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The second novel in the new series by teen star Bella Thorne! Download and Read Free Online Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls) Bella Thorne Autumn's Kiss ( Autumn Falls) by Bella Thorne Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, . The second novel in the new series by teen star Bella Thorne! Everyone knows how crazy junior year is, but Autumn Falls never imagined it would be so flirty. [ Best Tips ] Read Online or Download Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls, #2) by Bella Thorne Full eBook For Your PC or Mobile. Good News to.

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Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Teen icon Bella Thorne's debut novel! Filled with personal . Autumn Falls has 4 entries in the series. Autumn's Wish. Autumn Falls (Series). Bella Thorne Author (). cover image of Autumn Falls. PDF - Autumn Falls. Filled with personal elements from Bella's own life, AUTUMN FALLS is the first book in Bella Thorne's new series! It has everything readers.

She nods. She falls. I love you, Autumn. A bottle of Manz. I oer.

Erick gaped at me. Well Seriously? Jenna grabbed the camera. Deleted, she announced as she erased it, then turned to me and added, Tat I wont miss. She wouldnt, but Erick would. Hes four years younger than me, and Jenna and I have been friends since sixth grade, so hes known her for years and had a crush on her just as long. It used to be cute. Ten he turned hideously prepubescent and became obsessed with. You have to stop, Icks, Jenna said as she handed him his camera.

Im like your sister. Youre nothing like my sister, Erick gushed. Hormone Boy, camera over here.

To laugh at one of my jokes, or make me and Erick his famous banana- nut pancakes. To partici- pate in my life instead of just being a bystander.

But you always said no one else could handle things as well as you. Maybe Im not as indispensible as I like to think, he said wryly. I love you guys. I want this move to be a new beginning for us. And suddenly Id regretted all the grief Id been giving him. I wasnt happy, but I could at least stop torturing him like a brat. I wanted to welcome him home with a grand gesture to show him how sorry I was.

Hence the boniatillo. Okay, I said, checking out my staged tableau in the kitchen. Tree hours before we have to leave to get Dad at the airport. Ive got the sweet potatoes, sugar, lime, cin- namon, and eggs. What else? Jenna tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear and looked down at my grandmother Eddys long- ago- scrawled recipe. A bottle of Manz. I have no idea what this means. I pronounced it with a perfect Spanish ac- cent. Its a kind of wine. I opened the pantry door and clanked through the zillion dust- covered bottles.

Jenna asked, waggling her perfectly plucked eyebrows. I rolled my eyes. Jenna would never in a million years taste a drop of alcohol. It has nothing to do with the fact that were only fteen. Jennas a runner. Its her Ting. Cooking was not my Ting. Is this stu supposed to look like old Play- Doh? Erick asked, poking at the contents of a bowl. Te recipe says its supposed to be a smooth puree, Jenna said, wrinkling her nose.

Thorne pdf autumn falls bella

She and Erick exchanged glances. Shut up! I snapped. I was bent over a saucepan lled with sugar, water, lime, and cinnamon. How long do I have to stir this? Until the syrup reaches the soft- thread stage, Jenna read. Its supposed to turn into yarn? Erick asked. Jenna, please remove Erick from the area before I killhim.

Youre the one who wanted me to lm this for Dad, he complained. Our lazy bassett hound, Schmidt, woke from a sound sleep and started barking, which meant Mom was home.

Mmmm, whats that smell? Anytime Dad came back from a long trip, Mom got so excited that only insanely exhausting exercise could keep her calm enough to function. Teyve been married twenty years and shes still so in love that she jumps out of her skin for him.

Are you making the boniatillo? You want to catch this, be- cause I, Autumn Falls, am about to cook. You want to get the re extinguisher or should I? Jenna asked Erick, causing him to crack up a lot longer than was really necessary. Laugh all you want, I said, ignoring them. Tis could be a life- changing moment for me. Cooking could be my Ting. I desperately needed a Ting.

Falls bella pdf autumn thorne

I was the only one in my house without one. Even if they could, it would take an actual boy- friend to qualify, not a rock star with whom Id been hope- lessly in love for two years. Jenna and the rest of my family, meanwhile, were chock- full of Tings. Mom has Catches Falls, her rescue organization for homeless dogs; Erick is all about his cam- eras; Dad has computers.

Even my grandmother has a Ting. She was a potter back in Cuba. She gave it up when Dad was a baby and the family emigrated to the U. She apparently supported the family selling her clay pots, which I nd shocking. She gave Erick and me pots every year when we visited her in Florida, and honestly, they didnt seem so great.

Not like something you could support a family on. I wiped my hands on my jeans. Erick asked in a non- asking kind of way. Erick had his own YouTube channel, but Dad had made him promise never to post footage of anyone without their permission.

Bad idea, Jenna said. I checked out the freeze- frame of me. Clumps of sweet- potato goo stuck to my face and clotted my long orange hair.

Add in my vegetable- peeler- bloodied ngers and I looked like a farmland horror show. Nice try, I said. Not a chance. I looked at the clock. Id need every second if I was going to look human before we left to pick up Dad.

Jenna Go get ready. Text me later and tell me how it went. She chucked her apple core in the trash and hugged me despite my potatoey grossness, which is the measure of a true friend. Erick was still staring after her out the living room window when I headed upstairs to shower.

Its so not happening, I said, just loud enough for him to hear. An hour and a half later, Mom and I were ready. Lets go! Mom called impatiently. She looked really pretty she was wearing a skirt and top Dad had gotten her last Christmas, and her hair was shiny and smelled like mangoes. Sort of. Do you need help? Mom asked. Ive got it, I insisted, feeling annoyed.

She came over anyway. It gets a little complicated. She looked over my shoulder into the saucepan, then scooped up some syrup and let it drip back in. You went a little long with the heat, but its okay. Id pour in the batter and keep stirring until it gets smooth. Itll be fantastic. She kissed the top of my head before heading upstairs. I did what she said, but it didnt get smooth at all. It was like stirring concrete.

Hes going to think Im poisoning him, I said through gritted teeth. Itll be okay, Jenna said in that reassuring way she has that made me feel grateful to have her and overwhelm- ingly sad that soon I wouldnt. Hey, look at that! Erick shouted. Its smoothing out. You really did it, Autumn. It didnt happen often, but sometimes Erick completely forgot to be a pain. He zoomed his camera in for beauty shots while Jenna read o more directions and I took the pot o the heat, waited a bit, then added two beaten egg yolks, stirred the whole thing over the burner some more, put in the Manzanilla, then poured it all into a sou dish.

By the time Dads here, I announced to the camera in my best celebrity- chef voice, itll be chilled and ready to enjoy with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Jenna applauded as I bowed. Tank you. She hung up the phone and leaned heavily on the coun- ter, facing away from us, her head bent low. I said. I sounded like a frightened little girl. Is Daddy. Mom turned around. Her face was red and splotchy. It took her a long time before she could get out the words.

Tere was a car accident near the airport in Miami, she said, her voice hollow. Daddy never made it to theplane. Hers was long, dark, and naturally curly. Id tortured mine with a hair dryer, a curling iron, and mass quantities of styling product, and it was still a sea of orange limptitude with a faint sweet- potato scent.

Mom tapped her hands against her sides, eager to get on the road. When her phone rang, she rummaged through her bag to nd it. Her brows furrowed. Yes, this is she. Im sorry, what? Id been petting Schmidt, but when she said that, I froze.

Tere was just something about her voice. Her face was pale, and she held the back of one of the kitchen chairs so tightly her knuckles went white. Okay, Im ready! Erick ran downstairs, but I met his eyes and shook my head. Tats not possible, Mom said thickly. Erick and I both moved closer to her, but she wasnt looking at either one of us.

My husbands on a plane. Were about to go pick him up.

Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne | Books

My breath caught in my throat. Jennas prediction came oating eerily back to me. Erick reached for my hand and I took it. Yes, Mom said, the word barely more than a whisper. Yes, on his right ankle. I under- stand, I. She staggered to a drawer and pulled out a pen and paper, scrawling something down. Te worst times are those moments right between sleeping and waking up. When Im asleep, hes alive. When Im awake, I pretend hes alive.

I fool myself into thinking hes not gone, hes traveling. Just like always. But when Im in that thick, swimmy place, my senses just waking to reality, it smacks into me, just like Ericks stupid helicopter: Hes gone. And all I see are the scary accident- scene images I force away every other min- ute of the day and night.

So not only was I miserable, I was in serious pain the maximum- dose ibuprofen kind. Erick said in this accusing tone as he ran in and picked it up. Tat was my sky cam. Tanks a lot. Sky cam? I watched as he detached one of his small camcorders from the bottom of the helicopter. You were lming me sleep? Mom told me to wake you up! You slept through your alarm.

Ten he picked up a sock Id left on the oor and slam- dunked it into my hamper. Suh- weet! Falls does it again! Not true. I didnt set my alarm. I blinked hard to clear my throbbing head.

My brother looked like a kid on a cereal commercial, all bright- eyed and carefree, ready to tackle the day with the help of a good, balanced breakfast. It kind of made me nauseous. How are you happy?

I blurted out. I say it out loud because its inconceivable anyplace could be this hot and sticky before eight a. My pleated- waist shorts are wrinkling in weird places, and Im rethinking the muscle tee over tank top that looked cute in the mirror but now just looks meh. Te air is so thick it feels like the inside of a sweaty sneaker. At least I dont have to rush. Aventura Highs only six blocks away. And Im not exactly in a hurry to get there.

It hasnt been a great morning. Erick was ying his remote- control helicopter pre- dawn, and the thing zoomed into my room and smacked into me just as I lifted my head to ip my pillow over.

I cried out as the helicopter bounced o my forehead and landed on my comforter, writhing and twist- ing. I was already feeling pretty down. One of the sky cams propel- lers had sliced a cleft right in the middle of the bump, so the end result looked almost exactly like a monkeys swol- len butt. After a shower that only made the lump even larger and more horrifying, I went back to my room to nd my mom on my bed.

I know, I said when I saw her reproachful look.

PDF - Autumn Falls

Im a terrible sister. She just patted my pillows, so I sat down next to her. Im a little taller than she is, which is still kind of weird. Like Im supposed to be the one taking care of her because Im bigger. She put her arm around me and I leaned my head down on hers. Do I have to go to school? Is never an option? Do you remember why Daddy named you Autumn? Because he secretly hated me? Tink about it Autumn Falls.

Its a full declarative sentence that calls me out as a complete klutz and sea- sonally challenged. Heres Autumn. What does she do? She falls. Ten theres the other problem. Summer is hot and beachy and outdoorsy and alive; winter is cozy and snowy and tucked in and sleepy.

Autumn goes back and forth, not sure what it wants to be. No, he said. You should be, I told him, my eyes narrowing. Its all new kids. What if nobody likes you? People will like me. He said it with conviction, but there was doubt in his eyes. I felt a icker of triumph. Maybe they wont. I xed him with a cold stare. Its the middle of the year. Everyone already has their friends. Maybe theyll think youre some strange intruder who does freaky things like record people in their sleep, and no one will want to hang out with you at all.

Ericks mouth dropped open and the condence drained out of his eyes. It felt satisfying. Ten knew I was the most horrible human being in the universe. Because what I told him was really how Im feeling about myself.

Falls pdf autumn bella thorne

My brother will be ne. Im the one no one will want to hang out with. Te one who wont t in. Erick, wait! I called, guilt lling me. You left your sky cam! I dont want it. Id make it up to him later. Its not that I wanted to be mean to Erick; hes just handling everything so much better than I am. I plucked my phone from my night table and texted Jenna two words: I SUCK. Ten I dragged myself to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Te three of us could have had a spectacular day together. Ten I picked up a framed photo on the end table. Nov 11, Pages Young Adult Buy. Nov 11, Minutes Young Adult Buy. Jul 28, Pages Young Adult. Nov 11, Pages Young Adult. Nov 11, Minutes Young Adult.

Autumn Falls

New friends, new enemies. Luckily, she makes some genuine friends who take her under their wing. Now her rep and her potential love life are at stake. When Autumn vents her feelings in a journal that belonged to her late father, suddenly her wildest wishes start coming true.

Is it coincidence? Or can writing in the journal solve all her problems? It has everything readers will love and relate to: This book content can easy access on PC, Tablet or Iphone. So, you can read it anywhere and anytime. Everyone knows how crazy junior year is, but Autumn Falls never imagined it would be so flirty.

He seems into her…and he also seems into Reenzie. But when J. Her friends have Big Drama issues going on, too, and Autumn wants to be there for them. Then something mind-blowing happens. At first it seems like an amazing gift.

Is Autumn ready to handle the fallout?. This book was well written, interesting, tasteful, and informative. Just Experience all the content you could possibly want from comprehensive library of timeless classics and new releases there.