God never stops loving us, but we stop loving ourselves.

People are often not aware of this, but it is implied when we make mistaken use of the idea of karma at all. Thus the new insight in truth reveals the way to freedom from karma. You can be free, all debts dissolved, you can be healed.

What does the word mean? How does it work in our lives? In theology the word is surrounded by an air of mystery. Actually it is a very simple explanation of the natural flow of the creative process in the individual. The word grace means favor. Why are you favored as a child of God? Simply because you are the activity of God expressing himself as you. Why is your hand favored as a part of your body? Because it is your body at the point of your hand, designed to enable the body to carry out its objectives.

Thus the hand has not only strength, but also feeling and tenderness. As long as we think of God as willfully bombarding our lives with capricious acts of limitation, there is little hope that we can grasp the science of prayer.

If you miss this point you will think of grace as a kind of favoritism that you solicit through prayer. It is simply an explanation of the way mind works. This is the grace factor that is absent in the classic concept of karma. The missing link in the teachings of the East is that we are not lonely pilgrims on the path, trying to reach something in God. We are dynamic expressions of God on the quest to know and release something in ourselves. We may limit the flow of good, but we can always know the truth and be free.

You are not a helpless creature bobbing about like a cork on the seas of life, at the mercy of the storms of fate and circumstance. You are the very self-livingness of God. When you desire spiritual growth, it is God who has first desired it in you.

When you make an extra effort in your work, it is the divine urge in you that is working through you. You are the activity of God in expression, beloved with an everlasting love. Living in a state of grace can mean nothing more nor less than living in a disciplined awareness of the divine flow. Our experience of it changes with our consciousness. This does not minimize the universal law of sequence and consequence.

In the horizontal experience of life, we are bound to reap as we have sowed, but we have a choice to introduce into consciousness the vertical flow. Thus; on a higher level of consciousness, we are set free. We still pay the price, but on a higher level.

It is like turning on a light. Darkness is no longer a factor. The law of consciousness is inviolable. Grace is like living in a house with every door and window tightly closed.

Like the buoyancy of water that will keep you afloat even when you try to force yourself under, grace fulfills divine law by sustaining you in spite of yourself. It is not something that comes only to the good. It comes to all alike, because all alike are expressions of God. Grace is simply a wonderful facet of the activity of God in you. It is not something you must work for or develop. It simply is. It is an assurance, an explanation of why things are never quite hopeless, and why we never receive the full harvest of the error we sow, and why we always receive a little more good than we earn.

Certainly, we must be willing to accept responsibility for all that is manifest in our lives. There is an upward pull of the universe, ever seeking to lift you to the heights of your divine nature.

It is as real and as inexorable as the force of gravity. In earlier times there were prayers of sacrifice to placate an angry God. There are prayers of praise in the hope that a vain God might answer because he is pleased by flattery. There are prayers of supplication in which the one praying hopes to coax a miracle from a reticent God.

Affirm the truth. God, the whole of God-mind, is ever present. God is always centered in you. You need to become centered in God. Or there is a break in the circuit? Or the appliance is unplugged? There is an allness even within illness, an allsufficiency in any seeming insufficiency. This does not mean that the answer to your need lies in some divine will separate and apart from your interests. However, it is an extension of you, not some heavenly plan being forced upon you.

It is your truth, your reality, your wholeness. Prayer is always answered, but the answer, like the results of a scientific experiment, will depend not on what you are hoping to achieve but on the laws governing the elements you have put together. You may be seeking healing through spiritual means, and yet you may be combining this with the attitudes that make for illness. Again, all prayer is answered, though the answer may be accepted at the level of your consciousness.

There is a cosmic counterpart to your need that is perfect, and within you is the unborn possibility to release it. For your in-the-gutter experience is your self-definition at this time. There is a better life for you, but it is not something that will be bestowed on you when you get in the divine favor. It is yours to unfold when you are willing to start earning the right to have it. You may have an urgent need for guidance, and you may hunger for someone, perhaps divine mind, to tell you what to do, where to go, how to choose.

It is a principle of the ever-presence of divine knowingness. So guidance, the clear direction in whatever you may be doing, is always present, and the important decisions are not to be made but to be discovered. Divine guidance is never prejudiced, a pre-determination of what you should do or the way which you should go. It will always relate to your ideals at the highest level of your consciousness. Seeking guidance is not waiting for some answer or help from the outside.

In desperation she sat down under a tree and had a fervent prayer experience, asking God to lead her out of the forest. Several days later she was discussing the subject of prayer at a bridge-party. I might still be there if I had waited for God to answer my prayer. However, there are times when such things are not available. The rest of the scouts searched for him for hours, eventually notifying the police, who called on the community to join in the search. After he had spent a night in what most persons would consider to be a frightening experience, the boy was found, sitting under a tree, calmly whittling with his scout knife.

God is here. He may lose it when in Sunday school they deal with a God of the skies, to whom you pray, and from whom you beg for help. But amputees or crippled persons who cannot fold their hands or drop to their knees or even bow their heads can still pray effectively. And a mute is not restricted because he or she cannot voice his or her prayer in words.

Thus, the only equipment involved in prayer is that which you have wherever you may be: Your consciousness may identify you on and with various levels within divine mind. But you cannot run away from yourself. You can only be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

In other words, if you want to pray for peace, you must be willing to get into a peaceful consciousness. Prayer does not relieve you from responsibility. Prayer works according to and within your own consciousness. It can be a strengthening means of lifting you in consciousness, but the effect will be determined by the level of your awareness.

Wherever divine mind is, the whole of it must be, and because divine mind is omnipresent, the whole of divine mind must be present in its entirety at every point in space at the same time. Think about that! But every idea contains the whole of divine mind within it. This is why education is not putting knowledge into the mind, but it is progressively tapping into divine mind and releasing it from within you into your experience. What you need is to be still and know this, to have faith in the infinite process.

Answers will be revealed, right answers, answers that may never have come into your mind before. Thus, the object of prayer is to expand your awareness of infinite mind, which is present where you are.

There is much confusion on this point in the teachings of truth. Perceptions differ from teacher to teacher. It is an attempt to restructure the mind by feeding it like a computer with certain phrases and attitudes. It is just as real as the subconscious mind. It is the whole of divine mind at the point of oneness with your mind. Yes, it is the universe calling you.

It is helpful, too, to see this divine mind counterpart in terms of healing. It is your spiritualcounterpart body. Always the healing potential is present, for the divine mind counterpart is always present.

If we can get this realization clearly enough, a healing activity must follow. If the connections are all good and the light bulb is new, when we throw the switch we will get light. This is the basis of spiritual healing.

Healing is simply the releasing of the divine potential that is always present. One of the exciting things about the superconscious mind, the divine mind at the point of your mind, and ever-present and ever-active. Someone has an idea, possibly a continuity of ideas. Then that person may assemble them together in the form of a textbook. Now we may go to the book to get answers. The accumulated knowledge of civilization in the libraries of the world is a treasured resource.

But someone had an idea, which gave birth to many other ideas. Thus, if you can imagine something, you have touched an idea in divine mind. I believe it was Emerson who said that man is an inlet who may become an outlet to all there is in God. This shows what a tremendously endowed creature you are. It shows that there is no limit to what can happen as you become more and more aware of the presence, more and more conditioned to the divine mind counterpart, and let the process unfold.

So, prayer is a supermind process. It does not reach out and up to God for help, but seeks to get centered at the supermind level within. Typically, we are all too impatient. We may have an idea of what we want to do, and we pray about it. We may even say we are praying for guidance in the matter.

But if truth is known, we are really praying for a divine approval of something we have already made up our mind to do, whether we get the approval or not. This is not prayer, it is playing games. It is well to remember that there is a cosmic counterpart to the plan in infinite mind, which is sensed in the inspiration that formed the plan. There is a story about Beethoven that I have used for years, an apocryphal story I have been unable to locate.

It took him weeks to get it on paper, and today it takes the better part of an hour for an orchestra to play it. But Beethoven caught it in a flash. However, in a little book by Walter Abell, Talks with Great Composers, he gives anecdotes of a similar nature about Brahms, Wagner, Puccini, and others.

I see clearly what is obscure in my ordinary mode. Measure by measure, the finished product is revealed. It comes out of the God-potential within. The true prayer is the supermind process.

And the divine mind counterpart within is the answer present even before we call. And you are never further away from your answer to the most complicated challenge than the flow in mind of one idea. But Jesus is talking about the supermind awareness, your cosmic counterpart answer. As fast as you can snap your fingers, you can receive an answer, a whole symphony in one chord, the details for a revolutionary invention in one equation, or the plot of a new novel in one illumined sentence.

If she sees me struggling over some article or lesson or radio talk, she will just put her head in the door of my study and snap her fingers.

And I snap my fingers to indicate that I catch the reminder. This is prayer at its finest. But it is not something you do to God. This is not turning to God to inform him of your need. Your prayer is to acknowledge it and rest in that consciousness.

And then to move your feet in the direction of the goal that you have envisioned. Remember, there is nowhere to go in prayer, for God is present, the whole of divine mind is present, and the answer to any and every need is present in the cosmic counterpart within. Are you listening? We have handed down religious teachings as ready-made, cut-and-dried propositions. There is nothing more to be said. There is nothing to do but believe it. All through our lives, instead of pursuing the spiritual quest and working toward truth, we simply work from truth, or what we have been told is truth.

Thus, we have tended to make one great act of faith, and then have done with it. We are saved. God is somewhere in back of the altar, dispensed in small portions by priests, ministers, and rabbis.

We might say that prayer is a gesture, a personally symbolic act. But what does it mean? We make many gestures. Consider the gesture of extending the hand in friendship to a stranger. Originally this meant to show that you were unarmed, that you came in peace. Consider the folded hands of prayer. It is a lovely symbol depicted by artists to connote piety. But what does the gesture really mean?

The Universe Is Calling: Opening to the Divine Through Prayer

To many persons it is a sign of entreaty, a gesture of begging, pleading, interceding. But actually, the folded hands together, throughout the many religions of the world, imply unity, a sense of wholeness. It is the oriental namaskar, the divinity within me that salutes the divinity within you. To repeat, prayer is not something you do for God.

Your gestures are not for his eyes. LET GOD In the gesture, the words, the form, whatever else your prayer involves, you are seeking to realize your wholeness, your transcendence. We will say again, and we will repeat it over and over throughout this discourse, prayer is not conditioning God to your needs, but conditioning your needs to the activity of God. Prayer is not trying to reach God, or inform God, or tell God all about your troubles.

Butterworth pdf eric

It is to know God as the infinite resource within, and to expand your self-realization. Challenge yourself to become aware of the presence of God. There is no need to bargain with God, to coax a reluctant God to work a miracle on your behalf. God knows your needs, and God is the answer.

Does that surprise you? This is really what it is all about. How simple! Yet we make it so complex. The first step is to relax the involuntary tensions of the mind, and lift your thoughts to synchronize with the steady flow of transcendence. Now again, here is your reminder: God can do no more for you than he can do through you.

There is no way that your prayer can be answered unless you change the level of your thinking. If you want to be prosperous and successful, you must renounce the practice of thinking of yourself as a failure.

Now, make no mistake about it, this is not easy. It calls for a disciplined effort to let go of attachments to the past, to clear out of the mind the prejudices, the pessimism, the selfpity.

Traditional medicine may do a pretty good job of curing your symptoms, but you can only be healed causally by making a concerted effort at mental housecleaning. The words cure and healing are used in this way purposely. An aspirin may cure a headache. But healing can only come through the release of tension and by dissolving the attitudes or emotions that are responsible for the tension.

In the early days of the American Revolution, one man was overcome with fear that the British army would overrun his village and subject it to unspeakable indignities. It was a dark and foggy night. He rowed all night until exhaustion set in. Then, as the sun rose and the fog lifted, he suddenly became aware that he was right where he had started, for he had forgotten to cut the boat free from its mooring. It is an important lesson. In other words, if you are blocking the flow of life or substance or love by your resentment or unforgiveness, not even God can break through with the good you desire.

That may shock you, to hear that there is something God cannot do. But you see, God is not someone who works on you from the outside. God is the dynamic potential of your being. Emmet Fox says, When you hold resentment against anyone, you are bound to that person by a cosmic link— a really rough metal chain. You are tied by a cosmic tie to the very thing you hate. The thing you hate is inexorably a part of your consciousness.

The one person in the whole world whom you most dislike is the very one to whom you are attaching yourself by a hook that is stronger than steel. God is love. Love is always and eternally present, but we block it with our resistance. It simply shines, and we accept the light and warmth as we eliminate the barrier. There is a tendency to rush pell-mell into prayer without adequate preparation. Like the man with his escape boat, we neglect to cut ourselves free from that which binds.

Let go! This is the first step in scientific prayer. And the third step is the projection of that power through affirmation of truth or spiritual treatment. The interesting thing is that many times, just in the process of letting go, we open the answering flow immediately, and the problem is solved or the condition healed, with no further prayer effort required.

As we pointed out earlier, there is a cosmic counterpart in infinite mind to every human need, along with a desire to fill that need. God is light, and in that light there can be no darkness of limitation. Once the list is complete, then its purpose has been fulfilled. Lay it aside. Better yet, put it into the fireplace, where it will be consumed.

Watch the paper be swallowed up in flames. Get the sense of freedom, as you consciously let go. Now you are ready to let God. A technique for dealing with appearances, as suggested by Emilie Cady in her classic work Lessons in Truth, is denial. By making statements like these, you tend to correct your perspective, seeing beyond the appearance.

To deny a thing does not mean to refuse to deal with it. Rather, it is the most effective way of dealing with it. The denial is a letting go of the shackles of limitation. Thus, the very first step in the science of prayer is the conscious act of letting go.

It will be very much like driving with the brakes on. So, settle with this attitude of hopelessness. Deny it, let it go. Prayer is no time for physical tension.

If your hands are taut, that is a good signal that you need to let go. That was not prayer. You were holding onto the problem all night. Let go. Let go and let it unfold. The universe is calling you to wholeness. Prayer does not make answers. It simply accepts answers that are always within. This is not what prayer is about. It is not as much a thing to do, as it is a thing to let be done. Relax, let go, and let God! We say the words so easily. But we must realize that it is a depth uncovered.

Just relax and let go. God, the creative flow, is realized in you. Just let it happen. This may well be your biggest problem: Freedom calls for a dramatic act of letting go. Here is an illustration that may help you to get the picture. An interesting system has been used for capturing monkeys in the jungles of Africa.

The goal is to take the monkeys alive and unharmed for shipment to the zoos of America. How is it accomplished? The monkey, attracted by the aromatic scent of the nuts, comes to investigate the bottle, puts its arm down the long narrow neck, closes its hand around the nuts, and is trapped.

The bottle is too heavy to carry away. And so, figuratively we carry our bottle around with us, feeling very sorry for ourselves, and begging for sympathy from others, even from God. I may go to see an analyst or a spiritual counselor, dragging my bottle with me. I express appreciation, saying I have been helped, then I pick up my bottle and leave, dragging the bottle behind me.

All the counseling in the world cannot help me until I let go of the nuts. It is what I am doing about what is happening in me. God made the monkey to climb and run free, but the monkey decided to clasp its hands on the nuts, and it was trapped. God made you whole and healthy, but in some way beyond your conscious awareness, you may have frustrated the divine flow, and thus you may be holding onto your problem.

You will not let it go. The monkey was always a free monkey, but it was bound by its failure to understand itself. Here is an imaging exercise for you to work with: Let them be symbolized by the nuts in the bottle with the long, narrow neck. Feel the frustration and pain of entrapment. Do I really want to be free? Open your hand and feel your arm slipping out of the bottle.

You are free. There is no way to gain freedom unless you let go. Even God cannot set you free unless you follow the freeing call to let go.


Face forward and let go! It is the first step in scientific prayer. Prayer is not a physical activity, but if we are trapped in a body-consciousness, our way is effectively blocked.

You are not your body. You have a body. And the you that has the body has the power to master the body. Here is an exercise for establishing the feeling of dominion. Tell your right arm to rise. T h en the left arm— rise. It is one of the greatest lessons you can learn, and so very simple.

Can you sense the impact? You see, you can control your body. You are in charge. Sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, body erect. Tell your hands to relax. Then, working progressively from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, go through all the parts of your body your forehead, your eyes, nose, mouth, chin, neck, etc.

Just rest in that state long enough to feel a sense of dominion over the tensions of the body, and a symbolic sense of freedom over the anxieties and frustrations of the mind. You are loved. You are whole. You are creative. You are successful.

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The activity of God is always seeking to heal you, to bless you, to fill all your vessels with good. When you get yourself out of the way, the divine flow does its perfect work. However, it is not that you stir God to activity. You simply become receptive to the divine activity that is always present as a presence. The presence of God is present, ever-present, omnipresent. The words of Meister Eckhart speak dynamically to our need to let go as the basic step in the process of scientific prayer: These changes do not come easily.

It was actually several hundred years before people could see a sunrise or sunset without perceiving a flat world. It is giving up the very desire to reach. Thus, a vital step in prayer is focusing on that depth. Thus, though in recent times there has been a widespread interest in the Eastern practice of meditation, in most cases it has been taken out of the context of the oneness of God and humanity.

The word meditation conjures up the image of a scantily clad guru sitting cross-legged on a chaise, perhaps holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Thus, it is a threat to the religious establishment.

It is the absence of this meditation process that has been the missing key to power in the whole Judeo-Christian concept of prayer.

Pdf eric butterworth

We are suggesting three basic steps or stages in the process of scientific prayer: This last step will be dealt with in the next chapter. Imagine, if you will, a nineteenth-century fire department. Firefighting often consisted of forming bucket brigades between a source of water and the fire.

Buckets of water would be filled from a well or stream and passed on by means of a human chain, with the last person in the chain throwing the buckets of water onto the fire. It was a crude but often effective system. But it has been a confused term. It has been thought of as a thing. Tell me how. He held that whatever you need will come of itself, if in your practice and at all times you are sincere and keep yourself open to the divine force.

So there is nowhere to go in meditation. It is not trying to get into something or out of something or up to something. Actually it is not doing. You need only to desire. God is seeking you. I prefer to use the term the silence instead of meditation, for it puts the emphasis on a state of consciousness, instead of a m ental exercise. You are just mumbling words and mouthing propositions. This is not the high-level prayer we are talking about.

Prayer is where you are in consciousness. From the wisdom of ancient China there is a saying that if a person be absolutely quiet, the heavenly heart will manifest itself. To be absolutely quiet!

Like a city person going to the country. It is deafening! Be still! Turn away from the tendency to plunge into prayer by rattling off your repertoire of affirmations. We speak the word of truth. But unless we become centered in the source of power within, we may use affirmations and treatments like a cosmic club with which we try to beat off the terrors of night and day.

We talk of the power of the spoken word, but words have no power of themselves. The archer stands on the archery line, bow and arrow in hand, facing a target fifty yards in the distance. Now, the object is to send the arrow to the target. The intellect might logically lead one to fling the arrow as far as possible.

There is certainly no way you could get it to the target in this way. That is why you have a bow. You fix the arrow in the bow, left arm stiff, arrow fixed to the string with the thumb and index finger of your right hand.

Then you pull the arrow back, back, back. Your object is to send the arrow to the target, but you are pulling the arrow away from the target. There is a secret process. Then what do you do? Flick the arrow out? You simply let it go. And swoosh, the arrow flies straight and true toward the distant target. It is a good illustration, explaining the role of the silence in prayer. Then we may look on the object for which we are praying, and with no anxious effort, simply take our word of truth, let it go, and swoosh, it goes forth to accomplish that whereto it is sent.

It is a reminder that I of myself can do nothing, but through the power of God in me, I can do all things. Within you right now and all the time there is a transcendent power. That is the consciousness level where you are the focus of the limitless energy of the universe. Many persons complain that they never have original ideas. I really admire creative people, but no inspiration ever comes to me. It is as impossible for one who is surrounded with the ceaseless babble of conversation to experience the flow of creative ideas as it is for pure water to flow through a pipe containing crude oil.

There is never a moment in your life when the guidance you desire or the creative ideas you need are not present within you, as dynamically present as the force of gravity is present.

The more we know about homo sapiens, this person you are, the more we know that you are a cosm ic creature with the whole universe concentrated in you. You are potentially the greatest concentration of energy in the world.

We are dealing with silence as a part of the prayer process. It is a vital part of prayer, the step of going down the well within to touch the cosmic stream. Again, it is not praying to God, but praying from the consciousness of God. The way of the silence is to plumb the depths within and feel your oneness with God, then project the power toward that which concerns you.

I will say more about this specifically in the next chapter. One of the most important experiences for all persons is the desire to turn from the confusion of life at the circumference. I want to go home. I will arise and go unto my Father. At home in the center of his being. It is the dream-sleep of human consciousness. The prodigal came to himself; he woke up.

This is the secret of the silence. We have believed that the root of reality is out there in the world of money, possessions, relationships, and circumstances. The answer is in the way of the silence. It is a vital step in the prayer process. In our desire to find help in a time of need, our tendency is to commence reciting rote prayers or metaphysical statements. In the science of prayer we are suggesting, first, getting relaxed and receptive, letting go of stress and anxiety. Then, as a second step, before we proceed to speak words of truth, we seek to become established in oneness with the flow of spiritual energy within.

This is the place of meditation, or the silence. This is not prayer.

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We have pointed out that it is helpful to write out a list of the things that you want to pray about. When you are satisfied that you have accounted for all your concerns, then the list has fulfilled its purpose just in the writing.

So, lay it aside, perhaps even burn it up. You see, you should not seek answers in your time of silence. Just draw back the bow, get centered in the cosmic flow. Human consciousness tends to focus on doing something, but as you let go, you must let go the sense of doing.

Now it is your image so you can deal with it as you will , imagine that you are one of the waves. The wave that is you moves through the ocean.

It has body. It has motion. What is this wave that is you? It is the ocean formed at that point into a wave. It is never more nor less than ocean. Now, what is your relationship with God?

You are the activity of God expressing as you. And you can never be more nor less than God. See the ocean becoming calm, and the waves becoming smaller. See the whole body of water becoming placid, and eventually becoming smooth as glass. What happened to the wave that is you? It is where it always was and what it always was. It is simply a potential, but it is there. As you become still. T hink about this! Actually, time is relative. One answer might be, as long as you can hold the image in concentration without stress.

It is a recharging process. It depends on how drained you may have been. Think of a battery being charged. Does it need to have something to do? It simply accepts the charge. Just be still and know. It is good to have a special time and place to engage in your silent time. But you can have a silence anywhere at any time. However, there is a discipline involved, which can be achieved by practice.

It is helpful to have an occasional silent time, just to develop skill in concentrating at the point of oneness. Yoga positions may be helpful as an exercise, or as a symbolic gesture, but they most certainly are not necessary.

But this should not be made into a fetish. It is good to begin the silent time with a few deep breaths, holding the thought that you are breathing in the life and breath of the Almighty, and breathing out all impurities of mind and body.

Again, it can be an effective symbolic gesture. I have a simple technique that has been very effective for me. I am; God is. It has little to do with the meditation process, but it can become a symbolic gesture that you can identify with.

If you are unable to sleep at night, you can use this exercise to make the sleepless period spiritually productive. In time, after much practice, you will associate this act of breathing with preparation for a silence, and thus, by drawing a few breaths, you will go right into a state of oneness.

A quick drawing of the breath in a time of crisis or emergency can become a symbolic gesture leading to an instant release of the energy of divine protection. Things may happen to you and in you. But more often than not, it will simply be an infilling that will give no sensation whatever, just the feeling of well-being. It is a means to the end of becoming imbued with power, building a focus of spiritual energy.

Then you project this energy as you speak your word of truth. You pull the arrow back, back, back. I am one with divine love and infinite substance. The words you speak become the spirit expressing itself through you. Be still and know. The Kingdom of God is within you, your very own divine potential. Be still. Trust this process. Its action is wonderful! And if this is the case, good! Seriously, we are suggesting that you take God down out of the skies, and begin to relate to true omnipresence and omnipotence.

So, if there is a need for supply, they pray to God for money. Thus the need is not to pray for things, but to become a channel for the release of that cosmic energy that takes form as the things.

Claim your good and become a positive channel for its release. This is the purpose of affirmation and treatment. For there is a science of prayer, even as there is a science of chemistry and mathematics. This is not to minimize the power of prayer, any more than we would minimize the power of electricity.

However, prayer, like electricity, must be properly employed if we are going to realize the desired results. Again, God can do no more for you than he can do through you. Emerson holds that the universe comes to us only on its own terms. Whoever gets in the water will get wet, ice will always feel cold, and fire will always burn. Are you saved? There is no negative in God.

God never says never! Life can only seek to express and perfect life.