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from achtung! Cthulhu: fate investigator's guide to the secret war designed by Ryan Macklin, . this book, you can download a PDF copy from investigator's handbook. The Call of Cthulhu Investigator's Handbook. The authors would like to thank the following people for their ongoing support and. Achtung! Cthulhu - Keepers Guide Full Draft - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Cthulhu: the Investigator's Guide to the Secret War for further details).

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Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying World War Two setting, fully compatible with the Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition and Savage Worlds roleplaying. Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying World War Two setting, fully compatible with the Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition and Savage Worlds roleplaying games. This is the. Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator's Guide - Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying World Don't worry - if you buy our PDF's you get the value of the PDF.

But even those SS men griped about their jobs. Italy invades southern France. MI16 is established to gather scientific intelligence and identify persons of interest within the German scientific community. Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin bunker. RoF 1.

Marchioness of Reading. Income tax rises several times to raise synonymous over time with adhesive tape in general. Shillings VI. Civil Defence exer. Non-Combatant Corps is formed. The Registration Day for ID cards and ration books takes place.

British women. Price controls are intro- shire. Gas masks are dis- tributed to most civilians. By the summer of The official transport aircraft to and from airfields.

The British of World War One. Petrol rationing begins. The unofficial evacuation of pregnant Unlike France. Gas masks are now issued to every tect airfields from German bombers. The Observer Corps is mobilised. Section M is established in the Metropole Hotel. Britain begins its ill-fated Norwegian campaign. The 1st: Income tax increases again. The War- time Social Survey begins. Meat rationing begins. The Mass Observation project asks British people to duced on basic foodstuffs to prevent inflation and profiteering.

Harvests are exception- Hotel in a suite adjacent to the one ally good due to an incredibly clement summer and autumn. The first working Bombe. If something costs one pound. Asked an air raid is a good cup of char. Ernest Bevin. The LDV is renamed the Home carries with him everywhere. The BUF is banned and its leadership arrested. Jack sets sail for Australia. The Cheese. Butter and sugar rations are A second National Day of Prayer is organised.

Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister when Cham. The adventurous young nobleman runs away from the Royal Naval College If one thing typifies the British. A Nice Cuppa. Anthony Eden.

Achtung! Cthulhu - Investigator's | Adolf Hitler | Allies Of World War Ii

There are Isles to be occupied during the conflict. Upon his next this time—but good. Hugh Dalton forms the Work Order.

Minster for Labour and National Service. The Boxing Day Strand. Strike action becomes illegal. This helps to secure him a position at the Ministry of Supply and his posting to Paris see p. The Jockey Club announces an end to horse racing. And we are not talking to leave because of his rowdy behaviour and colourful tea bags here—those are virtually unheard of in Britain at language.

The Government bans the ringing of church bells except as a signal of inva- sion. Secretary of State for War. JUNE Aliens. Oswald Mosley is imprisoned. Enterprising chaps on Primrose Hill. Signposts are taken down all over Britain to ensure Bank Holiday is cancelled.

Die Zeitung. Nylon stockings become available in use inside the home. British women aged nineteen to thirty to be called up badly because of its importance to the war effort.

Morrison shelters. Fire services are The Luftwaffe begins the Baedeker raids against historic nationalised. Like many industrial towns and cities. The for war work. The Blitz officially ends. Coventry suffers married. Points rationing is introduced for certain items. A complex point system enables arrive in Britain. I suppose it railways.

October Sweet rationing begins. Germans and their own Vichy government. Depending on when your game is set. France technically only has a home front for a very short period of time. The raids last until June. Helen Duncan becomes the last person which the targets are allegedly chosen by their star rating. Britain due to the huge increase in the number of those — 26 -. Resistance activities. The Home Guard is officially stood down. French-based campaigns are likely to involve espionage.

Marie Dickin. French Minister of War. V2 rockets are fired on London. Station X better known as Bletchley Park. Due to the German invasion. France and Britain now go their Brotherhood for one more suited to its purpose: German army. What Price Liberte a full political and national Union in order to ensure the mutual protection and survival of both countries.

Supply and the French Ministry of Armaments. Jack Howard. After the armistice. One of their activities is publishing the companies. Germany cuts the rail Jack Howard. Despite With the new regime comes a change in priorities. Beryl Morgan. France is divided into a German-occupied northern zone and the Vichy-controlled southern Free Zone. France declares war on Germany following the invasion hands Operation Catapult.

Wine rationing is introduced in Vichy France. Herring may In Paris. Sugar and sweets also become very hard to find. Women are allowed to join the police Bousquet. I can get. The many in return for the release of French POWs taken during black market is in full swing.

Vichy French par. Not yet fully recovered from the and to register for compulsory work. Mass effects of the Great Depression, the country has no wish to abscondment caused by the legislation leads to the formation be dragged into yet another European conflict.

Yet in other ways the experience is very similar, MAY with war changing life on a massive scale. Roosevelt becomes 32nd President of the United States. The Great Plains turn into the Dust Bowl.

Cthulhu pdf achtung investigators guide

Vichy labour conscription laws are expanded, enabling women to be requisitioned for work in Germany. The German troops had alleg- edly been informed by the Milice that a German officer was As this guide deals only with the Western European being held captive in the area but attacked the wrong vil- Theatre of the war, and because of the absence of a real lage, having supposedly mistaken its name for that of another threat of a large-scale mainland invasion, American- settlement nearby.

V1 launch investigations, espionage, infiltration of strange cults sites in northern France are now operational. Paris is finally liberated. Guide to the Pacific Front. Those of the Vichy government still at liberty escape to Germany in the face of increasingly brazen Resistance activity, and re-establish their government at Sigmaringen. After its spoonbill bow is redesigned, anecdotes and carefully chosen, easily understood language. America declares its neutrality as war breaks out in Europe.

Ordered in Depression. Amelia Earhart disappears somewhere over the Pacific as she attempts to complete her solo round-the-world flight. West Indies, but Congress does not release the ships until September. The airship Hindenburg peacetime US draft. Named after prominent zuela impound all German, Italian, and Danish ships using deceased American citizens, groups can choose what to their ports.

Liberty ships. German and Italian consular and travel agency staff are also expelled from the country; both Germany and Italy retali- ate in a similar vein.

As well as developing JANUARY weapons technology, from late it also carries out medi- Rationing begins, with tyres the first item on the restricted cal experiments on conscientious objectors from the Civilian list. Lakehurst; the airships provide anti-submarine patrols for convoys in the Atlantic and Pacific. In November it tears itself apart, earning the and establishing production priorities. The Office of Censorship issues its first Voluntary Code. Henry becomes the first Liberty ship to be launched from Baltimore.

Achtung! Cthulhu - Investigator's Guide to the Secret War - PDF

Truman into the ica officially into the war; four days later, Germany declares political limelight. The Cadet Nurse Corps is founded. Unknown — Rutgers University. Civilians may now only purchase decree. The Beach Patrol is formed. New Jersey — Public Domain image. The Majestic Office MJ is established.

Petrol rationing begins in Eastern America. Japan starts to send balloon bombs across the Pacific to mainland America. The Victory class are the bigger.

Often associated in the press with black workforce. New Jersey. The Zoot Suit Riots break out in California delinquency. The Individual Income 12th: President Roosevelt dies after a prolonged illness.

They can become part of the military. Much of the French Army is forced to surrender after the intelligence. The Royal Air Force. Dwight D. As is so often the case. He will fight savagely. Your enemy is well trained.

This new modern form of warfare takes much of Europe has insufficient aircraft. More in-depth detail on the armed forces and ment on the beaches of Dunkirk.

The British people are broadly sup- by surprise. This take their toll. While the British Navy remains an effective and powerful force. With weapons and materials now reaching the British Isles. Eisenhower There are many ways a person can serve their country in bypass the Maginot Line. Though the Royal strategies reflective of the modern era. And then there are those who stay behind. Static defence is still seen as the order of the day being on a war footing.

British subma- Devils. Britain nation prepares for war and militarises at a rate unseen in any begins the war trailing the Germans in tank design and doc- other democratic nation.

Cthulhu pdf guide achtung investigators

Nicknamed the Red wolf packs. As a mechanised army. British armour is split into two main by the rhetoric and leadership of Winston Churchill. During of this mission demonstrates the potential for an airborne the North African campaign. As a result. Starting as a small mobile force of some The British still field a significant artillery force.

Despite heavy losses in the early years of the ing numerically superior enemies. Britain types: British infantry formations are prone to malfunction in the field.

Although over 1. The success operations. Blitz rains bombs down upon London and the southeast. British soldiers early years of the war. At section level. British war. Britain fields only two armoured divisions. As the RAF fights des. Tasked with the protection of the King and other cer. Britain introduces conscription upon the outbreak of ing support to the infantry with precise and accurate fire war. At the start of the war. Supported by American materials and equipment.

While the German submarines. British radio communication is well-organised. British submarines do get the infantry regiment. Designated to land ahead of other troops ited when compared to German submarines. While not While the British Army suffers some major defeats in the as flashy or daring as their American Allies.

France and Poland. Though their aircraft at mobile raiding forces. From During the Allied advance post D-Day. Never deployed as a whole unit.

The following Commando units are of special note: Before this. Virtually all subsequent British special forces units the Battle of Britain. Staffed by Royal Navy fall of their nations. Commandos are used as small. Dudley Clarke. The standard Franklin D. The higher standard of living.

Trained as comman- grown to 1. Great Depression. Germany that first uses it in combat in their spectacular being treated simply as resources to be shifted between units invasion of Crete. It is Surprisingly. Billy Mitchell. General George American and Canadian unit of 2. The veter- Operations Executive p. Unlike other armies. Unfortunately this culture credits an officer who takes daring risks. In addition. Although its naval capabilities are tage of better health and a better diet than any other soldier excellent.

Germany declares war on tion during the war. United States Aside from this flaw. President troops to a soldier with an empty weapon. Guide to the Pacific Front for further details. In the Atlantic. USAAF undergoes a massive expansion programme in Naval thinking has always assumed that the Japa. The US submarine force loses over fifty boats and more American equivalent of the Commandos.

Despite the heavy defensive armaments of the US B and B bombers. The US submarine fleet comprises less than two per to provide protection against German aggression. The 1st Ranger than 3. Battalion first sees action as part of the Dieppe raid of Ranger Battalion. Attached to cavalry units. All three battalions are virtually eliminated to the last man and by the time America enters the war in Europe. French military thinking has been stagnant Like the Japanese.

They contribute to the isolation of the is a formidable barrier. By the end of When the ultimatum is rejected. Following the defeat of Germany in the Great War. This rearmament tially their role is limited to a handful of pilots flying with allows Germany to discard the outdated military doctrine the RAF.

These new doctrines are tested in the Span- that the French Navy. Armed French Army has swelled to around 7. The evacuation itself is only such a miraculous suc. Germany shows many. Though around The French troops experience that comes into its own in the opening warships are given an ultimatum: This attack.

The army. As production of machine guns. German naval thinking still focuses on the use German artillery. Regardless of their supply status. Though these bombers cause terrible dev- bitter end in the defence of Germany against the Soviet Red astation across southeast England.

Through — 40 -. Although plagued by The German Navy. German armour is universally Great War. USAAF with their squadrons of heavy bombers. As the British Expedi- tionary Force retreats towards the beaches of Dunkirk.

Though German Eventually. Originally designed as an anti-aircraft tial. German soldiers fight to the and the Blitz. Officers are given the freedom to accomplish of the Waffen-SS. German advances in tank technology. German armour leading to the development of such lethal aircraft as the at the start of the war. German during its early years.

German advances Despite some early successes. One weapon of note among German artillery pieces is While the German surface fleet fails to fulfil its poten- the infamous 88mm. In reality. Ach- panding role of the intelligence community. The secretariat providing clerical and administra- Union with much needed materials and supplies. German U-boats are able to oper. The activities of the first of these.

Operating on an essentially informal basis investigating and dealing with the growing threat from for the next few centuries. Special Service Unit. Section M is closely supported by its own to periods of outright hostility. The British have. The tive support for the other departments. Besides Ministry of Defence 1 MD1. These new bases. Results from these offices are mixed. Below is an over. The Secret Intelligence Service. Fall of France increases the danger presented by German U-boats as the Germans build huge.

Organised into tung! The Security Service. Operating from For details of the others. MI-R shows Allies and Germany. The Escape and Evasion department. EH is largely unsuccessful in its remit. Along with MI-R. SO2 active operations. RAF Intelligence also develops a network of operatives. SO1 ments.

During World ritories upon its foundation. Great War and into World War Two. Naval Intelligence does not operate at a tactical level. While subversion of the German war effort. As the war begins to and sabotage techniques. At the strategic a number of reorganisations. Each new recruit undergoes an intensive The Battle of Britain brings additional responsibilities.

It is targets. Approximately forty percent of the operations have existed since the birth of the nation. Along with the other military US Intelligence intelligence arms. SO3 is quickly absorbed into SO2.

Due to the often complex political landscapes of which later becomes 30 Assault Unit. At the tactical level. The Station X. A sister organi- intelligence. On the homefront. The Abwehr. For further details on main sections: Central Division planning. Further details on the SD and Gestapo can be found field. Before the out. German Intelligence necessary if the United States is going to enter the war. Staff of the Army and German Foreign Ministry liaison.

One the Great War. Foreign Branch analysis. Intelligence operations in the Third Reich follow a very differ- Based on the strength of his report. Reforming in Unlike the Allied intelligence and security services. Edgar Hoover. Wilhelm Canaris. Though The FBI. Many break of war. Majestic MJ. Coordinator of Information in The remainder come ter-intelligence force dealing with reconnaissance.

The rise of the SD. Like the SOE. Canaris reorganises the Abwehr into three staff work initially for Section M. It also enjoys far once again being dismantled. Donovan is appointed ent pattern from those of Britain and America. It is the only German isation tasked with managing the more esoteric threats intelligence department not directly controlled by the Nazi mounted by the Axis forces and various enemies within.

This leads in their repressive activities. The French Resistance loosely organised Maquis rural guerrilla force, operating with The Fall of France and the subsequent armistice of June far more freedom than their urban compatriots within Vichy see the great Gallic nation reduced to a mere dominion of the France, secretly supported and aided by the local populace. Third Reich.

In the north, in the German Occupied Zone, life Although the political affiliations of each resistance continues almost as normal for most citizens, though purely cell vary on a group by group basis, all are committed to the at the whim of the Nazi invaders. There is a French State under the careful eye of their new masters.

Meanwhile, in the towns tasked with carrying out acts of sabotage and subversion, as and cities of occupied France, directly supported by the SOE well as providing assistance to the British, American, and and the OSS, new Resistance movements are appearing.

There is also the highly politically diverse and works, as well as other distraction and delaying tactics, often at great personal cost. Using whatever equipment they have available to them, the Resistance initially makes do as best it can, with many Vive la France? Later, following There are other paramilitary forces operating within France multiple SOE and OSS clandestine air drops, they become during the time of the German occupation, and details of better armed, with the ubiquitous STEN gun rapidly becom- these collaborationist groups can be found in the French ing synonymous with Resistance activity.

The Allies are timeline, along with further information on some of the keen supporters of the French Resistance, partly in order to Resistance units mentioned above, starting on p. I have no idea why he Many of these are increasingly staffed by women as the conflict The camp shows of the USO and ENSA help to bolster escalates, thereby freeing up men to fight on the frontlines.

A differ- ent interpretation of the acronym is soon coined: The American equivalent is the evacuated from France after the German invasion, and fully civilian United Service Organizations USO , who WACs serve behind the lines all over the world, although provide recreation services for US troops when on leave most remain Stateside. Their roles include clerical, postal, and on base, as well as staging camp shows. They are sup- and logistical work, driving, telephony, radar operation, and ported by the Special Services Unit of the United States anti-aircraft gunnery.

Army when abroad. Both ser- mechanics and electricians, working as analysts and intelli- vices are uniformed and crucial to the war effort, particularly gence operatives, and in clerical work. In Germany, similar activities are carried out by craft but otherwise carry out similar activities. Their reactivated in Britain shortly before the outbreak of war. Army, Navy, and Air chy, and most of the women are volunteers. Although largely Force, set up female auxiliary units. War Two starts is the ability to drive.

FANY also acts as the skies above Britain. Brit- in , and attached to the Royal Navy. Public Health Service to cope with nursing shortages in both As well as the bombing risk, there is also a danger of the Army, and Navy, Nurse Corps. In Germany, nurses can invasion for Britain, however slim. Its members are replaced by paid, full-time wardens in and renamed Civil Defence CD wardens a year later as their duties widen.

Within the Home Guard decontamination. Although membership is initially voluntary, by it When the National Guard is called up for military ser- becomes compulsory for all able-bodied adult citizens not vice from onwards, the individual states of America otherwise engaged. These of an imminent air raid, the Observer Corps, later the Royal militias are exempt from national service.

Achtung! Cthulhu - Investigator's Guide to the Secret War - PDF - Free

The German Observer Corps, is mobilised to track aircraft movement in equivalent of the British Home Guard, the Volkssturm, is formed in the closing stages of the war from old men and boys too young to be conscripted. Their remit is the same as that of their British counterparts: Some members of Picture Post, Edward G. The War Office, which is under- patrols, in addition to providing courier services and mount- standably alarmed at having a paramilitary force operating ing search and rescue missions.

It has both military and civilian compo- nents, and is responsible for ferrying aircraft, personnel, and mail, as well as maintaining air routes, outside the United.

Conscientious objectors are also employed in agriculture and mining in And Not Forgetting. Auxiliary Territorial Service — Public Domain image. The FAU also operates in the weather. War Office official photographer — British Army. The Met Office in Britain. But In order to play Achtung! Ariane stepped smartly to one side. But all three had their weapons raised.

Hands in the air! There were only three of them. You know the curfew forbids War Two brings together people from all nations and all it. Ariane stood with her back against the limped away into the darkness. King of Belgium The sudden blaze of torchlight and the whip crack of a bullet Once the screaming and shooting stopped. She just hoped she would make it there before the German basket.

Ariane glanced slicing through the air only inches from her head was the first up to see the three Germans lying twisted and motionless on the Ariane knew of the patrol.

Frenchwoman sized up her chances. She had a rendezvous to her silent companion emanating out from its hiding place in the make. Baudouin I. I must fetch the they are doing when war breaks out. Checking to make geant. At least this one walks of life.

It had better know what it was doing. She could almost taste its eagerness for action. I will show creating military characters. With in North Africa. Australia Despite suffering severe hardship during the Great Depres- sion. South Africa Commonwealth countries which contribute significant Due to the race politics of South Africa the nation pos- resources and manpower to the war effort are: Many of her servicemen also see duty with their American compatriots in the joint First Special Service Force p.

Britain soon becomes a melting pot for nationalities and cultures from all around the globe. Commonwealth and Empire quickly declaring war on Ger- many. Her greatest contribution is her involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic helping to maintain the crucial supply lines to Britain.

Britain appears to be alone in the New Zealand gathering darkness. As the nations of Europe fall like dominoes under the jack- boots of the Third Reich. North Africa. India The Jewel in the Crown.

Britain does not stand in isolation—she it has confirmation that the British ultimatum has expired. South World War Two brings together people from African troops play significant roles in several battles in all nations and all walks of life. Australia follows British policy towards Nazi Germany and declares war within days of Britain.

They also provide colonies. Either choose a nationality for your nations under the yoke of Nazi oppression, with every man investigator, or roll on Table 1 to determine which country and woman ready to play their part in the liberation of their they originate from.

Though they are no doubt watched closely by. Even as their tanks and troops rout the armies of their victims, those who refuse to bow down either the security forces, these displaced nationals even include take a stand and become fighters for the resistance or, in the a number of exiled Germans who have fled Nazi tyranny. Belgium, Czechoslova- stand against the fascists, publicly campaigning against them.

Table 1: For advice on how to handle German player characters Cameroon Kenya other than exiles, please see Inside the Reich, in the Achtung! Kitts, St. Lucia, and Belgian Luxembourger Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaica is included in this list as a separate nation due to the larger contribution it makes to Czech Polish the war in terms of troop numbers.

If you have no clear idea yet of what your investigator does for a living, the following tables allow you to randomly deter- Table 3: Civilian mine their occupation. Whilst any of the occupations in the Occupations Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition rulebook and various other Roll Roll sourcebooks can be used with Achtung!

Cthulhu, the occu- Occupation Occupation D D pations in the tables below are particularly appropriate to the Secret War setting.

Call of Cthulhu Investigator Handbook (7th ed.) PDF

See p. Some of the occupations included are civilian, but can be seconded to the secret services. The Military Intelligence Officer description can be found on p. Table 4: Covert Military Occupations Occupations If you want your investigator to be part of the military, or a civilian seconded to it, roll percentile dice and consult Roll Roll Occupation Occupation Table 5: Military Occupations to randomly decide which D D occupation your investigator has.

Some of the occupations Partisan Boffin included are civilian Aviator and Boffin , and are not sub- ject to the additional rules for military character creation. Sixth Edition rulebook. These suggest that this is not the first time that your hap- less investigator has stumbled across the strange or the.

Table 6: Table 5: Army Special: Artilleryman Navy: Diver you lived Infantryman Navy: Sailor 5 It was when you first joined up… 11 Army or Navy: Sniper Engineer Army: Tanker Medic Army Elite: RAF or Navy: Just ask yourself, Army Elite: It is not Specialist Phantom important to answer every one, as it is more likely that just Army Elite: Maybe you witnessed or found something while kept in a locked box?

Each event, no matter how small, did they say? It may suggest experi- locked away? These experiences are meant to be the seeds of greater stories for both the Keeper and investigator to build upon as they wish.

Roll 1D6 and consult Table 6 to see when your investiga- tor first encountered something strange in their life. Your father was given it by a close friend. What might you need to read the map?

Why did she describe the place with such sadness? What might it cost you to travel to this place? What does it look like? Why do you think it was left for you? When will you need it? Roll Event D10 1 There was a box in the attic with something very. When she died you vowed to find this land but every time you tried to look at the map on your own. Table 7: Her eyes as she described these far-off vistas always made you sad.

You left that house long ago but you can still remember that voice as it slithered across your mind. Now it sits on your sideboard. Sometimes as the firelight flickered you could have sworn that you saw movement. You shuddered as the shadow retreated just as suddenly back into the trees in the picture. You put it back. Why is the third child so important? What peculiar shape does the thing take. What dread thing do you fear will come to pass?

What will happen when you use his gift to you? Where do you think the scene in the picture is? What saved you that night?

What odd emotion does it make you feel when you hold it? Why do you keep it with you wherever you travel? She would talk about wondrous distant lands and point them out on the map. When you first played it. Which long dead relative put it there and why?

What do you think it does? Did you keep it when you left home? What did the thing look like? What did the voice say? Can you still hear it?

You slipped on the mantelpiece and almost fell. He passed it to you in his will along with an address in England. You never saw him again after that day. Now the picture lies rolled up in your case. Who lives at the address? What is the item and what does the symbol mean?

Who was the dying soldier? Did you ever find out anything about that aunt?

Pdf investigators guide achtung cthulhu

What did you think happened when you played the instrument? It was right in the path as if it was left there for someone—someone like you. Gustav Hicke. Why do you pretend you never opened is behind it?

What did you find? What did you see through it? Do they know what found the key. Things moved through the house at or feel anything? Why your house? What happened when corridors after dark. German soldier and children - files. What happened that day?

What does — 54 -. Why did it want insisted it led nowhere. What happened that day and why do feel those eyes on you. Why are your family afraid? The strange scar the scar look like? What is coming? What happene d that night in the garden? Why did you. Afterwards you could 8 You used to love playing by the pond with your little wooden boats as a child. Ever since then your family has been them. Purchasers of physical books get the PDFs for free. Please check your shopping cart for a link to the PDF before you begin the check out process.

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